14 Best And Amazing Fun Challenges To Play In The Sims 4
14 Best And Amazing Fun Challenges To Play In The Sims 4

14 Best And Amazing Fun Challenges To Play In The Sims 4


Sims free play is one of the best games in today’s date. Feels like a new human world where things happen in accordance to the player. Play therefore the God of all the sins. There are a lot of challenges that that the players come across and they have to complete the challenge. This series has started from 2001 and it has evolved to become an amazing journey. The game has reached us for where it is very advanced and fun to play.

What exactly are the challenges?

The challenges in the Sims free play are a fun way to amalgamate normal game play with some exciting task. The players get a spark in the game through these challenges. Instead of creating a scene and making him live life the player can make the Sims for more interesting by simply setting up a set of rules and object is that help them to reach their goal.

The difficulty level of the challenges differs from each other but all of them are very fun and creative they make the game more interesting. The game does not remain to be a very linear game but a very interesting.

The players themselves create the challenges for the Sims four. Here are 14 challenges that can change the route of your normal series to an exciting one. Read the given challenges choose the best one that interests you and try mixing of new things.

14 Awesome and Fun Challenges to Play in the Sims 4!

  1. The legacy challenge

the legacy challenge sims 4

the legacy challenge sims 4

This challenge is one of the oldest and the most classic challenge till the time. Players have been fond of this challenge since its beginning. This challenge is prevalent since the Sims one. The rules are very simple and easy to understand, read the points given below to know more Coll this challenge is one of the oldest and the most classic challenged till the time. Players have been fond of this challenge since its beginning. This challenge is prevalent since the Sims one. The rules are very simple and easy to understand, read the points given below to know more:

  • Play the same of your own wish, go to the biggest empty Lodge. Your Sim has to start with Poverty. He should just have 10,000 excluding the cost of the lot.
  • The founder of the same has to build their own house and get their own wealth, and then have to regenerate to make new generation that is the second generation.
  • You know that you only play a single family of 10 generations.
  • Every generation has to come across different challenges of different flavours. Also you can add to the challenge to make it more interesting and more challenging.

The legacy telling is a very fun challenge and there is no question about that. You have to play through our blood line with a lot of generations. You get a story to create a story of a lot of people belonging to the same bloodline. You can trace the growth of a family in terms of money, success and family. You can check out the website purely dedicated to Sims 4 legacy challenge here

  1. History challenge

The History Challenge Sims 4

The History Challenge Sims 4

This is one of the most popular challenge in the Sims 4 only. This one is created by the user called a cloud see girl on the Sims 4 forums. This challenge is interesting because it is designed to start in the “prehistoric” age. The same is in this challenge have to undergo various time periods. Ultimately they land up in the modern Era.

  • You simply have to choose 2 sims, they are your ancestors. You have to place them in an empty land where there are no Sim. They have to begin as the prehistoric sims.
  • these prehistoric Sims Cannot have a job just like it was not possible in the older times. All that they can do is to sell their collectables, paintings are there wood work. They cannot have a proper house of for themselves. They have to live in tents or some land. They can only eat what they have collected. It can be fishes, insects or fruits.
  • Complete the goals that I have been given to you. They will have to perform the tasks required for the prehistoric age like fishing, gardening, handedness skill etc.
  • When you complete the tasks you will be moved to the earlier civilisation, now you can build a house in the Roman Empire in the ancient Egyptian space.
  • Your progress will one by one will take you in the present modern day generation. You will cross the prehistoric age, earlier civilisation, middle ages, the old West generation, the industrial age, the roaring 20s, and finally the modern day. You will simply have to complete the goal is Ankeet unlocking the new Mechanism.

It is an extremely unique spin in the game. The creator has put some amazing ideas in the game and all the levels are very logical. If you are using cc in your game, there is a lot of themed content for all the eras. This challenge in the game is very intelligently made and it’s very authentic.

Check out the full challenge rules here and check out some of the amazing era-themed custom content (cheetah print loin cloths for the Prehistoric Age, anyone?), here!

  1. Decades challenge

The Decades Challenge Sims 4

The Decades Challenge Sims 4

This is yet another variation in the legacy challenge/the history challenge. It is somewhat different to the history challenge because you are not travelling in different areas. This is 11 focused more on the American lifestyle between eighteen nineties to the present day.

  • you begin in the 1890s. You have to marry someone in your own ethnicity, in the opposite gender. You cannot use electricity, Indoor plumbing, Can only “try for baby“the furniture has to be wooden.
  • By the 1900s just like the reality, you can have electricity and the indoor plumbing. Only men are supposed to do outside work, women stay inside.
  • The 1910s was the face of war, the men had to go for war. Adhering to the condition, mail since also go to war. Women stay inside taking care of their house.
  • in 1920s finally remain go out to work because men are busy in the war. But in 1930s due to the Great depression, everyone loses their job.
  • Each decade goes with various different challenges. Levels have to be unlocked to reach to the new decade.

