Best Free Android Games 2018

23 Best Free Android Games Of 2018 [Latest Updated]


Android is the most used operating system in the mobile world and games are the most downloaded apps on Google Play. Here is the list of the best free games for Android according to us. We chose to limit the number of games to 23 and we have selected the most interesting games for those who want to have fun with a smartphone or Android Tablet.

Owning an Android phone and not having any fun game in it, is the lack of proper utilization. These days there are a lot of Android games and they have a huge fan following too. One problem that comes out is that some of the games are not free of cost and people are not aware about the free ones. Most of the users do not really prefer to pay for the games they play. So, here in this article we will deliver best Android games which come for free:

It should be noted that this is a selection of free games and therefore they contain, in many cases, in-app purchases . Among these 23 games, some include advertising in the menus or during the game itself, while others are advertising, hoping that players, if they enjoy the game, will buy objects or resources. Let’s start..

Top 15 Free Games On Android 2018 [Updated List]

  1. Asphalt Xtreme

An emblematic series of mobile racing games, Asphalt emancipates from the traditional circuits for this episode by offering its players to go running over mountains and valleys. On the agenda are destinations all around the globe, from Andean mountain tracks to the Egyptian desert, and shattered country roads.

Very well done and quite addictive, this game offers to compete races arcade, maneuverability thought for the mobile and fully adjustable according to the wishes of the player (use of virtual step, accelerometer, etc.). It will also be possible to tinker with his vehicle to make it gain in velocity and progress in the many championships of the game. Free to play requires, these improvements will quickly become overpriced and subject to timers, two ways to incite snags to go to the checkout.

We like: rich and varied environments, very pretty visually.

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  1. Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a game of shooting. There is a story line attached to the game. The players are ought to shoot their enemies. you will have to face terrorists and fight them in your urban settings. If you want a different kind of thrill, then you can take the role of the terrorist and be on the other side of the tracks. This game is a multiplayer game.

This allows the players to play with their friends and join a massive community. The game keeps on updating every time. So always there are new features that are being added in the game. If you are playing as the First person Shooter then this game is going to be free for you.

If you like set shooting games you can also have a look at NOVA 3: freedom edition. This game also follows the same path. Both games are very enjoyable and most importantly the are free.

[appbox googleplay com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops]

  1. Clash Royale

The latest production of Supercell (the studio behind Clash of Clans), Clash Royale is undoubtedly The title not to be missed at the moment . Located at the crossroads of the MOBA, Tower Defense and the collectible card game, this little game has everything you need.

Before each game, it will be necessary to build a deck of cards composed of both spells and creatures, which will be used on the battlefield to defeat his opponent. Once the game is launched, it will be necessary to use the various cards of his game wisely to go invade the opposing camp, while repelling the enemy assaults.

Simple in appearance, this title has a tactical and technical depth that has already propelled it onto the eSports scene.

We like: the gameplay, as simple to understand as complex to master

[appbox googleplay com.supercell.clashroyale]

  1. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave exvius is one of the best fantasy theme game. It has some amazing elements of originality, like actual town, Dungeon explorations, hidden treasures, secret Dungeons etc. The game is not very complex to play, all what one is supposed to do is to critically thing and Beat their opponents.

The players will be rewarded regularly by logging in the game and performing in the additional missions activities and quests. there are other games which run on the similar ground. Some of them are Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy record keeper.

They give a good range of premium games from the final fantasy franchise.

[appbox googleplay com.square_enix.android_googleplay.FFBEWW]

  1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Several months after appearing on PC, Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft has finally arrived on the Android platform. With a community of millions of players, this strategy mix game and trading card game, all based on the Warcraft universe. After choosing one of the nine classes available, it is possible to play against the AI ​​or against another player online.

Hearthstone is a simple card dueling game. the players are supposed to unlock the cards, build their legs and then duel with other players using the deck they have created. You can build multiple decks. Regular updates take place every time to add more content and cards in the game. There is also a possibility to login to your account from your mobile your PC.

If you do not want to play with the real time players in the combat. You can choose some bots for some practice. It’s a free game to play and very easy also. It is accessible to everyone and it’s one of the best games available on Android.

