15+ Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC {Run iOS Apps On PC} 2018


The Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Mac) – Run iOS Apps On PC {Updated Apps 2018}

To begin with, let’s start with the definition of emulator. An emulator can be a hardware or a software that will pretend to be another device or programs to facilitate a certain kind of action. it manages to create a different atmosphere on multiple operating systems. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you want to play a game that runs on a console only. Wouldn’t that make you vulnerable? Yes it would! So now the solution is that you have to get an emulator to get this game running on your system.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of An IOS Emulator On PC

  • Benefits:

  1. the primary advantage that comes up is that this emulators for free
  2. you have the liberty to use this on various platforms and operating systems like iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and Android as well.
  3. you can also test any application without running on a particular operating system.
  • Drawbacks:

  1. an emulator consumes a lot of RAM of your system and it might disturb the working of rest of the applications in your system
  2. Making run a high end game on iOS emulator will not work appropriately.

Get the best iOS emulators for Windows PC

Do you have a PC or a laptop which runs on Windows? Do you want some iOS apps to run on your Windows PC? Then we have a solution for you. The solution is very simple that you have to get an emulator to solve your purpose. Here is a list of several iOS emulators that will help your Windows computer work with iOS app immediately. You will get the access of all the Apple apps like iTunes, iCloud etc. It will also allow you to play games that are available on iOS platform only.

These emulators are a great use for those who have a Windows personal computer and iOS cell phone. It really gets difficult to integrate both of them and transfer data. Transferring data becomes a very difficult job therefore; this emulator becomes a blessing for everyone having similar condition.

Having worked with a lot of emulators and being a fan of emulator, we have found out the best emulators for PC and laptops which runs on Windows operating system. If you have some problem choosing the best emulator, read the following article to get the best options available.

The list Of 16 Best Emulators For Windows PC

  1. IPadian

Download iPadian - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

You can call this the best Emulator for Windows PC. This emulator allows the access of iOS apps in your Windows device. This emulator has been developed using the Adobe AIR. Just in case if you expect that all the apps will run on it, you are wrong. This comes for free totally so all you need to do is to download it, install it and run it into your system.

Compatibility – Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Rating – 4/5

Download Link

  1. Mobione studio

Download Mobione Studio - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

This is also a very awesome Emulator for Windows. With an excellent user interface and friendly design for users, one can easily fall in love with this emulator. One would love to work on this emulator.

Sadly, this service was stopped a year ago but still you can use this for running the beta apps on this emulator. Our team sincerely recommends this Emulator.

Compatibility –iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows

Rating – 3/5

Download Link

  1. Smartface

Download Smartface - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

This is one of those extensively used emulators all around the globe. This app absolutely comes for free and is extensively used for developing some cross platform apps.

You can also find a paid version of this app which works better than the free one. The choice depends on you which one would you like. You can try the paid One by paying $99 and finding out that some of the great features of this emulator have been opened up.

This app will be of a great use for those developers who have to test iOS apps instantly.

Compatibility – Windows

Rating – 4/5

Download Link


Download - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

This is an online working great emulator for iOS. While using this emulator, one needs to upload an IOS zip file or an APK file. This will help you to get to the next step. The uploading process could be a little tiresome and time taking but the results are 100%. It depends upon your internet connection how the uploading takes place.

Once the Internet work is done, the rest of the work gets easier and quick. One of the advantages is that you are not required to download any file and cover up any space in your system. You can simply go online and get your work done.

The good part of it is that it comes for free for trial purposes. Once you are done with the 7 day trial and satisfied with this emulator you can get a paid version of it.

Compatibility –Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Rating – 3.5/5

Download Link


Download - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

This one is a great alternative to It gives its uses the option the test and develops iOS and Android apps through the form of cloud storage. You are also required to install additional software to run this emulator. You can use this emulator online. The only condition is that you will require a good speed internet that works best with the app. This is one of the best emulators for Beta developers.

The uses of this emulator are limited up to 100 minutes per month. If your work goes beyond hundred minutes then you will be liable to pay 0.05$. if you have little work to do with emulator then this emulator is meant for you. It is going to be absolutely free for you. We give these emulator 4 stars out of 5.

Download Link

How to use this emulator:

  1. Go to
  2. Simply upload the iOS or Android app
  3. Provide your email ID in to get link of the app with the service.
  4. Check your mail and click on the link that has been given to you
  5. Run your uploaded app
  1. iPad simulator

Download iPad Simulator - iOS Emulator For PC

We will not hesitate to call it the best iOS Emulator for Windows PC. iPad simulator works the best on Google Chrome. For some unknown reasons, this has been removed from the Chrome web store. The extension of this emulator has it survive.

This emulator allows all the apps and works similar to the iPad itself. now you do not require real iPad because all your requirements are being fulfilled because of this emulator.

As a great feature of this emulator, this allows users to send and receive messages via iMessage as well as Siri. You can easily drag and drop iOS app from window computer by the use of this iPad simulator.

You have to be relaxed about your data because it will be stored to the cloud storage.

