15 best RPGs for Android - Best Android RPGs {Role Playing Games} 2018

15 best RPGs for Android – Best Android RPGs {Role Playing Games} 2018


The world of gaming is nothing without RPG. The genre of gaming has received a massive fan following. People from new to the old generation, everyone is delighted to play this game.

The most striking feature about this game is its graphics. They are so appealing that the players cannot abstain themselves from playing it. What makes these games more interesting is the storyline. It will feel great to be a part of a story.

There are a significant number of RPGs to play. It is difficult to choose the best of them, but thankfully we have managed to do so. Given below is a list of RPG games that must be played by any RPG lover:

Best RPGs For Android 2018 [Latest Updated]

  1. The Bard’s Tale

The Bards Tale Android

This game is an action role-playing game which is developed by inXile entertainment. It got into the market in 2004. The game got famous because of the fantasy role-playing. It was initially released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Later it came for Microsoft Windows then iOS and Android. In this game, there will be a 3D environment, with the player watching his character.

The character is the bard who has magic and weapons. This game is full of thrill and action. The more the player moves ahead in the game, his skills get better. You will have to finish off quests, upgrade your character and indulge yourself in all sorts of excellent tomfoolery.

The dialogues of the game are also very quirky which makes it more entertaining. You can find much comedy in the game.

Coming to the price, it is 2.99 dollars with in-app purchases. It also comes with Google Play games cloud saving and achievements. There will be some perks that will make your game more accessible.

Download The Bard’s Tale

  1. Beamdog games ( set of 5 games)

Beamdog is a game developing company which was founded in the year 2009. It has a specialisation in porting old PC RPGs. The collection of the game includes the following:

  • Baldur’s gate
  • Baldur’s gate 2
  • Iceland Dale
  • Planescape: torment
  • Neverwinter Nights

These are the PC ports. They have recently launched an RPG called ‘Siege of dragon spear’. This is an original game. They are massive games with a great storyline within themselves. The best feature of these games is that they have great characters and their progression is more interesting. With every new Quest, the game gets difficult, hence more interesting.

They are old school RPGs. Play these only when you have much time to spare on this because they are complicated and very time-consuming. More deep you will delve into, you will get more engrossed.

We recommend playing these games on your tablets only. With the better screen, the games get better, and the controls can be handled well.

About the price, for each of the game, you will have to pay 9.99 dollars each. The pay is going to be entirely worth the adventure and thrill.

Download Beamdog Games Collection

  1. Doom and destiny advanced

Doom And Destiny Advanced Android

Doom and destiny advanced is just the sequel, prequel and reboot of the original Doom and destiny. Just like the original game, there are lots of Secrets that need to be revealed. The character of the game will be given special moves to execute. You will find out some rare items that will help in level up your style. There is the odd chest that is given to the players.

You can buy new equipments with the money that you have. Cash is not a problem in the game because it is lying around along with food items, machinery parts etc. The features are the same as the previous game but contain a different storyline entirely. You will find plenty of Dungeons and tons of Monsters in your way.

It will cost you 2. 99 dollars and it’s perfect for people who are retro fans.

Download Doom And Destiny Advanced

  1. Eternium: Mage and Minions

Eternium Mage And Minions Android

Mage and Minions is a free to play mobile action RPG game. This game offers the player a combat experience which is quite similar to the Diablo series. Players can construct their armour, recruit their companions and travel to multiple places in the world to find the Evil. There is a variety of storylines.

You will be fighting with skeletons, beasts, demons, aliens, robots and many more. You will find many things together and collect. You will see a lot of combat and fighting experience. Since this game is free, you will see a lot of repetitive things coming up. T

his can bore you a bit but until some point only.

Download Mage And Minions

  1. Exiled kingdoms

Exiled Kingdoms Android

Exiled kingdom is a great action RPG which is again, slightly similar to Diablo. It offers you a great thrill while killing many Monsters, looting Dungeons and collecting gears for yourself. You can say that the graphics are not very appealing. However, this game is fun to play and you get a chance to upgrade your character, create your story and explore the world around you.

In the free version, you will be witnessing some restrictions that will not be there in the premium version. The premium version will be bought for 4.99 dollars.  Exiled kingdoms will give you a chance to explore more in the game.

Download Exiled Kingdoms

  1. Evoland

evoland android

Evoland is an RPG game that has borrowed its features from multiple games. It includes both 2D and 3D environments that help you be a part of an action adventure. The player will get a chance to do turn-based combat and also hack and slash combat.

With the progression of the game, you will come across more stages, and you will witness more environments. This progression will take you along the ‘ages of gaming’. You will be impressed by this concept of progression.

The game will start with the black and white scenario with no sound. Gradually with every new win, you will be transgressing to another world which is better than the previous one. There is Treasure boxes spread across the world, and they will change the rules of the game in a significant manner.

The most challenging part of the game is the combat phase. It is a pretty cool game for which you will have to pay 4. 99 dollars.