[appbox googleplay com.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstone]

  1. HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a new trivia game. It’s a platform where multiple players come together and compete at the same time. A host is present at a single place and he or she asks questions and the participants are supposed to answer these in the real time. There is a total of 12 questions in each round. There is a specific time limit given for every question.

It is a real money game where winners get money for their triumph. This very fact makes this game more unique. The rounds take place from 9 P. M. Everyday and 3 P. M. On weekdays. A total number of 12 games take place every week.

This games 12 chances to the players to win the game. The game is absolutely free with no in-app charges.

[appbox googleplay com.intermedia.hq]

  1. Alto’s Adventure

Since the release of venerable Canabalt at the beginning of the era of smartphones, the genre of runner has become a classic of mobile gaming shops. So much so that we now find thousands of titles with quality ranging from the best to the infamous stew. Alto’s Adventure definitely belongs to the first category for several reasons.

In addition to the graphic part very successful, this title offers a gameplay both simple, yet deep enough to push players to come back again and again. In the style of a Ski Safari, Alto’s Adventure will propose to us to ski downhill while avoiding the numerous traps set by mother nature. The presence of a day / night cycle that makes the game a bit more complex once the sun is down is a real treat.

We like: low poly graphics of beauty.

[appbox googleplay com.noodlecake.altosadventure]

  1. NOVA legacy

Nova Legacy is again a first Shooter game available on Android. it is a recent game and it is surprising to know that it is one of the best Android games. This game has amazing graphics as well as great controls. The sci-fi story line keeps the game going on. There is a multiplayer online mode where you can play with multiple players.

The best part about this game is that it has a rudimentary crafting system. this makes it different from the rest of the mobile first person shooting game. Nova Legacy comes for free with some in-app purchases.

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  1. Pokemon GO

Pokemon go came into the market in the year 2016. This game created a lot of Hustle all over the world. It became popular because it erased the line between virtuality and reality. This is a virtual game indeed but the pokemons are found in the real world. The players are supposed to open up their GPS location and the game places some pokemons in different areas.

The players have to move around to catch pokemons. They have to reach the exact location of that Pokemon. In a way they have to explore the real world in order to manage their virtual game. This game has been updated with some great battles and legendary pokemons. The option to trade Your pokemons is also now available.

The game is one of the most unique by far. No game has managed to follow the similar grounds. It is shocking to know but this game is a free Android game.

[appbox googleplay com.nianticlabs.pokemongo]

  1. PinOut or Smash Hit

PinOut and smash hit are two famous infinite running games. Smash hit allows you to have a first person perspective why throwing wall side glass panels and avoiding the death. This game is fun and engaging and the graphics are extremely fantastic. They are very appealing. On the other hand, PinOut is a Pinball game where you have to launch a ball and it has to cross through various levels and obstacles. both of the games belong to the same developers and are very fun.

If you want a pro version of both the games then you can pay and amount of 2. 99 dollars. You can unlock the checkpoints and exceed to Greater levels. There will be no ads after you buy the pro version of the app.

[appbox googleplay com.mediocre.smashhit]

  1. PUBG Mobile

Is it necessary to present Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds? True tidal wave since its release, this Battle Royale drops all records on PC. It must be said that the game of Blue Hole has it all: Competitive SPF panting playable alone or in teams, it offers an addictive gaming experience to the possible that many try to emulate with varying degrees of success. Just see the number of games based on the same principle released in the months following that of PUBG to realize it.

Mobile forces, the clones of PUBG quickly colonized Google Play, offering gaming experiences ranging from the most correct (Rules of Survival for example) to really not terrible. But why settle for copies while the original is now available on Android, and for free what is more? If you want to experience the thrill of a trip to Military, Gatka or Los Leones, you know what you have to do.

[appbox googleplay com.tencent.ig]

  1. Dofus Touch

Released in 2004, Dofus is a MMORPG created by the French company Ankama. Like many other MMOs, Dofus allows players to embody characters of various classes, here reviewed and corrected with Ankama sauce. Very rich, the world of 12 offers multiple opportunities to its players, trade to craft through a fairly unique ecosystem management (some species may disappear in case of intensive hunting).

