11 Best Android Antivirus : Protect Your Device With Best Antivirus For Android 2018


What are the best Android antivirus to protect your smartphone? More than 18 million malicious programs infest the operating system that powers 2.5 billion devices worldwide. Malware, adware, ransomware, nobody is safe from threats. For the most effective protection possible, nothing like a trusted antivirus.

An antivirus is installed on the vast majority of Windows PCs. The same can not be said of smartphones . On the one hand, because a lot of the users do not know the extent of the threats that exist on the system. And secondly because of the bad reputation of these applications that have a negative impact on the performance of smartphones : they occupy space, RAM and drain the battery.

Nevertheless, antivirus is essential for all those who are anxious to protect themselves, especially when we know that a malware threatens Android users every 10 seconds .

Best Antivirus Apps For Android 2018 [Updated]

The best Android antivirus must meet two criteria: a good efficiency for the detection of viruses and a low impact on performance. Applications offering the best compromise are the ones to consider. Our selection is based on a report from the AV-Test laboratory, which is a reference in the field of antivirus analysis and evaluation.

A total of 21 antiviruses were screened. The best are identified according to the two criteria mentioned above. Here is a selection of 11 of the best antivirus for android according to the indicators.

  1. Avast Mobile

Avast Mobile Security 2018 - Antivirus

The giant Avast has capitalized its considerable skills to create an effective application. Avast Mobile is available in a paid version, but also free. The latter offers interesting features in addition to antivirus protection: a call blocker, a firewall and even an anti-theft feature that allows you to remotely lock or erase your Android device in case of theft.

Download Avast Mobile Security 2018 – Antivirus & App Lock

  1. AVG Antivirus

AVG AntiVirus 2018 for Android Security

“AVG” is another giant in the field of antivirus apps. In fact, this application is essentially the same as “AVAST”. Currently, AVAST bought AVG in 2016. So this experience is similar in both antivirus apps. But it gives us a little difference. It has an anti-theft lawsuit via Google Maps, but it does not have the availability of the rooted firewall.

Like AVAST, there are many applications that claim to have functions that improve battery, memory and phone. Nevertheless, this one is not a bad antivirus. Like AVAST, this app costs $ 2.99 a month, $ 11.99 a year, and it has a 14-day free trial.

Download AVG AntiVirus 2018 for Android Security

  1. Bitdefender Mobile

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender is a big name in the field of security. Its antivirus program for Android is lightweight and does not work in the background, freeing up system resources. This means that manual analysis is required regularly. However, all new applications installed on your device are automatically scanned.

Bitdefender is available in free and paid version (Mobile Security)

Download Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

  1. McAfee Antivirus

Mobile Security Antivirus, Web Scan

McAfee is another name well known for its antivirus software for PCs. Like these solutions, the Android version does not disappoint. Like most other smartphone antiviruses, its features include tracking devices remotely and cleaning them in the event of theft.

The icing on the cake, Mcfee is even able to take a photo of the thief via the selfie camera. McAfee Anti-Virus for Android is free. The paid version is without ads.

Download Mcafee Mobile Security: Antivirus, Web Scan & App Lock

  1. Sophos Free Antivirus & Security

Sophos Mobile Security

The Sophos antivirus application was named in 2015 as the best Android antivirus solution by AV-Test. In the September 2017 report, its performance is still good with 6 out of 6 points for the protection part and 5 points out of 6 for the performance part.

Unlike other free antivirus applications, Sophos does not contain advertising.

Download Sophos Mobile Security

  1. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Antivirus Security 2018

In comparison, it is said that “Avira” is one of the most recent applications. This application has grown rapidly in the course of last year. It comes with bases, including scanning devices, real-time protection, external SD card analysis, and more. Some other features include anti-theft tracking, private information scanning, blacklisting, and even device administration.

It’s much lighter than apps like Norton and others. In addition, it is relatively inexpensive and there is a free version.

Download Avira Antivirus Security 2018

  1. Kaspersky Antivirus Mobile

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus AppLock

Acclaimed as one of the most effective anti-virus solutions on PC, Kaspersky keeps its reputation on mobile. Its Android antivirus protects your smartphone against viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans. It’s free on the Play Store.

The paid version (Internet Security) that can be downloaded from the publisher’s site offers some additional features namely the automatic scan of downloaded applications, phishing protection, an application lock option that allows you to define a code and protect access to your messages, photos and other private data, etc.

Download Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security

  1. AVL Internet Security

AVL Pro Antivirus

AVL recorded a detection rate of 100% for malware on Android. AV-Test also found that it did not have an excessive impact on smartphone performance and battery life. Antivirus can scan a variety of file formats beyond Android APKs.

It is completely free and without ads. The application is also available in Pro version.

Download AVL Pro Antivirus & Security

  1. Nortan Security And Antivirus

Norton Security and Antivirus

“Norton Security” has its advantages and disadvantages. But you can imagine how bad it could be if he still has his place here. This application has many basic functions, including protection against malware, spyware and others. Additional features include recording the location of the device when the battery is low, protection in real time, anti-theft functions, etc.

This is one of the most expensive options in antivirus applications. Still, it has a suite available for $ 39.99 a year, which covers your mobile device and your computer.

Download Norton Security and Antivirus

  1. ESET Mobile Security And Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security

“ESET” is another giant in the field of antivirus and anti-malware apps. It also has a series of functions, including analysis, support for anti-theft, security auditor function, calendar scanning, and more. The installation procedure is a little intrusive. This is one of the few that require an email address. Otherwise, it works well. You can have a free one-month trial during installation.

From there, it costs $ 1.99 a month or $ 14.99 a year. It is not as heavy as AVAST or AVG, but heavier than CM Security Lite or Bitdefender. Take this information for what it’s worth.

Download ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

  1. CM Security Lite

CM Security Lite - Antivirus

“CM Security Lite” is another free antivirus application. In general, we do not order apps from Cheetah Mobile. They tend to be horrible. But this one is an exception. It works just like Bitdefender which was mentioned earlier. There are no enhancement features, such as cleaning, or anything like that.

It scans your device with your external SD card. In addition, it scans applications during installation and according to a schedule. So that’s mainly everyone it does. This is useful for a minimal antivirus experience. And it’s also free, with no in-app purchases, and we’re sure there’s no advertising.

Download CM Security Lite – Antivirus

Below is a visual showing the performance ratings of the 21 antivirus tested. Most versions tested are paid. Other best antivirus includes Norton, G Data, or AhnLab.

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