Best Music Players For Android 2018

11 Best Music Player Apps For Android 2018 [Updated]


People put considerable amount of thought while buying the perfect Android device for themselves. After buying the device, the task is not over yet. Getting the perfect set of applications is also necessary for running your device to the optimum. That is why, we are here to give you the best suggestions for something very specific for music. Music is a very significant means of entertainment.

There is literally no person who isn’t fond of music. Music lovers form their own collections and put them in their handy device. To run this collection it is very important to have an appropriate application. Here, we bring you a list of 10 best music player apps for Android:

Best Music Player Apps For Android 2018

  1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music AndroidLets start with the default app player, Google Play music can be the best and free option you must check. It has a great upload manager by which you will be able to add upto 50,000 songs from iTunes or any other space you are storing your music.

With a minimal subscription cost you will be able to use complete google play catalogue including youtube red. This app will give complete ad-free experience.

Download Google Play Music

  1. BlackPlayer (Free)

Blackplayer For AndroidBlackPlayer is a good music player app. It is elegant and simple. It let’s it’s user to create their own playlists. This app operates on a tab structure where the users have the choice to select the tabs which they use. Its primary features are that it has an equalizer, scrobbling, themes, ID3 tag editor and mostly supports all the music file types.

People who are a fan of minimalism are very fond of this app. The free version of this app has very little features and the paid one gives you a lot. This is one of the music player apps which is worth trying.

Download BlackPlayer Music Player

  1. JetAudio HD

Jetaudio HD Music PlayerJetAudio HD has been going on since long and it has been the favorite of Android users. It has been people’s favourite music app. The user interface is very simple and elegant. There is an option of audio enhancements. This app comes with an equalizer with a set of 32 presets. You can add simple effects like bass boost, tag editor, MIDI playback.

The free version of the app is full of advertisements whereas the paid version will remove all the advertisements. Paid version is a more comfortable means of using jetAudio HD.

Download Jetaudio HD Music Player

  1. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey music player androidMediamonkey is considered to be the Dark Horse of the music player industry. It has a lot of features. The best features are the organisational features like the audio books, podcasts etc. The users will get the ability to sort songs by their own categories. The basic functions is that the equaliser is available.

Users get to sync there music library from the computer to their phones with the use of Wi-Fi. The process could be a little bit complicated but this feature is a very useful one. Apart from this, the interface is very simple and the app is really preferable.

Download MediaMonkey

  1. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player AndroidMusicolet is a decent option for a music player. It has all the necessary features which must be in a music app. The AI of the app is lightweight and the APK size is small. It will give you the best offline experience ever. The best of the features are an Equalizer, Tag editor, Support for lyrics, Folder browsing with gets and a lot more.

There is no complexity which makes this app very comfortable to use. It is a good app for people who love simple access to music without extra features. This app is for free without any in app purchases.

Download Musicolet Music Player [Free No-Ads]

  1. Neutron Player (5.99$)

Neutron Music Player AndroidNeutron player is one music app which has not received popularity which it actually deserves. This music player has 32/64 bit audio rendering engine, which is independent of the Android OS. It caters in making the Music sounds Better. It has a lot of features which includes a built in equalizer, support for various music file types and a host of other audiophile specific aspects.

Neutron player comes for 5.99 dollars and in the beginning you will be offered to use the free trial. On the basis of your judgment, you can decide if you want to buy the app.

Download Neutron Music Player

  1. Phonograph (Free)

Phonograph Music PlayerPhonograph comes in the category of recently arrived music player apps. We will not miss out on saying that this app is extremely simple to use and has a very convenient user interface. The features of phonograph are very classy. It has simple Material Design UI. The users are given the option to change the theme if they want, but this feature is not very prominent.

Users get a tag editor, a home screen widget, integration and a lot more. It is a great app for those who simply want to listen to their favorite music and extra features do not really bother them. One must try this app at least once.

Download Phonograph Music Player

  1. PlayerPro Music Player (4.99$)

PlayerPro Music Player AndroidPlayerPro music player app is a very efficient yet not very famous music application. This app is very impressive in its outlook. It has a set of very efficient features. It allows customization by its users. The users will be allowed to play video in this as it has a rare 10 band Equalizer with Chromecast support and Android auto.

There are various audio effects and widgets available. There is one unique feature of this app. When the user shakes the phone the music tracks automatically get changed. It supports HiFi music and you can get this application for 4.99 dollars.

Download PlayerPro Music Player

  1. Poweramp (3.99$)

Poweramp Music Player AndroidPoweramp is one preferable choice made by a lot of Android users. The user interface is very sleek with various themes that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This music player app is very efficient and effective. You can customize its outlook if you want. There are some payback features inclusive of gapless Payback, Crossfade etc.

You can find tag editing, more customization settings and widgets. This is a very fantastic music player which manages to win hearts of its users. You will have to pay and amount of 3.99 dollars after using a free trial.

Download Poweramp Music Player

  1. Pulsar Music Player (1.99$)

Pulsar Music Player AndroidPulsar music player has beautiful material design gapless payback, smart playlist, sleep timer, tag editing. It has Chromecast support which is really great. This app is not very expensive, it is just for 1.99$. This doesn’t mean that this app is not efficient. This is a really great app for those who want access to music and ways to use less of their storage in the device.

The outlook of the app is good and it works decently with the Android auto. You can also use the free version but it will have some annoying advertisements.

Download Pulsar Music Player – Audio Player, MP3 Player

  1. Shuttle+ Music Player (Free)

Shuttle+ Music player androidShuttle is an immensely popular music player. This is a very simple and lightweight music player with plenty of options. It has a 6 bands EQ, support for embedded lyrics, tons of themes, payback, scrobbling and a lot more. Users who want to switch to the pro version can get the Chromecast support, folder browsing, tag editing and customizing theme option.

This is an excellent music player app which has a modern design and quick working.

Download Shuttle+ Music Player


This is all about the best music players for android. The list has been constructed by actually researching about all the apps available on the Playstore. They have been tried and tested by our team members. Make sure you write to us as we would love to hear reviews about the blog. Thanks for your precious time!