This is somewhat more relatable challenge to most of the players. The challenging aspects are similar to what the history has brought to the real people. This is an insightful challenge that helps people understand what the people of that time had undergone. This level True to how life was in the previous times.

Check out the full challenge details here!

  1. The homeless challenge

The Homeless Challenge Sims 4

The Homeless Challenge Sims 4

This is a very tough challenge as you do not have a home in this one. We all know that keeping our seems happy and comfort it is one of the primary things of the game. The comfort becomes extremely difficult when the basic necessity is lacking. The sim is lacking necessities and is homeless.

  • make a Sim for yourself. It can be a male or a female. Choice is yours. By the same and move them to the empty lot, remove all their money.
  • Your Sim cannot have any job in this challenge. He or she can only get some cash by collecting fishiing, gardening, checking trash, begging, painting or any other hobbies.
  • In the starting, he or she will have to use the public toilet.She or she has to sleep she or she has to sleep apartment on a park bench.
  • The challenge is to start them building of their own. They will have to arrange money for that.
  • As you move forward in the game, there will be some new little challenges. There will be building permit mini challenge, where 500 Will be deducted from your savings money. This will allow the process of the whole making progress.
  • The game will end when you will have 5000 simoleons saved and will have a basic.

How many challenges in this challenge are very fun and unique, you definitely will have to take care of yourself. You will feel a great sense of pride when you finish the challenge and see your same in a home of his own.

  1. The hundred baby challenge

The 100 Baby Challenge Sims 4

The 100 Baby Challenge Sims 4

This is a fun baby challenge. This is unique and fun to play that is why adored by a lot of players.

  • You will have hundred babies in generation.
  • once you birth a baby with a Sim, you can’t get another baby with the sim.
  • You will be given no cheats, You will have to get more babies. Next par you will have to get more babies.
  • A girl must be birthed For the legacy to continue. The youngest girl born to the creator will continue the legacy. After a certain age, the founder won’t be able to give birth. If you do not have girls, you cannot win.

This is a fun challenge where Where the Sims are not promoted to be monogamous. Polyamory is a must to complete this challenge. You can have as many as daddies of the babies possible.

  1. The black widow challenge

The Black Widow Challenge Sims 4

The Black Widow Challenge Sims 4

The black widow challenges somewhat in a scandalous light. The challenge is to marry the male sims. Kill them and get their money.

  • Begin with a young adult female siim.
  • The nature of this sim Has to be very materialistic, and very romantic. The same has to have a serial romantic desire.You can allow her to move into a house, you are not allowed to use any cheats for money! She’s not allowed to work, all the money she gets will be from inheritance from her partners.
  • Meet male sim, get married to him.
  • Have a dinner party to show all your people around your new husband. Next find a new potential partner.
  • Cheat on your husband and get caught. End up into a fight, Kill him in a way.
  • Find another partner and follow the same process.
  • The final ultimate is to do this to 10 mai kill him in a way.
  • Find another partner and follow the same process.
  • The final ultimate is to do this to 10 male sims.

This challenge seems somewhat a immoral but if you are looking for some Thrill, this challenges for you. Find a man, seduce him, marry him and tell him. Repeat the same process with many. Thrill, this challenges for you. Find a man, seduce him, marry him and tell him. Repeat the same process with many..

  1. The asylum challenge

The Asylum Challenge Sims 4

The Asylum Challenge Sims 4

Get a little crazy with this crazy challenge. In this challenge you will have to manage your characters in insane treat.

  • Make a new household 8 sims. All of them must have a crazy trait. Make their nature very random and also their purpose is very random.
  • Pick one of them to control the challenge.
  • Your goal is to have controlled sim To fulfil his aspiration. To help them gain control over their life and manage to get rid of the asylum.
  • No cheats are allowed, and you can spice things up. Make the house of six or five beds only, put six seats only and Place the cheapest electronic gadgets.

This is one of the major Insane challenge in the Sims four. The internal trait is more importance in the challenge.

  1. Apocalypse challenge

Zombie Apocalypse Challenge Sims 4

Zombie Apocalypse Challenge Sims 4

The fans of this games have looks forward for an official post apocalypse expansion pack. The closest one was the Sims three: into the future back. This challenge helps you to utilise your imagination and believe that you are living in the post world War zone.

