Best File Manager and File Explorer Apps For Android 2018
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10 Best Android File Manager And File Explorer Apps 2018 [Updated]


All Android smartphones come with a file manager installed by default. The latter is suitable for basic exploration of files stored on the internal memory or on the microSD card. Is your mobile rooted, or are you using cloud services? There are many applications to organize all this. Google has also made efforts to fine tune over versions. But there are several alternatives on the Play Store offering many more features.

They are among the most important applications on a smartphone. With file managers or (file explorers), you can browse through your data, easily find downloads, manage storage, move files, and more. While most users are deal with the default operating system application, there are many alternatives, that depending on preferences, are more ergonomic and offer more convenient features. Here is our selection of the best 10 file managers or file explorers for Android.

10 Best File Managers For Android 2018 [Updated]

Here are the list of 10 best File managers or File Explorer apps for 2018. lists are updated on august 2018.

  1. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer has been around for as long as most Android nerds can remember. It integrates almost all the features you may want from a file manager and goes well beyond. In addition to automatically classifying your files by category (Music, video, images, etc.) for easy access, it offers other features such as a files cleaner to easily delete data that occupy unnecessarily space, an application manager from which you can uninstall useless applications, etc.

The free version of ES File Explorer displays advertising. If you want to buy its paid version which comes without ads and with more features you have to spend around 3$ for it.

Click Here To Download ES File Explorer File Manager

  1. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer File Manager

Another heavyweight in the sector, Solid Explorer is one of the best-known explorers on the Play Store. However, it has evolved since its inception, and continues to benefit from regular updates. It has been moved to Material Design and includes most of the features of ES File Explorer, including ZIP support. Plus, it also behaves like a root manager, convenient for customization enthusiasts. Most cloud services are also supported to manage the files stored there.

Note that if Solid Explorer is free, it is only for a trial period of 14 days. It must then pay 1.99 euro in-app purchase to continue to use without ads. A plugin to download on the Play Store also offers compatibility with Chromecast.

Click Here To Download Solid Explorer File Manager

  1. Total Commander

Total Commander - file manager

A well known file manager on PC as an alternative to the Windows file explorer, Total Commander is also available in Android version. In addition to the classic capabilities of a good file manager, it includes additional features such as cloud storage, support for FTP connections and local area network through plugins, file access root, a text editor and other cool features.

The Total Commander file explorer is totally free, with PUB display.

Click Here To Download Total Commander – file manager

  1. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager

A little less well known, a little less well followed by its developers too, Amazon File Manager respects the Material Design and is targeting mobile users looking for a lightweight application, and open-source, moreover. Its features are classic, it is compatible with root, and does not include advertising.

However, it is not an application manager or cloud-based file manager, and has difficulty interacting with microSD memory cards.

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  1. X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager

X-Plore File Manager is one of the most popular options of our selection and this is not a coincidence. Its interface is distinguished by a double-folded display, which allows you to easily shuttle between two open directories. This feature makes copies and moves easier. It’s also a way of managing multi-windowing.

X-plore also allows direct storage in the cloud, network connections (FTP, SMB, DLNA / UPnP), it integrates application manager with the ability to recover APK files, etc.

Click Here To Download X-plore File Manager

  1. CM File Manager


If we download this application, it will be only for its features, not for the care taken in its design. A reference in terms of file management, the application to the dated style has the merit of being complete, with practical copy / cut / paste functions, a display in the form of a grid or lists, the compatibility with the ZIPs and with the rooted devices.

Good news too, File Manager includes a text editor, which is not in the case for all competing apps.

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  1. Astro FIle Manager

File Browser by Astro (File Manager)

Astro File Manager is a fluid and complete file manager. Users can use it to organize the internal memory, the MicroSD card and their storage in the cloud. It can compress and extract Zip files, manage files on LAN and SMB networks. In addition to these file scanning functions, Astro File Manager can optimize your storage space by cleaning up unnecessary files, uninstalling applications or making backups.

In addition, you can use its task manager to stop running applications in order to free up RAM or reduce the battery charge.

Click Here To Download File Browser by Astro (File Manager)

  1. Root Browser

Root Browser Classic

Root Browser is the best file manager for rooted smartphones. In addition to being a fully functional file explorer, Root Browser allows you to change file permissions and ownership and change all types of files. Your phone does not need to be rooted to find, move or delete files with Root Browser but if you are rooted.

Root Browser gives you a great opportunity to do much more interesting things if you upgrade to its premium version which costs around 3.8$.

Click Here To Download Root Browser Classic

  1. File Commander

File Commander - File Manager-Explorer

It’s in a sleek, modern interface that File Commander introduces, the default file explorer built into Sony Xperia smartphones but also found in the Google Play Store . A scalable interface that offers efficient integration of cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. In addition, since it was last updated, it can also open compressed archives. Finally, the recycle bin (alas only available in the premium version) makes it easy to restore files deleted by mistake .

In terms of functionality, it is not necessarily better than others (at least not in its free version) but its interface both friendly and customizable remains very valuable.

Click Here To Download File Commander – File Manager/Explorer

  1. MK Explorer (File Manager)

MK Explorer (File manager)

Among the top rated applications in the Play Store, there is MK Explorer (File Manager), a file explorer that is not part of the most popular but, well and good, the best. Rather successful, its Material Design interface is also terribly functional.

As for the proposed features, they are really numerous. In particular, the double-window display makes it easy to move files, support RAR and ZIP archives, and compress files in ZIP format . In addition, icing on the cake, it manages perfectly the USB keys connected in OTG.

Click Here To Download MK Explorer (File manager)