Compatibility – Windows and Chrome

Rating – 4/5

  1. iPhone simulator

iPhone Simulator - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

Just like the iPad simulator, this is the alternate version for iPhones. This emulator requires installation. iPad simulator is just an extension so it won’t require any installation on your system.

It works like an iPhone and has the best UI. If you do not own an iPhone of your own, you can have the most authentic feeling of owning an iPhone.

You will get access to all the games which are limited to the app store. You can turn your Windows into an iPhone and you will enjoy all those facilities available in an IOS device.

You will be glad to know that this app comes for free and lets you enjoy the Real Experience and a great user interface of an iPhone. With a rating of 4, we suggest you to use this emulator.

Rating – 4/5

Download Link

  1. Airphone Emulator

Download Air iPhone - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

Here comes the very popular Emulator for Windows PC. Right before getting the air phone emulator, make sure that you have already installed Adobe AIR in your PC.

This has to be done to make sure that any kind of error is avoided. This emulator helps you enjoy an iPhone with all the iOS apps and games. This is primarily to give you the feeling of an iPhone.

It will not be authentic but you can enjoy some iPhone features. We rated it 3.5.

Download Link

  1. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Windows PC

Nintendo is a company renowned all over the world and you cannot help yourself from trusting this. This could be the best choice to make. If you are a lover of games and you have an eye on the iOS apps and games then go for it. Turn your Windows PC into an IOS device.

This is not just an emulator but something that supposed 3D based games. As we all know Nintendo is a company for developing gaming consoles.

It got popularity all over the world and its popularity defines its credibility. So do not think twice before getting this emulator. Our team highly recommends this for gaming purpose.

It’s a very quick and easy emulator to use which can run high end graphic games without attaching any plugins.

Rating – 5/5

Download Link

  1. Xamarin test flight

Download Xamarin Testflight - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

Tech giant Windows is now the owner of xamarin. You can find this emulator to be one of the best available all over the world. It’s efficient and very quick. This is a Windows product; therefore the developers of this emulator will keep updating more things so that it becomes more user friendly and more helpful.

The entire idea of creating this emulator was to make it very comfortable for its users. You can use this emulator in the beginning for testing purposes. If you have an app to try on this emulator and publish in the app store, go for its demo for the first time on the beta app.

Emulator has got all the possible functions. This has advanced support and user friendly interface. The only drawback is that it works on only IOS 8 or above. This emulator is available free online. If you do not want to use the beta version, download it for 25 dollars a month.

We rate this emulator 4.5 stars.

Download Link

  1. iDOS emulator (iOS Emulator For PC)

Download iDOS - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

Consider this emulator if you have low space on device. This is an efficient emulator. This is best known for running the apps on Windows. It is not really an old emulator, therefore it is not very popular. But we have tried its working and it’s very efficient.

Download Here

  1. Ripple

Download Ripple - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

You can use this as an alternative to iPad simulator. You can call it to be one of the best used by many testers and developers of apps. This emulator is not software based; it is an extension which is available on the Chrome browser.

If you want this emulator for free you can go to the Chrome webstore and get it. It’s very handy for creating new applications and trying them. If you are more into browser based emulators go for this one.

This emulator gets 4.5 stars.

Download Ripple

  1. iMame emulator

Download iMAME - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

Considering the interest of a lot of gamers in this world, this emulator has been made. The whole and sole idea of this emulator is to make the gamer experience better. you can easily play iOS games on your window pc is using this emulator.

On your hassles will go away. It is not just made for users of Windows but also for Android users. It allows only IOS games for iPhone as well as iPad. It very easily emulates several apps for you. i Mame Emulator will make things a lot easier. We give 3.5 stars to this emulator.

  1. Electric mobile studio

Download Electric Mobile Studio - iOS Emulator For Windows PC

Many of you would have heard about this name. This emulator is usually used for developing various apps. User and Developers try there apps on this emulator. It allows them to create IOS apps on a Windows PC. It also allows them to develop in various programming languages. It has all the benefits that an ordinary emulator has.

It carries some drawbacks as well. It consumes a lot of RAM. You require a minimum of 6gb to run this. This is because you get to test your app after developing it. It is a grace user friendly and responsive emulator that makes work a lot more easy. You can easily handle iPhone and iPad while using this emulator.

Coming to the price of this emulator it’s little expensive. But if you want to get an all in one tool you must consider buying this. You will have to pay $40 per month but it will be worth it. Before buying it, make sure that you get a demo of seven days in order to evaluate if it fulfill your demands. We give this emulator a 4. 5.

Download Link

  1. Xamarin

This doesn’t Excel from the others in the list but is decent enough to be counted in the list. This is another iPad emulator which works on PC Windows. This is available for free.

It works and Visual Studio and its highly recommended to all those developers who want to finish their work effortlessly. Since it is for free, it does not include a lot of features.

This is the reason why we rate it 3. 5. It is compatible to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Link

  1. Remoted iOS simulator

It is one of the products of xamarin. It helps you test apps and unable to debug the visual studio Enterprise. This has been made to fulfill all the loopholes that the xamarin emulator. Therefore you can call it a better version of xamarin emulator. We rate it 4 stars.

Download Link