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14+ Best Android Apps Of 2018


List Of Best Android Apps Collection 2018 {Latest Updated}

We live in the age of digitisation, and our source of livelihood is mobile applications. We might not be able to agree with this, but that is the real truth we live on mobile applications. For every significant work of ours, we require an app to help into this. Mobile applications have made our life easy and also they have hypnotised us to make more use of them.

There are billions and trillions of mobile applications on the internet. Some are very useful some are less. In this blog VR providing you with a list of 15 best Android apps of 2018. This list can be used as a reference while installing Apps in your cell phone.

Before continuing with the list make sure that you have an Android device. Because this is a list of 15 apps make sure that you have enough space in your device.

This list along with the names of the apps gives you an entire detailed passage describing the utilities of that particular app. So that you can know how to make the maximum out of that app. These are simple apps that can be used by any ordinary person. Let’s jump onto the list of best Android apps that are most popular and advisable these days.

Best 15 Android Apps Of 2018 [August Updated]

  1. The Google Drive

Google Drive App Android

Google Drive comes free with the in-app purchases. This app is a lifesaver for millions of people who work on the internet. It is a cloud storage platform where all your data gets saved. Anyone can easily access google drive from pc or with any other device, they also can easily extract the information and make their work very feasible.

It is a very reliable option to store your data. Instead of pen drives which can be lost or get stolen, the Google Drive is the perfect option. Is can contain any data, and the maximum limit is 15 GB for free. If you have more than you can easily by some more space.

The drive is not Limited to be a cloud. When will be astounded to know that this also includes essential apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google photos, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Gmail, Google Slides. This provides with innumerable benefits which are trying to get in merely one app. You can save your documents here.

You can create a presentation, and it will be saved itself. There will be no hassle of saving and transferring the file because it will be saved as it is. Also if you need to share a document, you can attach that specific person’s email id to that document. This will help that person to get access to the file. It has reduced all the efforts that are required in creating and sending files. It is beneficial when it comes to adding productivity in your life.

It will save your time and reduce the amount of effort that you were going to put in various works. Some of the features of this Google Drive includes in-depth sharing features, life collaboration and compatibility with all the Microsoft documents.

If you have a huge file to share it with different people multiple times, you can make a group on the Google Drive and add the documents, whenever there is a need. There will be no hassle of choosing and adding people repeatedly. There will be a particular group that you will have to address, and all this happens at the Google Drive.

You will come across a lot of cloud storage in your life, but Google is the most genuine and reliable cloud storage platform.

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  1. Google maps

Google Maps App Android

Navigation is one of the most important thing that can resolve your travelling issues very easily. Whenever you move outside your home, the first thing that you required to do is to know where your destination is. The exact route to this destination is Google Maps. This is the most accurate and reliable application to go to your desired location.

This is a stupendous app that is simple to use and is free. It is striking to know that this app gets updated from time to time and gets better every day. You have to put down your aspired location, and Google Maps will tell you how much time will it take to reach. It will evaluate the routes to the place and will tell you the best route possible.

It will give you highlights of the traffic so that you can decide appropriately. It will give you the shortest route possible with almost exact time it will take to reach. Not only this, but it will also give the overview of places that will come in the middle of your way. It can quickly tell you where other gas stations and food stops are.

It is surprising to see how accurate Google Maps is. It has become an app to rely on by almost all the Android users these days. No matter if a person is working or travelling by their vehicle, they always have to take refuge in the Google Maps.

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  1. Weather

Weather Widget Forecast Radar App Android

As the name suggests, this is a weather app that tells you weather of all time. It will show you the correct and current weather forecast. It is capable enough of giving you the weather forecast for the next 20 days. It will immediately get your location and will tell you the exact temperature of that area and how the weather is going to be.

The best part about this app is that its logo changes according to the weather in your area. It is Sunny, then the logo will have a sun, and if it’s cloudy, there be a cloud.

This is a free app, but it comes along with many as to see, and if you want an ad-free version, then you can pay 1. 99 dollars. This won’t be an instrument to the features of the app, the features will remain the same but there will be no ads.

[appbox googleplay com.handmark.expressweather]

  1. Google assistant

Google Assistant App Android

This is one stupendous creation of Google by using the artificial intelligence. Google assistant is something that can help you with using your phone all the time. The actions are not restricted to one segment only, and there are many actions that this can do. You can control everything around you with the Google Assistant without using your cell phone.

You have to command Google Assistant, and things will be done. It will Google information for you. It will play songs.

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  1. Google play music and YouTube

Google Play Music Android

Entertainment is one very significant aspect when you buy a new cell phone. When you buy a new Android device, Google plays music, and YouTube comes along with it. They are two critical apps in the cell phone that are handy all the time and come for free. If one likes to listen to music, they can quickly switch to the Google play music and if you like videos go for YouTube.

YouTube is a message source of entertainment wear many people for their vlogs. Much information can be withdrawn from YouTube. One can find new fashion trends, food recipes and the latest music videos on YouTube. YouTube is a massive place with abundant of content. Undoubtedly YouTube is more popular than Google Play Music.

Google play music is useful when you do not have any other Resort other than listening to your music. Many songs can be put into this app and can listen at any time. This is a straightforward app that can be serving any person from any age group.

It was in the offline mode as well. Both of them are an excellent source of entertainment.

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  1. LastPass Password Manager

Lastpass Password Manager App

This is for all those people who keep their confidential information on their cell phones. This gives them one step ahead in safekeeping their passwords. This app is secured with a master password. It works on the cross-platform support which you can use on mobile devices, tablets computers. It helps you get a significant number of passwords to use.

