Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac 2018

15 Best Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac 2018 [Updated]


What are emulators? An emulator can be a hardware or a software that helps to run the downloaded version of application on a device it was not designed for. The emulators are the very important tools in the android developer’s zone. It does exactly what it name suggests, it emulates devices.

For example if you want to run an application that could only work on some devices. Wouldn’t that make you annoyed? Yes it would! So for this the solution is that you have to get an emulator to get this application run on the system of your choice.

Benefits Of Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac

  1. The basic advantage of this emulator is that you can use this on the operating system of your choice.
  2. They are fitted out with internal ` bad block management’ so break down rates are quite low.
  3. It makes work easy and handy.

Get The Best Android Emulators For Your Windows PC And Mac

Isn’t it disappointing when you have any application which you unable to run in your device? Then we have a solution for your problem. The solution is quite simple that is you have to get an android emulators for your device. Here is the list of several android emulators which will help your windows Pc and Mac work with any application easily.

Best Android Emulators For Windows PC and Mac 2018

  1. AMIDuOS

Amiduos Pro Download

AMIDuOS is the completely android software that runs on almost every window. The best part about this emulator is that it is compatible with all android application available in the android app market. It has 3D acceleration which give you excellent gaming experience. It run fast, looks crisp and perform with no limitation.

This gives you free trail so all you need to do is to download it, install it and run it into your system. You can also find a paid version of this app which work better than free trail but at the end choice is yours.

Download From AMIDuOS Official Website

  1. Android studio’s emulators

Android Studio Emulator

Android Studios emulator is a Google approved development IDE only for Android. This app has managed to ease out the work of many developers. This is one of the fastest and easiest emulator of all times. This emulator comes with few features that helps it stand out of the league. You can easily test your app or any game with this emulator.

Android studio emulator is best for professionals, it is not really advisable at the consumer level. This emulator comes along a set of configurations for Android phones, tablets, Android TV.

  1. ARChon

Archon Android Emulator For PC

ARChon is not one of those traditional emulators. This emulator has officially made its way to Google. When you install this emulator in the Google Chrome, your system will get the ability to run Android apps. Using this emulator is not a Cakewalk. Every Android app that is loaded into Chrome will establish itself as a separate extension.

Only when you have installed emulator in Google Chrome, only then you can obtain APKs and use them. This is not the end, you might need a tool in order to convert the APK in a compatible format. ARChon is compatible with Mac, PC and Linux.

It is one of the most difficult emulator to set up but its efficiency makes the developers ignore this fact.

Download ARChon From Github

  1. BLISS

Bliss Android Emulator For PC - XDA Developers

If you are looking for something different, then bliss is good option. The set-up of this emulator is quite complicated in USB installation method but this allow your PC to run android natively but alternatively bliss also gives you option to try VM installation which is comparatively simple.

Download From XDA-Developers

  1. Bluestacks 3

Bluestacks Android Emulator For PC

Here comes the very popular emulator for window PC. Bluestacks3 came out in 2017.This emulator to be one of the best emulator all over the world, plays apps and games on PC with full resolution and high speed therefore the target is gamers. The entire idea of creating this emulator is to make it comfortable for the users.

The unique feature of bluestacks3 which mainly attracts the users is that it has the ability to launch multiple instances so one can play multiple games at once. It gives you both options either to purchase by paying $2 or go for free trail.

All these things make bluestacks3 the most updated emulator for android.

Download From Bluestacks Official Website

  1. Droid4X

Droid4x Android Emulator For PC

Droid4X, which is also free, but may not have the most attractive interface but it works perfectly. It is the simple to use program which allows you to have a virtual android desktop on your computer while providing access to google playstore.  It’s also highly compatible, and even run well with new releases.

The advantage of this emulator is that it work seamlessly without installing unnecessary extras by default. Also finding the installer of droid4X is difficult, though so work patiently.

Download On Uptodown


Genymotion Emulator For Android Download

The most popular emulator among app developers as this emulator is designed to help them to test their products within safe zone. GENYMOTION in its free version is not that preferable but its premium version is quite interesting offering multiple things. It require oracle virtual box to run this emulator.

