10 Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server


To begin with, let’s start with the definition of discord. Discord are widely adopted by the gamers all over the world. It acts as a social gaming platform which specializes in videos, chats and audio communication between its users. The best part about this is you have the liberty to use this on various platforms and on operating systems like iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and Android as well, But alone discords are not that much fun.

So to enhance the functioning of your server and make it much more interesting you can add bots . These days discord bots are growing very fast with new ones popping every day.

10 Cool Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server

  1. GAwesome bot

GAwesomebot - Discord Bot

You are not wrong if you say GAwesome is the best bolt for an awesome discord experience. It has everything which a perfect bolt need starting from chat polls, creating memes to web search and many more. It is easy to use and feature packed that is why more than 1400 servers trust GAwesome.

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  1. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki - Discord Bot

This is one of those extensively used bot all around the globe to make your discord experience much more fun. The main objective of this bolt is provide number of chat activities for its users along with numerous social tools. The recent update introduced makes it much more better as now you can even record your game. 

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  1. Dyno Bot

Dyno - Discord Bot

Dyno bot is basically a version of typical bot but if you are looking for something extraordinary then you must try this bot. This bolt welcome you with tons of features such as auto moderation, reminders, music and youtube search and many more. It can quickly detect spams in your server which makes it bit more safe than other bots.

Another advantage is that Other bots break down and disrupt server but this one is really solid.

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  1. Gamestats

GameStats - Discord Bot

As the name suggest this bot is specially designed for gamers. If you are fond of games then you must try this bot. Game stats support games which other bots find difficult such as PUBG, RAINBOW SIX SEIGE etc. However the commands are quite complicated but once you are used to it, definitely it will be a fun.

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  1. Typical Bot

Typicalbot - Discord Server

This bot is something different great as just a moderation bot, mixed in with a bit of fun. It also has excellent UI and Dashboard. It is quite easy to use and highly preferable by users. It not only allows you to play music while playing game but also gives you liberty to control it i.e. play, pause, mute etc. This bolt has typical feature of showing picture of bunny, cat, dog and tiger which makes it different from others.

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  1. Runelnfo

Runeinfo - Discord Bot

RuneInfo is an awesome discord bot which enables the user to play famous RunScape games on your server. It might seem to be unbelievable that how one could play MMORPG game in a messaging client? But somehow, it is true. RuneInfo provides a total of 113 commands to use in order to play the game with your friends.

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  1. Guildedbolt

Guilded - Discord Bot

Guildedbolt is is for those players who like to play DOTA 2, PUBG, WORLD or Warcraft. One can invite Guildedbolt to discord and help a team to recruit a set of new players. You can improve abilities and also complete missions together. The users will be able to manage activities of their teams by keeping an eye on the Guilded’s dashboard.

This is all possible because of the discord bot present in your server. This discord bot can also be used to post updates. Overall, this can enhance your service team by scheduling, advanced recruiting and discussion tools.

Guildedbolt supports a variety of games like Overwatch, CS:GO, WOW, League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG, Minecraft, FFXIV and many more.

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  1. TriviaBot

TriviaBot - Discord Bot

The discord bots are usually used for doing voice chat and discussing about the game after it is complete. With trivia bot you can have good time with the community. It is a multiplayer trivia game. This includes over 3000 questions and 24 categories to test your knowledge. The categories are wide ranged.

This is a very simple bot and it has only three commands. In order to seek help you can simply type ‘trivia help’ . When you want to start playing the game you can command, ‘trivia start’ and to pick up the topics you can type ‘trivia questions’. The game is extremely engaging and fun to play. It also renders knowledge to its players.

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  1. Zandercraft

Zandercraft - Discord Bot

Zandercraft is all about chatting, GIFs and fun. This is one of the most fun bots you can ever come to know about. It’s primary feature is not just that funky aspects but the possibility to play extra HD and HiFi music. This bot is the most useful for all the music lovers out there. It can be easily used. The commands are very simple.

You can use the command ‘+music’ to add your favourite songs in your Zandercraft’s music playlist. It extracts its music from YouTube as well as SoundCloud.

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  1. Memezbot

Memezbot is a bot for memes. Memes is a great source of entertainment these days. every social media you will come across some amazing memes on a regular basis. This bot also focuses on providing you some Dank memes. Memezbot is the best bot to share some amazing memes with the discord community.

These memes can Spice up conversations between people. You can also ask this bot to tell you a story about anything.

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MeMezbot Discord Bot


The discord bots are a very crucial part of chatting experience these days. They allow you to do a lot more with your given servers. If you have a community, you will not have to hover around some servers to keep checking that community.

These are some of the best discord bots, if by chance we have missed out on any amazing bot, then you can mention it in the comment section given below. Thank you.