Best Hookup Apps For Android And iOS 2018

Best Hookup Apps For Android And iOS 2018


13 Best Hookup Apps For Android And iOS – Local One Night Stands And Casual Encounters Apps Lists 

Love is in the air. Why not get some for yourself?

We know the age of platonic love has gone too far and it’s difficult for it to come back. Love has become more material and explicit. People are more into physical attachment than emotional attachment. This point can easily be supported by giving your number of apps that are very popular these days for random hookups. The idea of love has become more bodily. It’s not just restricted to one person but more than one. Before indulging with someone for a long time, people prefer to try different people on different dates to choose the best of them.

Then new love culture is so prominent these days that everyone once in their lifetime tries this app at least once. You can decide whether you want to download one of these apps for trying purpose or for dating purpose.

What do the dating apps do?

Dating apps allow you to create a virtual profile. This virtual profile can be set on the basis of your own wish. You can choose the best picture of yours and find people around you, who are compatible to date you. It is a community where people with the same idea of Hookup or dating. These apps bring an end to hitting on people in public places.

This also reduces the possibility of getting rejected and humiliated right in front of you. Virtual rejection will not hurt more than rejection that happens in front of you. You meet people of your choice only after both of the sides have agreed to do so. There is no ambiguity of one-sided things happening. One can call these a secure mode of finding people of your own choice.

Here is a list of 13 of these apps, which are known to be the best of the dating apps.

Best Hookup Apps For Android And iOS 2018

  1. Tinder


Tinder is an application which is popular all around the world. You can log into this app by simply logging in via your Facebook account. Now you are supposed to open up your GPS location in order to find people around you. Both of the parties are given the option of people whom they would like. Swiping is the key to selecting people.

Tinder will give you options on the basis of the gender you are interested in. You have the liberty to choose whomever you want to. There is no chance of harassment on the other side. The other side will only be notified that you have liked that person. Now this person has the liberty to choose whether he/she liked you or not.

The person has the right to go through the profile in order to see if that person is their type. If there is a like on you can call swipe right from both of the sides, it is a perfect match. Now both the people are given the chance to communicate with each other on the chat box. Now Tinder has provided you with a dating partner.

Tinder also makes sure that if things are not according to users wish. They have the right to unmatched their profile and tinder will make sure that the person is not able to contact you on that platform.

This app is not only available for Android and IOS devices. It can also be downloaded on PC by the use of BlueStacks emulator. This will help you run tinder on your personal computer as well.

There are two options available to the users. Either they can use a free version of the app or they can use the premium version by paying a certain amount of money. Choose any of the options and begin with the swiping.

Many of the users are not really fond of the swiping concept. People find it shallow and superficial because the swiping takes place on the basis of just a single glance of a person. Looks of a person to help people decide whether they want to get that person or not. This category of people is not in major popularity because this app is the most trending app. People who dislike it are less than the people who are fond of it.

[appbox googleplay com.tinder]

  1. Ok Cupid


This app is popular all over the world. It contains all those features that are necessary for a dating app to contain. It is both available on iOS as well as Android platform. The most unique feature about this app is that the users are getting the opportunity to set a filter. You can fix some of the choices that you would like in a person you would date.

For example, if you are a travel enthusiast and you want to date a travel enthusiast. You can easily mention that by setting up the filter. Now only people who love traveling can attempt to contact you. You can have the opportunity to meet the person of your choices. You can share a similar kind of choices with the person you are dating. This app is the most successful one in order to get free hookups.

Above that, if you want to have better features, you can easily switch to the premium version. The premium version will cost a certain amount of money but it will get you better options in terms of features. Ok Cupid is not just an app but it is also a website. You can access it through your personal computer as well.

You can connect your Instagram account with this app so that people who are interested in you can check you out through your Instagram. They can see the best of your Instagram pictures and decide if you are their type. 

[appbox googleplay com.okcupid.okcupid]

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

coffee meets bagel

With the motto of quality over quantity, this app has managed to steal hearts of many. This is considered to be one of the best HookUp apps in this century. The best part about this app is that it comes for free. The difficult task of finding a love for you becomes absolutely free. How good is that?

