15 Best Weather Apps And Weather Widgets For Android 2018


The arrival of good weather and the approach of several holidays is the opportunity to plan extended weekends or outings with friends. To make sure you choose the right destination, or simply to plan a backup in case of greyness or rain, mobile weather apps can be valuable allies to help you with your projects. The best weather apps for Android do not just give you the weather forecast, they tell you in real time what is necessary to go outside.. i.e. humidity, wind speed, lows, etc. All this can be done by customizable weather widgets.

Here are the best weather apps on Android. The editorial staff of has selected for you 15 best free and paid weather apps for Android and iPhone, to help you get the accurate information about the weather.

Top 15 Weather Apps And Widgets For Android, iOS 2018

  1. 1Weather

1Weather Widget Forecast Radar

1Weather is not only a very popular app but it is also the highest rated one. This application comes with all the standard features necessary in a weather app. Users get daily as well as early forecast. They also get some additional information along with it. The app is very neat overall. 1Weather comes along with Android wear support as well as weather tracking in 12 cities. It supports 25 languages.

The information provided by the app is mostly accurate. This app is for free but if you want to get all the advertisements removed, you have got to pay 0.99$.

Download 1Weather : Widget Forecast Radar

  1. Accuweather

AccuWeather - Daily Forecast

Accuweather is an app developed by It is one of the best weather apps available on the Playstore. Apart from including the basic features like extended forecasts, hourly forecasts etc, it has some advanced features like Radar, Android Wear Support etc. It also has Minutecast feature which predicts rains on minutes by minute basis.

The app overall looks very unique and the widgets are serviceable. It is a great weather app with all necessary features.

Download AccuWeather: Daily Forecast & Live Weather Reports

  1. Awesome Weather by YoWindow

Awesome Weather - YoWindow

Unlike other weather forecasting apps, YoWindow Weather is a unique one. It has flashy graphics which make the app more appealing. To know the weather of an area, you can simply move your fingers across the UI to check the weather. It does not really have so many advanced features but simplicity has its own joy.

This app is for those users who love simplicity and ease. You can easily get this app for free but if you want to enjoy some more features, you can pay 2.99$.

Download Awesome Weather – YoWindow

  1. Carrot Weather

CARROT Weather

Carrot weather is one of the new weather apps which features a lot of witty and sarcastic quotes. This app provides hourly temperature, hourly forecasts and a lot more. It has some unique weather features as well. When you use this app in the premium mode, the fun of using this app gets increased.

Premium features include weather widgets which includes weather history up to 70 years. The premium version costs 1.99$ per month and 3.99$ per year. It is advisable to get the yearly plan because it will be cheaper.

Download Carrot Weather

  1. Dark Sky

Dark Sky Live Weather

Dark Sky did not really have a good start in the Android’s playstore. It was the first weather app to have a subscription, which created a little controversy. Finally, it has overcome all the problems and has managed to excel as a very good weather app. Its features include radars, up-to-the-minute forecast updates.

You can try the app for free but for the premium version 2. 99$ is the fee. You can continue using the free version forever, if you don’t mind using less features of the app.

Download Dark Sky Live Weather

  1. Google assistant

Download Google Assistant

Google Assistant isn’t actually a weather app; it is a personal assistant which can answer your query. It will tell you about the weather forecast only when you ask it. You can get the current weather update, weather alerts, and hourly forecast etc. You simply have to click on the weather card to get some additional information available on the web.

Google assistant is one default application that is pre-installed in your device. If you do not wish to use your device’s space for weather apps or use the weather apps very rarely then, this is the perfect option for you.

Download Google Assistant

  1. Weather

Download Weather Android

Weather report is one of best free weather apps with full features: Local weather, weather map (windyty weather map service) and weather widgets. some of the best features include a) Weather map: Local weather radar app free with a lot of radar scope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure, windy, clouds, humidity, waves, … and storm radar. b) Forecastle: Forecast now, hourly forecast and daily forecast app c) Widgets for Android: The weather radar widget free and clock widget weather with beautiful style for Android & also included style from the weather app for iPhone.

