Best Free Steam Skins 2018

The Best Steam Skins Of 2018 [Updated]


Well, as we know that steam is the desired platform by all the gaming enthusiasts as it lets you download the video games and content. Steam has not been showing much changes and diversities from a long time. The user often looks for new layouts, fonts, colors and graphics which change the presentation of the online distribution platform which is meant for gaming purposes.

So for the sake of every user, new skins have been installed and made available which help changing the entire presentation and personality of your favorable gaming platform- steam.

These new skins provide you some benefits like you can also switch between them as per your wish and preference as there is a dropdown list and you can you can even quit and set it to the default one if it feels over. Also, there are some custom grid view icons as well, which fulfill your expectations and requirements for something fancier.

How To Install Steam Skins?

Before we get on to the major best steam skins, discussing the procedure of how to install steam skins is inevitable. Let us see:

  • You will have to download the skin files.
  • Secondly, you will have to extract and then drop them into your steam skin folder in your steam skin directory.
  • You will go to the interface section of your steam settings.
  • Go now and pick the skin which you probably want by clicking on the drop down menu.
  • Restart your steam now.
  • You are done here with your preferable skin for steam.

It was much of a facile deal, wasn’t it?

Best Steam Skins Of 2018

Let us now have a look at some of the best skins for steam:

  1. Metro:

This steam skin makes the format of steam look a bit more compact than the usual and default one. The look provided by Metro is more of dark and sleek. This steam skin also has the feature to be customized but to a particular extent. These customizations can be in regard with accent color, font of the text and decal, and later you can apply it by dropping that generated file into the metro folder for a more personalized look.

This is one of the major steam themes.

Download Metro

  1. Air:

This steam skin has its elegance, although it is not as flexible as Metro but it has a good performance and quality of its own. While using Air, the client can expect clear lines, steam overlay links and so on. Though the default version of Air has a “light” variation which provides a white backdrop to your library; its “dark” version could also be installed with a download.

Air showcases consistent beauty using minimal design.

Download Airforsteam

  1. Pressure 2:

Though pressure two does not possess the originality and style like Metro and Air but has its fantastic quality that it facilitates readability. Pressure 2 comes with good, clean fonts, better spacing, and a font color of black -and- orange on a white palette which helps you ton sort, identify and select the games from the library which you want. The touch of pressure 2 is more of accessible and aesthetic and even the chat boxes seem to be a bit better.

This feel of pressure 2 is a bit professional and its outlay is great.

Download Pressureforsteam

  1. Plexed:

There is a soothing dark blue colored background which is used by plexed with the presence of some very artful smoky wisps in the task bar. The look of plexed is quite enchanting and exceptional. Though it’s not as clear as metro, air or pressure 2, but is still a much slick choice. It might be your perfect choice if you are looking for introducing a bit of color to your steam platform.

Download from Plexed

  1. Pixelvision:

This skin is not that updated afterwards but still works very well. It provides you a metallic hatching and translucent tessellated hex- well on the overlay. These features prove to be great irrespective of the fact that the font style and stuff is still a bit outdated. Pixelvision provides more of a clean and serious look to your steam platform which is sort of similar to that provided by metro and air. The skin of Pixelvision has a bit more attitude and a subtle tint.

Download Pixelvision

  1. Old flat green:

Just as the name hints about, this skin gives a nostalgic feel like the client’s early days of use. It provides more of a soothing and low contrast environment and background due to the green and grey backdrops. It marks an age similar to that of the before touch screen interface design.

That is pretty much it when it comes to old flat green skin for your choosing the best steam themes.

Download Old flat green

  1. Minimal steam UI V3:

Minimal steam UI V3 is made and considered to be better when it comes to the compatibility issues. It has a brushed metal hatching as well which provides the exact classy looks as required by any steam user and also, it does not take much space on your desktop. This design is much spacious which makes it more efficient rather than cramped up.

Download Minimal Steam UI v3

These were the major best steam skins and as we discussed earlier, there is an option of customization as well, from which you will be able to create the steam skin of your sort and choice. Through this customization of the steam platform on your own you could do numerous alterations like with the color elements and backdrop elements as well. This could be your chance for creating a fantastic and gorgeous client according to your own choices. Later, you would need the skin manager to apply the skin you have created.

So these were some of the most amazing skins which will change the outlook of your steam platform in its entirety. They will make you rise above the floor of monotony and consistency. Your favorite gaming and downloading platform’s outlook and backdrops will be by your expectations from it.

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The results of these best steam skins would eventually be more enjoyment in your gaming sessions.