This app is supported by both Android and IOS. You will love to know that you can also get a better version of this app on your PC. In this app, you have to register yourself with Facebook. So the Linking Part becomes Facebook. Linking with Facebook is also good because it has to prove the authenticity of the person.

If there was no profile linking one could easily make a fake profile. This is checks the kind of people you are connected to, and find your matches appropriately. It simply helps you to find your special one. If two bagels like each other, then they can move to the private inbox. There they can talk about their interest and find out if the person is compatible with him or her.

Talk to that person in the private chat box and try to know each other. If everything goes well, congrats you have a partner. Log into this app today and find yourself a good dating partner and lots of fun.

[appbox googleplay com.coffeemeetsbagel]

  1. Blendr


This app is very convenient to find all those people who are interested in a nightstand. The primary part of this app is that it uses your GPS location to find people of your interest. Finding people near you will make it convenient to meet each other. Primarily uses the GPS function in order to find the perfect match for you.

The radius of this finding is limited up to 1 kilometer so that if you like someone, you quickly meet him or her. This is not an app where you will have to submit your social media accounts in order to publicize yourself and disrupt your privacy.

A lot of your relatives are there on your social media and therefore it’s not really safe to connect your Hookup app with it. This app will keep you safe.

You simply have to download the app, enter your details and upload your photograph. There is a possibility of a fake account being created but it is better than risking your privacy. Once you find your Perfect Match you can find out the genuinely yourself. You are not required to give your full details on this app.

If you like a specific person, you can easily talk to them and find out more about each other. In the end, you can meet as well. If you want this app to be more safe and secure, you can confirm your account with your mobile number. This will be a good verification to make sure that the account is credible.

The other person who seeks interest in you will be sure that you are a genuine person. This is one of the best nightstand apps that you can download for free. It is available on both Android and IOS. On the basis of whatever device you have, download it today.

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  1. Hinge


This app has made clear that this is specifically for relationships, not hookups. In this app instead of swiping other people, you get a chance to see the content of the profile yourself. In order to make an account in this app, you must link this app to your Facebook account.

This is one verification that one must make before entering this app. automatically your photographs and your information will be transferred to this application and people will come out to know about you more. If you like somebody’s profile, you can give a heart. It makes a connection on the basis of your friend list on Facebook.

You will be given a specific trial period to try this app and later you will be required to pay a $7 monthly membership fee. It is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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  1. Down

down dating

This one is for all the men out there. This comes in one of the new eras of the dating no matter you are gay or lesbian or bisexual this app is for all the people who aspired to have fun for some days, for a night on forever. All you need to do is to download this app and connect it to your Facebook account.

You are ready to hunt yourself a date and if you come across like me anybody you can send them a hookup message. You can also send a message to your Facebook friends. If the person on the other side is also interested then bang on! Your night will be lit.

if there are only a limited number of friends in your Facebook account then the chances of getting a date will be difficult. you must go for other apps if you do not have a very impressive number of Facebook friends.

Even if it’s not a day you can spend some good time with your friends. Download it now as it is free and uses less of your mobile storage. It is available more than iOS as well as Android.

[appbox googleplay com.bang.bangwithfriends]

  1. Skout


This app is more focused on making friends. This app allows you to find the girl next door at the boy next door in your locality. It helps to find the people who are living near to you. You get to find your dates on your friends all around you and in other parts of the world. A lot of people made through scout every day.

This app has unique features that make it very popular. You get the option to chat and even broadcast yourself. There are other live streaming going on around, you can check them out too.

You will be given updates about the nearby users and set your favorite users as well. You also have a chance to promote your own profile with the in-app features.

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  1. Grindr


This app adjusts itself to the modern world and spreads the message that dating cannot be limited to straight people only. It clarifies that homosexuality is not something to be ashamed of and therefore the apps prime motive is to support the interest of the gay people. Love cannot be restricted to straight people only. Bisexual and homosexual people also have the liberty to choose dates for them. This app has managed to remove the stigma of homosexuality to a great extent.

This app is very easy to use and its main feature is Geo-targeting. You have the opportunity to send your location to allow your potential date to know the level of distance that you are having. One has a chance to send multiple photos to the other side. The features available in this app are very apt and there is no overdoing of the features. There is no as such safety features available in this app. It only allows the users to report any kind of profile that hassles them.