It is in 2016 that Ankama, after a long adaptation work, released Dofus Touch, a tablet and phone version of its famous MMO. Reproducing the identical content of the PC version, this iteration is a real success in terms of ergonomics, which is not a trivial matter when we see the list of features of the game. Whether you are a big MMO player or not, Dofus Touch is to try.

We like: the quality of the portage, incredibly well damn.

[appbox googleplay com.ankama.dofustouch]

  1. Plague INC

Plague Inc. is a management title that differs greatly from classics of the genre. Indeed, instead of leading an army, or civilization, the game of Ndemic Creations is interested in the infinitely small by placing us at the controls of a virus. The goal of the player? Exterminate the world’s population by infecting as many people as possible. It will therefore be necessary to evolve and mutate its small virus to counter the vaccines created by humans, fight against the resistance of certain populations.

We like: Its management aspect extremely pushed.

[appbox googleplay com.miniclip.plagueinc]

  1. Vainglory

If there are several representatives of MOBA on mobile, rare sounds those reaching the level of quality deployed by Vainglory. Taking the main principles of the genre, namely real-time battles between two teams of players with unique characters, Vainglory adapts perfectly to the specificities of the mobile. In addition to touch controls extremely well thought out, it offers benefits equal to the tenors of the genre that prevail on the PC.

We like: The quality and overall stability of this mobile MOBA.

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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

After Pokémon Go and Super Marion Run, Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s third foray into the world of mobile gaming. If the first two titles had given mixed reactions (despite a great success), Fire Emblem Heroes was able to win unanimous support. It must be said that for the occasion, the publisher has done things carefully. In addition to a flawless technical and graphic part, the game has a balanced and enjoyable gameplay, as well as a free economic model that rewards hardcore players.

Like its predecessors on console, Fire Emblem Heroes proposes to constitute a team of heroes here coming from different episodes of the saga. It will then take them to fight many battles turn-based and progress within several levels narrating a story after all pleasant to follow. Although more limited than the canonical episodes, Fire Emblem Heroes offers a lot of tactical subtleties that will delight the fans of the series as neophytes.

We like: discover or rediscover the Fire Emblem license in mobile format.

[appbox googleplay com.nintendo.zaba]

  1. Super Mario Run

This is a new extended and exciting version of Mario from Nintendo. The inspiration has been drawn from the original Mario games, the overall game differs from it therefore the title has been twisted a bit. This game was basically made for iOS but its popularity lead to its introduction in the Android as well.

Super Mario run is simply an automatic Runner which runs on Simple touch of your Android device. The moves are very smooth and easy to pull of. Coins play a very crucial role in the Super Mario Run. Every stage in this game has 5 special pink coins, they need to be cracked in a single Run. Super Mario run is an elegantly designed game which keeps the users hooked.

This was all for best Android games. We hope that the list will very fruitful to you. If you think we have missed out on something, don’t forget to give your suggestions. Write them below in the comment section. We will make sure to add them in the list.

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Imagine that you are a cell in a culture broth. You must absolutely grow as fast as possible by absorbing food before being swallowed by cells larger than you. That’s the idea behind, awesome game, playable both online or on smartphone. We recommend the smartphone version, more manageable than in the browser. Massively multiplayer, is absolutely addictive.

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  1. Pocket Mortys

If you are a fan of adult cartoons, there is no doubt that the name of Rick & Morty tells you something. Created by the very prolific Adult Swim channel, this series features Rick, a slightly timid scientist, and his not-so-clever little grandson Morty. Both travel from dimension to dimension in crazy adventures and above all, very funny.

Some time ago, Adult Swim released a first game adaptation of this series with Pocket Mortys , a Rick & Morty revisited version of the famous Pokémon license. In place of Nintendo pocket beasts, it will be necessary here to capture and train different Mortys to face Ricks from other dimensions. All of this obviously leaves the jokes and outrageous humor of the series to the fore.