This app comes for free but if you wish to use the premium version. Then you are free to get it for $12 per year which is cheap enough to afford. If you wish to get more security after this, you can get LastPass authenticator to get advanced security.

There are more password-keeping apps, but we recommend this highly as this is more friendly and Secure.

[appbox googleplay com.lastpass.lpandroid]

  1. Pocket Casts

Pocketcasts App Android

This app is specifically for those people who love podcasts. This app is for 3. 99 dollars, and we must tell you that it is worth it. If you wish to see good podcasts, then this is the most accessible app you can get into. You can easily download or stream various podcast on this app. both the variety of podcast, audio and video, are available here.

There is also a light and dark theme which you can use. You can also send your forecasts across multiple devices. This will undoubtedly be your favourite podcast as you will ever have downloaded.

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  1. Pulse SMS or Android messages

Pulse SMS App

There are loads of messaging Apps that are available across the world. In our opinion, we believe that these two are the best.

Pulse SMS features GIS support, password protected chat, blocking of spammers, dual sim support, theming. This is more advanced than android messages. If your purpose is to send only informational messages, then you can go for Android messages. It is a necessary salt of an app which is simple and helps you get your work done.

It is important to note that you are allowed to do SMS messaging from the desktop. As charges, you will have to pay the monthly subscription of 10. 99 $. On the contrary Android messages comes for free. Pulse SMS usually used as a server structure and Android messages live streams in your messages.

Both are excellent apps, but they solve different purposes. Decide your area of work and get any of the apps. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks but excellent options when it comes to hassle-free messaging.

[appbox googleplay xyz.klinker.messenger]

  1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher App Android

It’s been 10 years since Nova Launcher reached the market and it has effortlessly maintained its position. No launcher ever has been ever efficient like Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is an application that helps to replace your home screen in something that you can control and even customise. You can choose the icons, layouts animations and many other things.

This is one efficient launcher which you can get in this century. You get features like icon themes, subgrade positioning, colour controls, customise Android, improve widget drawer, infinite scroll, scrollable dock, widgets in Doc, import layout.

You can get this app for free on otherwise for a premium version you can pay a tiny amount of 4. 99 dollars. If you go on the premium Mod, you can get more benefits than the free once.

[appbox googleplay com.teslacoilsw.launcher]

  1. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer App Android

Everyone has to fiddle with their mobile phones to find their data. Solid Explorer is an app that helps you explore your files. The best part about this app that it has the material design, archiving support and most of all it provides cloud services. To get this app you will have to download it, and for 14 days the app will be free, and later on, you will have to pay 1. 99 dollars. It is a handy app.

[appbox googleplay pl.solidexplorer2]

  1. Swiftkey

Swiftkey App Android

Who likes to type multiple times? Nobody! Want you like when you start typing, and the word suggestion pops out. This will reduce your effort for sure. SwiftKey is one app that can change your typing experience. This app has a predictive engine that helps people write better.

This app is free to download, and if you want good things along with it, you can purchase the themes. This app gives multiple language support, cross-device syncing and a lot more. Now Microsoft is the owner of SwiftKey.

There is also Google keyboard called the Gboard. It is also efficient but not as good as SwiftKey.

[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftkey]

  1. Tasker and IFTTT

Tasker App Android

It is an application that allows the Android to do task based on numerous contacts in the profiles designed by the users. It allows users to create a set of commands and then use it in several places where required. Many apps required Tasker supports, so it is helpful if you use them at the correct time. IIFT TT is one of the excellent automation apps.

It is great to use, but if you want an app that works simple, Tasker is write up for you.

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  1. Tick Tick

TickTick App Android

Tick Tick is for all those people who like making their to-do list. Many apps allow taking your list. Tick Tick is best of all as it covers all the necessary work like the reminders the push buttons, the various organisational features and many other categories. Apart from merely clicking your tasks done, it helps you sharing your task with different people. It’s great if you are bad at memorising stuff.

Get this app today and make a list whenever you go out to get a grocery and see the difference. You wouldn’t have forgotten anything coming back. We would recommend you to use the free version, but if you are going to use this app for business purposes, then you must think of using the premium version. Premium version comes for $28.

[appbox googleplay com.ticktick.task]

  1. WallPaperCraft 4k wallpapers

Wallpaperscraft Wallpapers HD 4K Backgrounds Android

If you like putting wallpapers in your device, then download this app right now. This App contains terms of wallpapers of high resolution. It will have almost 80, 000 wallpapers featuring every day. The app will identify your display resolution automatically. You will find images on your screen, and we are sure that you will like them a lot.

There are also some additional organisational features as well as some automation features. This app comes for free, all you need to do is to face some unwanted advertisements.

[appbox googleplay com.wallpaperscraft.wallpaper]

  1. Avast mobile and security antivirus

Avast Mobile Security 2018

When you have a mobile phone, it is evident that you will have much valuable information stored in. Therefore, keeping protection becomes a must. This app prevents your device from any virus that may harm your device. It will detect all the activities that are happening in your device and will tell you is their working fine or not. It will do a smart scan all the time to make sure that your device is safe. It will keep a check on the entire device. It has a web Shield to avoid anything that comes from the internet.

You will be surprised to know that there is also an anti-theft component which helps you to locate your cell phone if it gets lost. If you are not able to find it, then you can clear all the data from it.

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We hope that you liked the list.

We shall make add-ons in this list, so make sure, you keep coming back!