free animal jam codes 2018
free animal jam codes 2018
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Animal Jam Codes For Gems And Diamonds 2018 – Latest Cheat Codes {Updated}


Animal jam codes for 2018 – Complete Working Cheat Codes For Diamonds And Gems

Hello peeps! Welcome to our website once again. Animal jam One of the most popular and trending games that is played all over the world is growing more popular day by day. In the recent days, we have found out that most of the requests for hacks and tips and tricks are for the popular game animal jam. The competition of the game is growing day by day that’s why the number of searches for latest animal jam codes is increasing day by day. People on Google are continuously searching for latest updated codes of the animal jam in 2018. That’s why after all professionals have tested one of the best tricks in the game we have finally decided to come out of the solution for you guys. We also want that in search of codes for animal jam you do not get caught in any of the malicious hackers do your generators and other tricks that can even harm your device or be stealing money from you in an unwanted way.

About the game animal jam

An online virtual void which was launched by vines works in 2010 along with the partnership of National Geographic society, animal jam is the Most trending fastest growing as valid as one of the most competitive games in today’s world it is it completely free online game to play in which you can explore most of the games features bu most trending fastest growing as valid as one of the most competitive games in today’s world it is it completely free online game to play in which you can explore most of the game’s features. However, if you want to explore the game to a new level you must have to get the premium membership for the game animal jam.

In the popular game, animal jam players have discovered Vernal the most unknown and fascinating fabs about zoology they’re not a lot of features in the games including some of the mini-games and social introduction with the people all over the world. Players can get the best feeling adventurous and enjoy one of the best parties that are going in a group of people from all over the world.

There are different types of toys books and subscription box also. This game is mostly played online and it was first launched on online platform only however the growing popularity has extended its reach. The game can now be very easily accessed on smart phones.  The 3-D version of the game is very easily available on iOS as well as android platform. The app can be easily found by the name play wild.

An environment of the game animal jam:

The game is starting in an area that is completely fiction call JAMAA.  There are very different types of customizable animals as Well as biomes. The players who have recently joined can create new animals and name composed of three simple words. There are originally six types of animals in the game however you can customize them and create new animals that do not exist in the real world. You can combine pandas , tigers as Well as monkeys to create new animals.

You can also communicate with players from different parts of the world. There are three versions in which you can chat with players.

The first one is bloody chat and it only allows you to chat in pretty find words from the list and hence you cannot type a message of your choice. The system at option allows the players to communicate in particular words that only the game permits. However, the safe Chat option which is available only to particular members allows you to type any message or word that you want. Do remember guys that you cannot promote and advertise any of your product on animal jam otherwise it can take strict action against you.

Why do you need animal jam codes?

And to get the best output in the game animal jam you must have codes. Coins and gems are very necessary to increase your productivity in the game. To build a new animal you must have sufficient amount of coins. These coins help you to access the best tools and features of the game.

Even if you want to explore the unknown dimensions of the game you must have coins and gems. Every week and month there are new codes that are launched on various platforms. You just need to have an eye on them. Our team has found out one of the most updated codes in the month of June. We are going to share these codes with you. If you have any other source of latest codes please do share them with other people in the comment box.

It has been often Observed that when people who run out of coins and Gems, they are forced to use their real money to get virtual coins and Gems. this is an utter stupidity of using your real currency to get some virtual currency.

If you are tired of searching new and new ways so now it’s your turn to look into the list below. The codes mentioned below has been very well tested by the professionals and it will help you to unlock different items in the game. Remember each cord can be accessed by One player only ones. So it will benefit you if you use them wisely.

I hope you have understood how to run a code on your animal jam Account. Please do not put any unexpired codes for 2018 in the comments box. For examples the latest code Dad is very working is ngkaj19.

Complete List of working animal jam codes

Codes Amount Of Prize
NGKAJ19 500 gems
dynamitejams 500 gems
pirateship Lost Treasure Book
arctic 500 gems
secretelephant 500 gems
greeleysfans 500 gems
grahamsgreatest 500 gems
ajtreasurechest 1000 gems
annual2play 900 gems
ajplaycards 500 gems
wintergame Mystery at Mt Shiveer Book
twelve 1 diamond
beeparty 500 gems
AJBDAY7 777 gems
adorableotter 750 gems
billygoat 750 gems
cheerycheetah 750 gems
clevercoyote 750 gems
coolpolarbear 750 gems
cuddlykoala 750 gems
curiousraccoon 750 gems
dashingdolphin 750 gems
fastfalcon 750 gems
funnyfox 750 gems
fuzzytiger 750 gems
happyhyena 750 gems
jammerjoey 750 gems
livelylynx 750 gems
loudlion 750 gems
lovablelemur 750 gems
luckyllama 750 gems
playfulpanda 750 gems
poshpig 750 gems
quickhorse 750 gems
sillyseal 750 gems
slowsloth 750 gems
sneakycougar 750 gems
snowyleopard 750 gems
supersheep 750 gems
swiftdeer 750 gems
touchytoucan 750 gems
wildlunch 800 gems
wileywolf 750 gems
wiseowl 750 gems
powerbackpack Panda Power Backpack
wildbackpack Play Wild Backpack
heartstone Call of the Alphas Book
riddlethis The Phantoms’ Secret Book
NGKAJ18 500 gems
explorer 100 gems

