Best Multiplayer browser Games of 2018
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7 Best Multiplayer Browser Games To Play in 2018


Gaming enthusiasts often look for something new and exciting, something they could play with their friends as well as invite some new people or strangers to play. Gaming experiences are not meant to be boring; they are the enthralling stuff one has to do.

This is what multiplayer games are about and hold popularity. Some strangers are playing the same games as you but on different platforms. Why don’t you try and connect to them? It will be nothing else than increasing your fun involved in gaming experiences because fun has no limit and it sees no boundaries.

Multiplayer online games are mostly about connecting with strangers and competing with someone totally unknown. No partiality and no transparency.

Multiplayer browser games take no time to get you started with. They hardly require any sort of host or set up. So if you are ready to compete with strangers or play in teams, well this platform is totally yours.

Here are some of the best multiplayer browser games:

  1. Vikings village: party hard

Vikings Village Party Hard

It is a deadly battle of beards in which numerous manly pixel Vikings punch each other over being called ginger (the funny fact is that they all have ginger hair). So you choose to play any of these Vikings and it’s time to kick ass!

The goal in this game is pretty simple; you have to keep kicking these Vikings to be at the top of the leader board. Apart from punching, you could also hurl the objects scattered around straight up to other Vikings’ faces. Also, you have a selection of certain more powerful abilities that are unlocked over time and with progress.

This is one of the best browser games.

  1. Blast arena

Blast Arena

Blast arena is a much interesting game which you play against the unknown opponents from the internet. It is a version of bomberman. You and three other players from the internet will try to survive and destroy each other in a maze sort of area which is full of walls and bricks which could be broken.

You will break these walls and rocks by placing bombs and then running away. The bomb will blast in a few seconds, thus breaking the obstruction around it.

Sometimes, you could get power-ups by breaking these rocks which will give you an edge over others and more chances to kill someone.


In this game, you play a shark which has a laser attached to its head and roams around in the sea. Well, I guess you pretty much got it.

The laser is to help you kill other sharks and remove them from hunting in your water. Also, to regain some energy, you could eat the other small fishes roaming around in the ocean. This way, you could gain more energy and XP for going a level up.

The chances of your name getting on the leaderboard are decided by the amount of time you spend alive and the number of sharks you eliminate through your laser power.

Seems simple? Yes, but is interesting as anything.

  1. Isleward:


This game lets you choose the character you want to play beforehand itself. It is done before you enter the city of Strathford and it does not seem to be a multiplayer game at first sight but it is. Later, when you are in Strathford, you learn how to get queue up actions, get bearings and explore. Apart from these, there might be a few small and low level monsters which you could kill to level up.

Later, in the game, you end up meeting other people and you invite them to go on this adventure with you.


This online multiplayer game seems to be pretty simple on the outside, but is opposite and challenging when played. It goes something like, when you start your circle is pretty small but once you eat the little colored dots around you, you start getting bigger and bigger. So now, the bigger circle gets difficulties in moving and eating other more stuff. That’s how the whole game goes. It seems simple, right?

It’s not. Because as you grow larger, you need bigger food items, so you eventually have to start eating other players. is one of the most exciting multiplayer online games.


This game is pretty much similar to The difference is that you need to eat small dots which glow to finish your hunger and as you at them, you become bigger and bigger.

But, in this game, you are a snake. The challenge would be when you will grow bigger and bigger but you cannot eat your enemies, but with a good skill and timing, you can make other snakes run into you.

  1. War brokers:

war brokers

In this multiplayer browser game, there are missions which themes combat rounds beyond straight forward death matches. You would eventually get numerous guns and machines which you could unlock and use against the enemies. You could probably find vehicles and tanks around the map which will help you defeat your enemies. This game is suitable for you if you are looking for something challenging and a bit brutal.

These were some free multiplayer online games which you could choose to spend your time on and that too while playing with numerous people you don’t even know. The experiences these games provide are inevitable and unique. Also, they are available online and are free.

Some other great multiplayer online games could be, Transformice, Town of Salem, MS paint adventures,, Kingdom of loathing,, Realm of the mad god, Pokemon showdown,,, Everybody edits, Little war game,, Neptune’s pride,,,, and so on.

These were some of the major best multiplayer browser games which one could easily choose to invest time in for a perfect experience. These games have moderate levels of difficulties and they are suitable for all sorts of gamers and their gaming expectations.

So, what are you waiting for? Test your gaming skills with some players from the outside world.