The app comes absolutely for free but if you want the premium membership you will have to pay $5 for it.

This app is a place for people having little different kind of sexual preferences and it helps to like-minded people to connect with each other and have a good time. Download this app today and sign in to get a good time with your dates.

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  1. Whiplr


This app is specifically for those who like Adventures in their lives. This is for the people who are into kinky stuff. The moment you login into this app, you will be asked to fulfill some details about your sexual preferences. This will include your purpose for being on the app, your relationship status, and your preferred roles and Kinks.

These are not some of the questions which are usually asked in these dating apps. This app helps you be very specific in terms of choices. It will help you find people with the similar kind of choices. This app supports video and phone calls along with text messaging.

This app is very different from other ordinary dating apps. You are supposed to create a profile and list your kinky wishes. Your sexual preferences are given a lot of importance while being on this app. When you have submitted your preferences, your profile will be approved and you will undergo a Geo-based selection. This will help you find people of similar interests around your area.

You can call this app slightly biased in cases of male and female. Females are not required to pay the subscription fee whereas men have to spend $10 every month. It is both available on iOs as well as android. You can make full use of this app by simply downloading this app. There you will find a bunch of people having the similar kind of choices that you have.

Download Whiplr APK For Android (Official Website)

  1. Tingle


This is a new dating app that allows the users to communicate with each other while maintaining the safety. This app is available on iOS as well as Android. You can find singles in your area by turning on your current location. this app has a unique feature which is called Radar. This feature of this app helps you detect matches who are available in your near locality without even sharing your exact location.

If two people are matched, they can begin with talking to each other. But their locations won’t be shared. You also have the opportunity to do audio or video chat.

Just in case if you do not like somebody after talking, you can stop talking to that person. You do not have to worry about that person changing you again because your personal details like your phone numbers were not shared.

This app surprisingly has a ‘teleport’ feature, this lets you find matches by traveling across virtually in another City. 

[appbox googleplay com.appsocial.tingle2]

  1. Ashley Madison

ashley madison app

The name sounds a little observed and not very catchy but you will be shocked to know that there are 51 million users on this app. This app is good for all those people who are seeking a date and are 35 years old or more. Anyone below this age, we do not really recommend.

The most shocking an impressive thing about this app is the user base of it. Connections are made very easy on this Hookup app. you can find people on this app who are very keen and interested in meeting you.

The security of this app is assured and there is also a preventive measure to take to keep you safe and secure. 

[appbox googleplay]

  1. AdultFriendFinder

adult friend finder app

It is called AFF in short form. This is one of the most reliable platforms to get some random hook up with No Strings Attached. It is ranked as one of the most visited websites online. Approximately more than 2 million new visitors come on this website daily.

This website and application is famous for a long long time and manages to cater interest to millions of people every day. This app is definitely a must try for all those people who are seeking a real hookup.

Download Adult Friend Finder APK (Official Website)

  1. SheMeetsHer

This is a lesbian dating site or an app. We live in an era where LGBTQ is being accepted. People are opening up about it and are willingly accepting their sexuality. This leads to the rise of search sites like this. The name itself signifies and clearly underlines the fact that it is a lesbian dating site.

Not a lot of people are uses on the side because generally, not many people are homosexuals. Some of the people even do not wish to come outside and accept their preference.

This app is specifically for black lesbians. This is a community-based app which allows black women to interact with women of their own choice. This site also claims that it does not only allow the prospering of love between women but also helps to make a strong community of black women. Also, strengthens their bond as a community.

The scope of the relationship is not limited to random hookups itself. It also gives relationships that sustain for long and end up in long-term marriages and friendships.

Official Website Link


Don’t let your internal rush restrict you. Fulfill all your wishes with these apps. These were the best 13 dating apps that we could think of. Some of them are available on websites as well. So if you do not want to use these apps on your device, you can try them out on you PCs. Read their descriptions and choose the ones which suit you the best. We really hope that you fulfill your intention on this app. We hope that we have solved your purpose. Thank you and have fun!