  • It’s 2015, simtopia is wiped out By deadly nuclear war. Luckily , Your Sim has survived the war. The goal is to make sure that your Sim survives and dies only due to old age and no other reason.
  • Make a Sim and create a shelter. There will be a shelter home which will only have some basic necessities: a basic bed, toilet and some basic kitchen appliances.
  • Your Sim cannot leave the lot and if you’re same dies of anything else apart from old age, you will lose the challenge.
  1. The Disney princess challenge

The Disney Princess Challenge Sims 4

The Disney Princess Challenge Sims 4

Disney has been a major part of this generation. This is a very popular challenge because it has all Disney related ideas. It is a fun and creative challenge. It was created by playingwithmah On the Sims Forums and it’s available on the third and the fourth version of Sims free play.

  • Begin with the snowwhite. You have to create Snow White and the seven dwarfs in the game. The snow white’s children Are the seven kids. They will have a bad trade in them. They will have all the same father. The children play a very significant role in the challenge. They have to complete their aspiration or they have to get an “A”  grade in the school.
  • Next princess is Cinderella. You have to choose a female Snow White’s descendant. When they become a teenager, you can play with them too. She will have to have the neat and foodie traits. She will have to clean the house and cook food every day. One cannot marry her and her mother dies.
  • Continue playing the game with the several other Disney princesses which you will come across while surfing through these generations. You will find Tiana or Rapunzel or Belle.

This challenges extremely fun and has fun boards. Most of the girls like to take this challenge of just for the sake of the love for the Disney princesses. There are total number of 10 generations that means 10 princesses. You can also get some alternative princesses and goals which you can add in the game.

  1. Build a city challenge

Build A City Challenge Sims 4

Build A City Challenge Sims 4

Build-a-city challenge is also known as the BACC challenge. This includes the traditional legacy style of the game with the elements of creating a city of their own.

  • Start with a certain amount of sims.
  • When you progress through the goals you can unlock a lot of more options and careers.
  • The challenge provides you a control globally.You can control the households of your own world and when You reach your goal you will achieve 50,000 points.

This challenge is slightly more complicated than the others. There are a lot of rules and regulations to follow. But if you love challenges this challenge is meant for you.

  1. One room, one week, one theme challenge

If you’re bored of all the legacy style challenges then this is your kind of challenge. This is one made for you. Created by Rosemow on the Sims forum this challenge is a fun one.

  •  on every week basis there are weekly challenges in this game.
  • You cannot use any cc in the game room, rooms can be shared on the Sims phone gallery. You can download other games. Use the hashtag #oneroomoneweekonetheme So that people can find you easily in the gallery.
  • Previously teams have been like a fruity kitchen, grandma’s kitchen, a guest bedroom, wellness room, and many more. There have been 118 challenges till now.
  1. The bachelor/bachelorette challenge

The Bachelor Challenge Sims 4

The Bachelor Challenge Sims 4

This challenge is mostly drawn inspiration from TV shows.

  • Create your bachelor or bachelorette. Give them all the traits that you want and don’t forget to give them the romantic trade.
  • Make seven contestants. They can be male or female or anything. For the best results make them diverse. You can draw inspiration from the Sims 4 gallery.
  • Your Sim must go on dates with the other sims in the house. Can be a double date or a one on one date, choice is yours.
  • eliminations will always take place on the third day, the same with the worst performance will have to move out.
  • Keep going on your Sim find their perfect match.

This is one of the social romantic-based challenge which is loved by a lot of bachelors and bachelorettes.

  1. Big Brother challenge

We know that how famous was the Big Brother TV reality show. This is inspired by that.

  • All you are required to do is to create eight Sims. You can download a set of symbols from the gallery.
  • you cannot control the sense. You can’t interfere in their actions.
  • every week you have to focus on skill as a challenge. The Sim which performs the best will be rewarded with immunity.
  • Evictions happen on one day of the week. The same with the lowest amount of friendships in the house has to be evicted.
  1. The Masterchef challenge

Masterchef Challenge Sims 4

Masterchef Challenge Sims 4

Who isn’t a big fan of Gordon Ramsay and the famous cooking reality show MasterChef? This challenge excites a lot of people. It was created by Simdoughnut.This challenge allows you to challenge five other savings and find the best of all. The best  becomes the Masterchef.

  • Makes three judges and five random sims The judges will judge these contestants on their cooking skills. The judges are required to have LEVEL5 skills of cooking and must have foodie traits.
  • None of the contestants need to have Cooking skills in the beginning. They can read cooking box and watch cooking channels during the non-challenges days.
  • Every week there will be three cooking challenges and your savings have to complete them.
  • The judges ate the food made by the contestants and the food on their quality and their taste. The best dish wins the challenge and the dish which gets the lowest points gets eliminated.

This challenge will let you feel like a masterchef youself.

These are the few selected and famous challenges in the sims 4. We hope that you have an amazing time while taking up these challenges. We realize that there are many other good challenges, these are just the best ones in our opinion. Thank you!