We like: See Pokémon codes arranged in Rick & Morty sauce.

[appbox googleplay com.turner.pocketmorties]

  1. Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls, as its name suggests, transposes the famous manga Tite Kubo into a mobile game. Although free, this title impresses from the first seconds by the quality of the work provided by the development teams. Graphically, Bleach Brave Souls makes the most of the latest generation of mobile devices to deliver a service that completely honors the license.

But this is not the only strength of this title, because beyond the simple plastic beauty, Bleach Brave Souls deploys an extremely rich gameplay that owes much to the genre of hack and slash.

Each character has indeed a very extensive skill tree that will allow players to customize his team as he sees fit, to cope with any type of situations. Whether we know Bleach or not,

We like: The richness of the gameplay as well as the plastic beauty of the title.

[appbox googleplay com.klab.bleach]

  1. Roblox

Behind Roblox lies not a game featuring robots, but a real platform to create, share and play dozens of titles as diverse as varied, on a principle similar to that of Little Big Planet. An ideal tool for aspiring creators, Roblox allows you to give free rein to your imagination to create what you want, from the simplest to the most complicated game.

And if the creation is not your forte, no problem since this title offers a plethora of games created by the community. What ensure hours and hours of play that are constantly renewed. We will also appreciate the possibility of creating an avatar to explore the different universes present in Roblox.

[appbox googleplay com.roblox.client]

  1. Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier is the mobile iteration of the Trials racing game series created by Red Lynx and edited by Ubisoft. Like his counterparts released on consoles, this episode puts us in the sneakers of a trial driver having to browse tracks all more maboules than each other by accurately measuring acceleration, braking and balance of the bike.

If we do not find here all the requirements of the gameplay episodes released on classic consoles, this little Trials Frontier is nonetheless very nice, and still offers a challenge rather upscale that will not fail to satisfy the addicts scoring .

We like: the great variety of the proposed content.

[appbox googleplay com.ubisoft.redlynx.trialsfrontier.ggp]

  1. Dawn Of Titans

Dawn of Titans is a strategy game developed by Zynga (Farmville, it was them) in which you will have to manage your city, and go face other players during epic battles. In a classic way, you will build your kingdom by overseeing the resources and buildings needed to develop troops and special skills. Based on a free to play model, this game will require a lot of patience, each construction taking real time.

The most interesting part of Dawn of Titans is probably clashes against other players. After having recruited and trained your troops, you will be able to assail your neighbors during battles where the strategy turns out to be crucial. Selecting the right troops, placing them correctly and assigning them targets will often be the key to victory. To spice things up, it will be possible to use titans, lethal units capable of reversing the course of a game.

We like: the graphic quality of the game, worthy of console or PC productions.

[appbox googleplay com.naturalmotion.dawnoftitans]

  1. Total War Battles : Kingdom

Developed by The Creative Assembly, the Total War series has since its inception become one of the pillars of the strategy game. Extremely complete, this series mixes pleasantly time and real strategy and management to deliver a most pleasant experience. With the series of Total War Battles, the studio has created a simplified version of his game, much more suited to the nomadic format.

Finished antiquity (usual setting of the games of the main series), we find ourselves here in medieval England, with the ultimate task of unifying the kingdom to reign supreme. The program of festivities, the management of a city that will unlock a lot of bonuses and improvements, and of course, battles in real time. Except for the rather impractical interface,Total War Battles: Kingdom is a good little strategy game to enjoy without complex .

We like: a complete strategy game in the palm of your hand.

[appbox googleplay com.sega.twbkingdom]

  1. Fallout Shelter

How to adapt on a mobile game such as Fallout whose ergonomics do not lend themselves to touch screens? By taking only the universe to create a totally different game. Thus was born Fallout Shelter, nice resource management game with the codes of the saga of the same name. The player must develop an atomic shelter gathering survivors, optimizing the production of various resources, the population and the shelter’s capabilities. Addictive, Fallout Shelter is also demanding since it continues to rotate in the absence of the player.

We like: the universe of Fallout, the complexity, the immersion in real time.

[appbox googleplay com.bethsoft.falloutshelter]