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Find Who Unfollow You On Instagram – Unfollowgram Download


The Best Ways To Know Who Unfollow You On Instagram – Working Methods and Some Really Cool Apps

Instagram is one of the most used social media app and is used by the majority of people these days. Instagram is a social networking app where people share their photos and videos from their smartphone and PC. Surprising to say, it is equating with Facebook while comparison in terms of the popularity.  It works on the similar ground like Facebook and Twitter but it does not give a very open platform to chat. The basic mode of socializing is through pictures and videos only, your entire profile is made up of videos and photos of yourself and your life events.

If one person has to look into your feed, he will have to come into your profile to see all your pictures and videos. If one has to see you feed, he will have to become a follower.  The medium of becoming followers is through sending a request to the person, if he or she has a private account. If he or she does not have a private account, it is a public account. You can follow that person directly. Instagram is basically based on mobile use and visual sharing of data. There is a chance to interact with other users of Instagram.

Also, the extent of socializing depends upon the number of people following you and number of people who are followed by you. More the people you interact with more you will be active on Instagram. So in short words, Instagram is all about pictures, commenting, tagging , liking and also private messaging. This app is available on iOS as well as Android devices. One can access your Instagram by their laptops or PCS also.

if you ever notice that the number of followers on your Instagram profile have fallen down, you will know that you cannot figure out who has unfollowed you. You can keep a track of the number but not of the exact people who have unfollowed you. Finding out the exact person who has unfollowed is a very unrealistic practice and it will not be a fruitful too.


Unfollowgram App
Unfollowgram App

This blog totally relates with an app called unfollowgram to find out who has unfollowed you on Instagram. People find it very useful to know about who has followed them. It is also very important to know who has unfollowed them and unfollowgram is a very useful app to find out who actually unfollowed that person. It is a worldwide app which is used by millions of users and it is safe.

It is the most trusted app ever, there are many other App who provide the similar facility but we recommend Unfollowgram Android App because it’s one of the most popular and the most effective app to know who has followed you. It is very simple to use and it has a very user friendly interface.

the primary reason for its fame is that it’s not Limited only up till Instagram but it also give detailed analysis of your other social media profiles of Facebook  and Twitter etc

Features of unfollowgram app

  • The primary most feature is that you can keep a record of the people who have unfollowed you on Instagram
  • Not only this you can also find out the exact people who have followed you on Instagram
  • you will get detailed information of the profiles which have followed you and which do not have followed you till now.
  • And also it helps you to know who have blocked you.

In easy words you can say that unfollowgram has full control and detailed record of the number of people of followers and following in your list. This way you can know what is happening on your social media account.

Steps to download the app : Unfollowgram App

You simply have to download the app and register yourself in the app on your mobile or through your desktop. Follow the given steps to acquire the unfollowgram app APK download. Make sure you have your Instagram ID and password. And also a high speed internet connection so that the download and the rest of the procedure take place correctly and quickly.

  1. Step One

visit the Google Play Store and find out the unfollowgram apk app click on the topmost result that has been found and click on the install button

  1. Step Two

Open your browser and find out website on your PC or your mobile phone

  1. Step Three

When you reach the webpage, you will see a sign of Instagram and Twitter. We are only talking about Instagram here but we also want to tell you that it works on the Twitter account also.

So you can authorise your Twitter account here too..

  1. Step Four

Click sign in with the Instagram app now you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to give your Instagram login ID and password.  Make sure you enter your information very appropriately as it is the most important step to use the unfollowgram app.

  1. Step Five

Give access of permission to your Instagram account and now a screen will come out asking the permission for authorization of the app in your device.

  1. Step Six

Now unfollowgram will simply ask the permission to access your basic information to know who follow and unfollow you. Click on authorize and you are good to go make sure you provide your authentic me mail ID on unfollowgram in order to give the complete detailed analysis of your Instagram profile.

Now you are on the in unfollowgram app and there will be the dashboard where you can find all the relevant services that you require. You can find out who followed you who did not follow back you who blocked you and accept. The usage of the app is very simple the app is endorsed by a lot of people and people have reviewed it a lot of times. The results have been extremely positive.

Some Other Similar Apps

We are sure that in unfollowgram is the best app, just in case it does not satisfy your need. You can switch to other apps and here we are in listing some apps which can be used as the substitute of the unfollowgram app. Follow the list to know more:

  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire The Instagram Unfollowing App
Crowdfire The Instagram Unfollowing App

This app works on iOS as well as Android platform. It is totally free to use and it’s very safe.  It  can easily manage account efficiently and help you giving brief summaries about the working of your App in also manages your Twitter account.

  1. Instafollow

Instafollow, Get Instagram Followers - Unfollow App
Instafollow, Get Instagram Followers – Unfollow App

It is yet another amazing tool which can be used as a substitute of unfollowgram. It gives a detailed account of the people who have unfollowed you in simply one click.

It is usually very convenient for iPhone users. You can get perfect highlight of your Instagram profile.  You can also find new people on this app which makes this app very different from others.

  1. Statusbrew

Status Brew App
Status Brew App

This app is a paid app but you can use it for free as well, by not opting for the premium package. The premium package work more efficiently than the free one. The working goes the same. You have to sign up in the app, connect to your Instagram account and there you are good to go to. Find out who all have unfollowed your Instagram profile.

  1. Whounfollow

Who Unfollow App - Know Who Unfollowing You On Instagram
Who Unfollow App – Know Who Unfollowing You On Instagram

As the name suggests, this app also let you know who unfollowed you.

It also provides a list of the top likers and the commentators of your profile. It basically studies your entire profile. Its most compatible to iOS devices. Just download it from the app store.


This app has recently performed really well in the past few days. With the number of downloads 50000 and more, this is the trendiest app after unfollowgram. This helps the user to get the statistics of their profile, helps to know their average. The most liked pictures and posts are also mentioned through this app.

This app also tells you which picture or post was like why most of the people. Most importantly, it gives you a proper listing of all the people whom you follow but they do not follow you back.

This was a list, given by the best of our knowledge. Thanks for devoting your time here; we hope that this was useful. If you have more recommendations about better apps, do write to us.