Download Evoland

  1. Fire Emblem heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Android

Fire Emblem heroes is a significant hit in the RPG world. This is a strategy RPG published by Nintendo. In this game you have to begin by collecting some heroes and following the storyline that the game has given. Most of your time would be spent on collecting the most powerful characters.

More money you will try to collect, more will be the possibilities of getting a better character. When you go ahead with the story, you will meet and leave some of your fellow characters.

Every time you progress a new set of missions will be given. It is unbelievable, but this fantastic game is for free.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes

  1. Inotia and Zenonia

Zenonia Android

Inotia and Zenonia are the oldest RPGs creator on Android. These both are franchises which have introduced many famous RPG games. They have created their games with their own sets of features. This is evident that you have multiple options for playing this game.

Every time you finish one part of the game, there will be another game waiting for you to play. Both of them provide games that are simple to interpret and interesting enough to keep the player engaged.

The best part about Inotia and Zenonia is that their games are free.

Download Inotia

Download Zenonia

  1. Kemco collection

Kemco collection is a Monster hitting RPG. This is introduced by Kemco, Japanese video game publishing house. Kemco always makes sure to give games with good narratives and quality gameplay. The games of kemco are Symphony or Origin, Machine Knight, Covenant of Solitude, the Alphadia saga and a lot more.

The price of each game varies from each other. Some of them are for free, and some will cost you 5 dollars or less. All of the games are preferable. There is a great variety to choose from the lot.

Download Kemco Games Collection

  1. Knights Of Pen And Paper

Knights Of Pen And Paper Android

‘Knights of pen and paper’ is a role-playing game. The game play is all about turn-based Battles. You are supposed to control your characters. You will be playing multiple roles which include the role of a Dungeon master. Playing the role of a Dungeon master will allow you to control the situation of a fight. It’s a unique game that has high content to enjoy. The game is controlled through a simple map.

The +1 addition and some great features to this game making it more pleasant and unique.

You will have to pay 4.99$ to get this game.

Download Knights Of Pen And Paper

  1. Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon Android

Pixel Dungeon is an extremely exciting and a favourite rogue like. This game has fantastic pixel art graphic and a straightforward interface to use. It will have 25 levels that are generated randomly. These levels will have different settings like an abandoned prison, caves, sewers etc. These places will be full of danger, and the player is supposed to avoid this danger.

Along with avoiding the danger, the player is supposed to collect chests full of treasures. These Treasures can be used by you or be sold. There are many items, you can deal with. These can be armour, weapons, potions, wand and Scrolls.

You will also use Alchemy knowledge to make some rare potions and better the Dungeon’s economy. There are also many surprises that come up.

Play pixel Dungeon today and delve into the depths of dungeons, fight Monsters and cave your way out. The game comes for free, but there is an option to give donations as a way of appreciation.

Download Pixel Dungeon

  1. Portal Knights

Portal Knights Android

This is one of the new RPGs. It contains action game elements as well as the sandbox. Eight features some basic standard RPG elements along with the sandbox world. It is an independent survival action role-playing video game. The combat of this game is simple. You can easily lock your enemy and fire away. As you move forward in this game while defeating your enemies gaining materials and money, you will level up.

The major part of this game is about crafting and building. The primary objective is to explore the world and collect some craft into portal blocks. These blocks are mandatory to have if you want to enter the next world.

This game can be played in either local co-op or multiplayer online co-op. If you are playing this game online, you can enter your friends’ world, and both of you can start exploring together.

The storyline is slightly monotonous, but the sandbox elements keep the excitement high. 4. 99 dollars is the price of this game.

Download Portal Knights

  1. Sorcery 1-4

Sorcery Android

Sorcery is a series that is highly rated. This has an element of Magic which is fascinating in an RPG. It is an open world that you can explore. You have got to make many decisions and see how these decisions work out for you. You will get a lot of unique experiences on your mobile phone. There are four games in totality, and the cost is 4.99 Dollars per game.

Download Sorcery Collection

  1. Square Enix Games

Get into this great big world of square and get a fabulous set of missions. It has a great real-time battle platform which works immensely great. This game is a treat for all the RPG lovers. It gives an excellent outlook to the role-playing classics.

Some of their best games are

Final Fantasy 1-7

Dragon quest 1-6

Secret of Mana

Adventures of Mana

Final Fantasy 15

The options are immense; choose the ones which suit you.

Download Square Enix Games Collection

  1. Titan Quest

Titan Quest Android

Titan Quest was released in 2006. This game is enormously satisfying. It has a decent storyline.

The game is set in ancient civilisations different from each other. This theme of the game makes it more interesting. You have to visit every Civilization and defeat the evil presence there. This game is a port of excellent action, and with every achievement, you will be rewarded.

This game is for 8. 99 dollars and has no in-app purchases or any advertisement.

Download Titan Quest

We are not sternly asserting that these are the best RPG games for Android. These are the best in our knowledge. If you have got any recommendations or any better game to add in this list, you can comment down in the section below.

Do visit this blog again, because we keep making changes when a better thing comes up. Thank you!