We sincerely thank all the players who shared the extra codes with us. These codes are valid for a particular time only. They expire after that. But don’t worry as we regularly update our site with animal jam codes. But make sure you make proper combinations while playing the game. Take benefits from multiple places and you will get more gems and coins.

Here are some of the codes shared by our readers, thanks for it guys : Gabby, Emily, Leila, t36fa, Bolt51963, disqualified, southernwolf03, iamthecat, Cali Girl, Abby, Nikola, fish301, ARCTICKWOLFGIRL, littlefrozenpants, shytail1,Sphealie, Guineapigsrock2004, pokemongamer31, Optimistz AJ, Sunshine Jamaa, ItsMagMa, Ashwath, Cutebunnyinfunjam, 2fangs, lolipop560, charliyay, lilyandemma8, Pinata, Amy, Quest, animesenpai04, Roin, thinkweird, bubblymice, thedavymak, prince quietkangaroo, jarren19, Perfect1010, and Lucas!

How to enter the animal jam codes

Now I am going to explain you the ways by which you have to install the courts that I had mentioned above.

There are two ways by which you can enter the animal jam codes into the game. The first way is when you are playing and the other is when have just logged in.

The first way is to enter the animal jam codes when you log in.

This way is very easy as when you login you will get the option for entering a code. Make sure when you enter the code you are careful about the kids sensitive letters because your code will not be accepted if you are not taking care of CapsLock. Once you enter the code you Will get the gift box and it will contain the promo reward.

The second option is entering the cord While playing. If you are stuck in this situation then follow the instructions mentioned below

You will see the settings option on the right side of the screen.

Now click on the code option and Anthony called correctly taking care of case sensitive words.

Once you have activated these codes you will be able to enjoy unlimited coins and Gems. So you will be able to explore new dimensions of the game. Do not worry if you run out of codes. Do visit our website regularly to find out the latest codes for animal jam.

Animal jam code generator : Are They Real?

So guys do you really think that these animal jam called generators really work hundred percent. No I will tell you the unknown truth about animal jam call generators.

So guys when you search for animal jam codes on Google you will definitely encounter animal jam cord generators. As it is a Known Fact That Google always publishes The most genuine and quality content. However, the actual truth of these generators is that they are completely fake. By using search engine optimization techniques people can easily put their website on top of Google. It only requires a good knowledge of search engine optimization.

when you open the link you will encounter a portal that will ask you to enter the email that connects you with your animal jam account. And then they ask you how many gems and coins you want. The real game starts when you click on the generate button. It appears that the software is hacking into the database of animal jam codes. It Appears so real that any person will fall into the trap. However, even if you switch off the Internet you can come to know that the animation is still running. How can this be true? It is because there is no hacking into animal jam database. It is only made to look like that. Once the search is over they show an invisible or a partially visible good. Then they ask you to complete a survey. And when you complete the survey they say that you will get the cord.

So the trap here is that people fill the survey and in the end, the Developer of the generator is able to earn around $.5 per survey. Even when you fill in the survey they ask you to share the link with 20 animal jam friends. And they also for in the same trap. So it is another way of marketing.

Sometimes, guys, some malicious hackers have made this kind of generators. Once you click on the generate button, there are some viruses and Trojans installed in the back of your computer. You will lose your privacy. Sometimes even they ask you for your bank details and when you give your bank can be hacked. So it is an honest advice not to try any of the generators. Just imagine how difficult it will be to hack into the database of such a popular game. The genuine buyers will start complaining about this. So it is completely next to impossible.

Final words

We have tried the unexplored regions of animal jam. Trust me guys they are simply amazing you just need to have a lot of coins and Gems to enjoy the part. You even have to use your own smartness to maximize the utilization of codes.

Try combinations of different codes and see the results. Sometimes two are different kinds Of codes produce exponentially benefits for Gems and coins.

Sometimes people try to Selegie codes on our Website at lower rates. To help us reach out more and more people please do not take such steps as it demotivates Us in making new blogs about free animal jam codes. So we are ending here and again reminding not to go for generators. If you like this blog do share it with maximum people.

Thank you for Reading and do share your reviews about the blog in the comments section.