Best GPS and Navigation Apps For Android 2018

10 Best GPS And Navigation Apps For Android 2018


The world is a big place and travelling is a necessity, this makes it mandatory to have a GPS and navigation app before you leave your house. These GPS and navigation apps have made lives simple.

Google Maps is one GPS and navigation app but there are more apps that can help you navigating while travelling. Here is a list of different options of GPS and navigation apps that you can rely on:

Best Navigation Apps For Android 2018 [Updated]

  1. BackCountry Navigator

Backcountry Navigator For Android

BackCountry Navigator is one excellent offline GPS and navigation app. It is mostly recommended to people who travel to places where the connectivity is low. This app is perfect for locations with no Data Services. You will get a good number of offline topographic maps by BackCountry navigator.

This app is slightly expensive but the cost covers some fantastic features. Users get the ability to add their favourite sports and mark it on the map. They can you different types of trails. You can get this app for free but the best of the features will be available only when you pay an amount of 19.99 dollars. Think twice before you get this app because it’s expensive.

Download Backcountry Navigator From Here

  1. HERE WeGo Maps

Here We Go Maps Android

HERE WeGo Maps is a competitor of Google Maps. This is a highly efficient GPS and navigation app having a very simple user interface. It contains mapping options all over the world. You can also use this app as an offline navigation app. You can easily download the offline version of a map in your region. Using the app offline helps in areas where the connectivity is low.

Just like Google Maps, this app also give you traffic information. You can also customize your maps in your app. Save your favorite spots in order to get quick directions. There is also a feature of a map creator that helps you alter maps. The best part of this app is that it’s for free.

Download Here WeGo From Here

  1. MapFactor

Mapfactor GPS Navigation For Android

MapFactor is a very basic GPS and navigation app. This app provides very low key facilities. It makes use of OpenStreetMap. This makes sure that you can get offline maps for free. The monthly updates of this app make sure that any change in the route is being accounted.

There are also some additional features but they are not for free. These features are inclusive of voice directions, 2D and 3D modes, day and night themes, cross border routing and a lot more. This GPS and navigation app has support of a lot of countries across the world.

Download Mapfactor GPS Navigation From Here

  1. MapQuest GPS Navigation and Maps

Mapquest GPS Navigation For Android

MapQuest GPS Navigation and Maps has undergone multiple Re-designs and updates in the recent few years. This app applies the standard turn-by-turn directions. There are additional features of live traffic update, free routing directions on the basis of the level of traffic and locations of gas stations. The app has made all attempts to substitute the GasBuddy app.

This app can be used event to call a tow truck, in case there is a breakdown. Still we cannot conclude that this app to be equivalent to Google Maps.

Download Mapquest GPS Navigation App From Here

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps For Android

Google Maps comes as a default GPS Navigation app in Android phones. That is why it has become the most used and popular GPS and navigation app. This app is the simplest and quickest. Google Maps is a free app that provides a range of features. You just need to put the exact location where you want to go and it will show you the best way possible.

It will also give you some alternative routes but it will make sure to give you the way which takes the least of time. If the suggested route gets suddenly heavy traffic, Google Maps automatically changes to the best alternative route possible.

Before launching the app, Google Maps will ask you the mode of your transportation and then it will take you to your destination. Accordingly, it will tell you the exact time and the route to be taken for the destination. On the route, it will tell you all the places that come into the way.

To use Google Maps in the offline mode, you can download maps. It is great for places where there are no Data Services. Google Maps is the best navigation app with all the necessary features. It is difficult to find any replacement of this app. Most of all, it is free.

Download Google Maps From Here

  1. (Offline) GPS Navigation For Android  is made especially for functioning offline. This GPS and navigation app has a great coverage. It is updated on a daily basis and the maps renew themselves every day. This update takes place via OpenStreetMap. This app features done by turn directions, location bookmarking, live traffic update, offline searching.

This app is absolutely for free with no in app purchases. The only hassle that can be faced is to face some advertisements.

Download GPS Navigation App Here

  1. Polaris GPS Navigation (Offline)

Polaris GPS Navigation For Android

Polaris GPS Navigation is a unique navigation app. The most highlighting feature of this app is that it has the access to Google maps, OpenStreetMap, mapquest maps and cycle route maps. Users get a liberty to choose the source they want to get. This app also has multiple coordinate formats. You get trail recording, turn-by-turn directions way.

Management system with this app. Apart from providing the basic apps which are necessary, Polaris GPS navigation serves a lot more. This is a very handy app for activities like hiking, fishing, hunting other outdoor activities.

The app does not really look very appealing but it works really well.

Download Polaris GPS Navigation (Offline) From Here

  1. Sygic GPS navigation and maps (Offline)

Sygic GPS Navigation For Android

Sygic GPS navigation and maps has managed together over 55 millions download till date. Like all the other navigation apps, this app also provides with offline maps. The only difference is that it uses TomTom maps. This application contains features like turn-by-turn directions, voice directions. Voice directions help when the driver is travelling alone. This will stop the driver from getting distracted. This app also gives alternative routes as well as a speed limit.

Apart from these features there are some more but you can only get them if you pay 29.99 dollars. This is only a onetime payment.

Download Sygic GPS And Navigation Maps Offline Here

  1. Scout GPS navigation

Scout GPS Navigation For Android

Scout GPS navigation is an old GPS and navigation app but it is efficient enough to function in today’s times. Earlier its name was TeleNav. Later the company changed the entire outlook of the application. Changed its icon and appearance. The app has become more attractive and better than the previous version. It is a great app to rely on.

It has all the necessary features that a navigation app should have. This application has been developed keeping people in mind rather than the practical part of navigation. The comfort of the people is the primary thing for Scout GPS navigation.

Apart from navigation, this app can’t send text on your behalf and also a lot your friends in case of need. There are elements of social media that helps this app to stand out of the crowd.

Download Scout GPS, Navigation App Here

  1. Waze GPS, Maps and Traffic

Waze GPS, navigation and traffic for android

Waze is a great GPS and navigation app. It shares many features with Google Maps. It is the second best navigation app after Google Maps. It has features like live traffic updates, speed checking, Location tracking and location sharing. The traffic updates are given by the people who are actually driving in the traffic. They provide the first hand information.

With this app you can make sure that you are not over-speeding, find out where the police are and get other beneficial driving information. It also helps you find gas stations in your route. This app is completely free with no in app purchases.

The app keeps itself updating from time to time. The updates are innovative and fresh. It is one of the most effective and efficient GPS navigation app.

Download Waze, Maps And Traffic Here