Weather forecast app provides detailed local forecast & weather forecast world wide, the app provides the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, sunrise and sunset times according to city time zone.

Download Weather

  1. National Weather Service Now

National Weather Service

National weather service is a small and simple weather application which uses the National Weather Service API. This application has limited features of checking the current weather hourly as well as giving weekly forecasts for a given location. National Weather Service also has a rader and weather alert service. It is not as advanced as the rest of the applications.

If you wish to have weather widgets then you can have those as well. It is a small app that covers limited area. This app is absolutely free but includes in-app purchases up to 9.99$.

Download National Weather Service

  1. NOAA Weather Radar And Alerts

NOAA Weather Radar

NOAA Weather Unofficial is weather application which gets its information from National weather service as well as NOAA. You can find out the latest weather forecasts, the hourly conditions, Radar and a lot more. You can track not only one city but several cities at one go. You will have the option to choose weather widgets.

The only problem is that one user can have is it does not support severe weather alerts. This app has a free version as well as a paid version. The paid version is affordable enough, it’s for 1.99$.

Download Noaa Weather Radar & Alerts

  1. Today Weather

Today Weather - Forecast, Radar

Today weather is a great weather app which came in 2017. It is very functional, accurate and a quick weather app with features enough to cater a lot of people. The app gives the information about humidity, actual temperature, weather forecast, severe weather alerts, weather widgets. Apart from that, it can tell you the important information like air quality index, Sunrise / sunset times, Moon cycles, actual temperature versus the real feel.

Our team has used this application and it finds its radar, the best of all. The app is absolutely free with optional in app purchases.

Download Today Weather : Forecast, Radar And Service Alert

  1. YAHOO Weather

Yahoo Weather Android

This is a simple and beautiful app and does the job neatly without any clutter. This is the most preferable app to look for weather all around the world, around 90% of information provided is accurate and easy to navigate. The best feature about this app it shows the local images applied to the cities selected. One can see emergency weather alerts and set up personalized weather notifications.

It gives you detailed information about humidity, wind speed, UV index and much more. Yahoo weather is free with no hidden prices.

Download Yahoo Weather

  1. What The Forecast!

What The Forecast

What The Forecast! is a weather app is very popular these days especially on social media. This app is normally awesome and pretty accurate. With the battery consumption issues resolved, this app is highly recommended. It’s funny and also being very useful when it comes to picking up your clothes according to weather. This app is quite a fun and gives you some unique features which other app can’t.

The app is free to download; you can also purchase the ad-free version for $1.99. If you want something different, accurate and exciting then this app is for you.

Download What The Forecast?

  1. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

`OLD IS GOLD, Weather Underground app truly justifies this statement, set up in 1993 one of the most complete app. The basic idea of this app is to provide quality weather information available to every person. This app is quite easy to use, reliable, customized, and free and works almost all the time.

With extremely stunning weather photography, this free application provides a new way of viewing weather.

Download Weather Underground – Forecasts

  1. Weather Channel

The Weather Channel Rain Forecast

This is the most preferable and popular weather app. This app gives you live updates about extreme weather alerts for severe storms, heavy rain, thunder and tornado conditions. The Radar map is truly an advantage of this app which is always on point.

It offers lifestyle integration to see how weather affects everyday activities.This app is completely designed for users who want something simple and detailed.

Download The Weather Channel: Rain Forecast & Storm Alerts

  1. Weatherbug

Weather by WeatherBug - Forecast, Radar

Weatherbug is a simple app that gives you complete and detailed information about weather. Weatherbug developers give their best to understand what is important and interesting. It has a full range of features that shows your current location, temperature, alerts, rader, time and day to day ups and downs.

The App is far more accurate, easier to use, contains more useful data and more attractive than any other app.

Download Weather by WeatherBug: Forecast, Radar & Alerts