If you do not have virtual box, you can either download a GENYMOTION installer that includes virtualbox or manually install it.

Download On Genymotion Official

  1. MEMU

Memu Emulator For Android

MEMU is another android emulator which is not very old that is why not popular but working quite efficiently. Installing android games is not very easy in other android emulators but in MEMU this can be done with just a single click. You just have to click the APK button on the right side of interface, select on the APK of game you want to install within seconds the game is installed and ready to play.

Apart from this if you don’t like the controllers of game you can easily modify them. Also, it is a free Chinese android emulator with better compatibility and working, as compare to other emulators.

Download On Memuplay Official

  1. NOX

Nox App Player For Android

It is another android emulator for gamers. It’s a solution that was released not too long ago and looks promising. The best part about this emulator is that it supports multi-platform that is both windows PC and Mac. From messaging apps to games, you should be able to run pretty much any Android app or several apps at once on your desktop.

The very interesting feature about this emulator is that there is a possibility to customize the controls. When launching any app, you can create custom controls in a very simple and intuitive way which is quite a fun. It is quite stable and reliable.

Download Nox App Player Official


Remix Os Android Emulator For PC

Remix OS Player is basically an Android emulator for Windows computer that offers the most immersive Android experience on a PC. This emulator is Android Marshmallow-based software instead of android lollipop or Kit Kat. Remix OS is for users and developers who want to enjoy the latest Android apps and games on their Windows computer.

Remix OX Player is free to download and use. And there are no hidden fees. The installation is quite easy. To use Remix OS Player on your computer, your computer should run 64-bit Windows 7 or later, must support an Intel Core i3 processor or higher.

Download Remix OS Player On Jide


Koplayer Emulator For Android

KOPLAYER, a new android emulator for your PC. The main of this is on gamers. The extraordinary feature of this is for players who are able to record game and upload it wherever they want to. The download will take up a certain amount of storage space on your computer, but it is not a large download. Koplayer supports multiple languages which is quite beneficial for its users.

KOPLAYER Android emulator can run on your PC with windows xp /7/8 systems which are smoother than playing on Android devices. And more than 99& apps and games are available on KOPLAYER.

Download Koplayer Official

  1. Make Your Own

As the name suggests, you can create your own emulator. The working of this emulator is slightly different than the other ordinary emulators. You will require to download a Virtualbox. Next step would be to download an image from After this, you can scroll to get a guide to help you set up this emulator. Follow the steps which are mentioned in the guide.

We know that this is a slightly difficult method, but the features of this emulator fascinating. Our team does not really suggest to use is emulator without any guidance because that will be a sheer waste of time.

Unless you are a professional, make sure that you do not attempt at setting up this emulator.

  1. YouWave

Youwave Android Emulator For PC

YouWave is one of the oldest emulators available in the market. This very fact makes it a very credible emulator. It was last updated in year 2016. If you want to run an ‘ice cream sandwich’ device, then without any second thoughts you can go for the free version. But if you have a ‘lollipop version’, then you must pay and amount of 29.99$.

The working of this emulator is very simple and the installation of it is easy enough. The features of it do not specifically include gaming aspects budget managers to support games. This emulator is good for light gaming. If you are using emulator for a first time, this can be the best choice that you could make. YouWave also supports Mac Operating System.

Download From Youwave Official Site

  1. Xamarin

Xamarin Android Emulator For PC

Xamarin is basically an IDE. This emulator shares many common features with Android studio. Just like Android studio, this emulator acts as a building emulator for developers. Like in the case of Android studio, we suggest to use it only if you are well learned. It will become a very hectic job if you are not a developer.The only difference that stands is that you have the option to plug into things like Microsoft Visual Studio.

This emulator is not as powerful as emulators like Genymotion. Since this emulator is free, many people prefer to use this emulator. For individual purpose it’s free, but firms and institutions might have to negotiate for the appropriate payment plan.

Download From Xamarin Official Website