Clash Of Clans Hack - Coc Hacks No Generator, No Human Verification 2018

How To Get Free Gems On Clash Of Clans – COC Hack {Legit Methods}


How to get free Gems On Clash Of Clans? And COC Hack No Generator – (Genuine methods 100% working) – No Human Verification

Hello everyone! We are back again with you get another blog which talks about the ways to get free gems in the famous game called the Clash of Clans. We live in a world where games are taken more serious than the real life. It’s not only children but also too many elders are taking these games too seriously. People can do anything to win their favorite game and here we are giving the ideas to get free gems in which you can win Clash of Clans game.

There Are No Working Clash Of Clans Hacks Or Cheats Working, They are all fake and fooling people. But there are still some methods which will help you in getting free gems on clash of clans listed below.

 About Clash of Clans

It’s a very famous game that is running all over the world and people are going mad over the game this game is available on iOS as well as Android and this game has taken the Mobile World on a yet another different level. Clash of Clans is a MMO which actually means a massively multiplayer online game. This game is believed to be based on strategies. This game is also called freemium game as it takes nothing but your time and efforts to play the game we don’t have to pay any price for this game.

if there is one place where you can put your money where is you buy the gems and resources by paying from your own pocket and here we are to give you some tips to help you get the gems for free.

You Can Download Free App For Clash of Clans available On and iOS App Store and google play below.

[appbox googleplay com.supercell.clashofclans]

How to play Clash of Clans

We have to make a strong community in this game. Which is your plan the next step would be that you have to train your troops and that the other jobs in order to attain more resources like gold, elixir or the dark elixir. It is not simply a game but a world a world where you have to make your own forces with your efforts.

Gold resources and energy resources you have to fight for. You have to make building, you have to destroy buildings and you have to collect resources, which are collected on the daily basis. Also when you gradually become a pro of this game you will find out that you can make your own Army with different categories of troops. Your troops can go in another villages dropping down. The opponents can also come and attack you the cycle of defeating the other party goes on again and again.

If in case your resources are destroyed don’t worry it will come back when you have enough gold and alien exist to buy it again? Earning and losing is a part is a massive part of this game. if you Aspire to be the champ of this game you have to make sure that you have sufficient resources to become the champ of this game. Time is a major factor in the game where you have to keep the time in the mind intact.

keep Time in your mind focus on making your Army stronger and having as much as resources possible to upgrade your own buildings. It will help to make your own heroes and make the troop bigger and better and that will help you in getting better defence. Help you in winning the entire game.

Since we have so much emphasized on the importance of the gems of this came here we are with some awesome and legit ways in which you can get Clash of Clan gems.

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How To Get Free Gems, Gold And Elixirs On Clash Of Clans {Working Methods} – No Human Verification

  1. Google Play Store card

One method is to get Google Play Store card and convert that into your gems in of the game Clash of Clans. With this card you can buy your own gems for the specific game.

  1. APPS

there are a lot of apps which actually help you get free gems on Clash of Clans and many other games. This point is not for Clash of Clans only but many other games in which have to get resources.  Here is a list of some that can help you to get Clash of Clans gem in the most genuine and authentic manner.

  • Free my app

Free Gifts With Free My Apps - Get Free Coc Gems 2018
Free Gifts With Free My Apps – Get Free Coc Gems 2018

This app makes you complete some activities watch some advertisement or sales and service. And in return of that this this app helps you gain some points for your account. Go and download Freemyapps from google play below.

[appbox googleplay]

You can check out the Mod APK Link here for Clash Of Clans : Clash Of Clans 10.322.12 For Android

How to get the app:

Get that you have to go to the Google Play Store install this app. As soon as you install this app you have to login into this app for your Facebook account.  If you are thinking thinking that logging in into facebook account will be a risky task. No, it won’t take or post anything on behalf of you. it will not use your personal information either. It will just require your authentic identity to get.

After you have logged in successfully, you will have some list of apps which you can download and when you download the app, we will see that you will be rewarded for the task given to you. Numerous tasks are given on this app and you have to fulfill them in order to earn rewards.  More you complete the task more there are the possibility then you will get more.

Earn Points, which you can redeem in the form gems of the Clash of Clans.

In case of advertisement he will have to watch some advertisement for a minimum period of time.

In case of survey you have to fill an entire survey just to get free gems of the Clash of Clans.  These are just small tasks, you get the points.


Many websites promise to give you free gems for the game Clash of Clans but the truth is that most of them are nothing but a scam. You will find many authentic looking websites on the net but trust us there is no as such thing called a generator through which you can generate some gems. Below are a screenshot of fake clash of clans hack online tool.

Clash Of Clans Hack Online Generator - FAKE
Clash Of Clans Hack Online Generator – FAKE

The generators are just a tiny way of making fool of people and getting a bit of money. This is just a warning to keep you safe. Prevent you from a scan and losing your data and wasting your time.

The generator will promise you some certain number of Gems, in which you have to undergo human verification. Fill your detail in which you have to give your email id and sometimes the password. All of them make you undergo similar kind of process and most of the scammers have the same method of the fooling people.

They will show a generator and they will ask you to fulfill all the necessary details that are demanded by the tool.

They will ask you if you are the device is an Android or iOS version to make to pretend that they are a credible source.

You enter the details and do the things you want in your game. For example: the gold amount and the XP amounts and after you have seen everything you will have to click on the GENERATE BUTTON.

AS soon as you click the general button you will show that the procedure has begin and the hack has started working but actually it won’t have worked. It’s just a fake, a fake hollow tool. IT MADE A FOOL OF YOU.  You will also be asked to fill this captcha verification that will make sure that they got something out of this work of them.


We will like to recommend free my app; there are a lot of apps also which work on the similar grounds. We find this the best. This is a genuine way of getting free gems, gold and elixirs without any hassle.

We request you not to fall in the trap of the generators which are meant to be fool people and not to help them in any way. They seem to be an effective shortcut but they actually are nothing but a SCAM.