How to get free gems on clash royale, no hacks no generators 2018

How To Get Free Gems On Clash Royale? No Clash Royale Hacks, No Generators 2018



So are you ready for the tips and tricks to achieve trophies in the game CLASH ROYALE. This obviously may seem again a fake blog to you because we know you have been searching about this for a long time and in the end you are just blank being faked and a waste of time. But why you should read this blog is because this is a complete genuine one. We are not here to provide you any kind of clash royale hack or any kind of generators, but we are here to give you genuine tips and tricks by which you will be able to earn resources like gems and gold on clash royale for free.

So today in this blog you are going to get the best tips and tricks for the amazing online multiplayer and game CLASH ROYALE.


It is obvious that if you have arrived to this platform than you must have a played the game so many times and you would be running short of coins and trophies so you switched to a cheaper and easier option of using cheats and tips. Still in this part we will give a brief description about this game and you will come to know many new things that you have not explored till now in the game.

Clash ROYALE was launched by SUPERCELL in 2016 and within a year it gained tremendous respect and players all over the globe. It grew its market to $1 billion within one year but still the players are increasing exponentially even after two years.

In CLASH ROYALE players are ranked according to their number of trophies that they have achieved. To increase your level you can donate cards as well as upgrade your cards and reach to the highest possible level in the game of level 13. Trophies are won only in the multiplayer battle. There are many ways to earn this but it completely depends on your strategy of how you do it. So it is up to you whether you destroy the towers of the opponent or you destroy the most important one, the king’s tower. There are almost 13 areas in which you can play and there are different opponents everywhere and it is all up to you how you deal with them and get the trophy. Still we will provide you some tips to reach that level easily.

At the beginning of the multiplayer game each of the players are assigned 8 cards which is used in the challenge. They are used to attack or defend the opponent’s cards. Once you start playing the game you will come to know more about these cards their values in the battle.

The currency used in the game is very important. To shop in the market you need to have a sufficient amount of currency because they are used to play the tournaments, championships, purchase cards and chests. However when a player runs out of this currency it really becomes difficult and tough for him/her to compete in the game and out of frustration often players are forced to use their real earned cash that is why you need to be very careful about the things on which you are investing your virtual currency.


This can be a great opportunity for you people if you have become a pro in the game. Very few people know about this. The crown championship is an official tournament held by EA sports in 2017 in which the top players of the game CLASH ROYALE compete from all over the world. And in 2018 it is going to be held in ASIA so if you have become a pro in this game we advice you must go in this as there are amazing prizes for the winners.


As you start playing the game more and more the level of your enemies also increases tremendously. So the desire to win over your enemies also increases along with its toughness. And to sustain the game you need to build the best combination or deck of cards that is the challenging part of the game because for it you have to invest your money to get the best results.

You will see that some players have an uneven advantage over the other players. They seem to spend their real money to have an edge over the others to sustain in the game. But at such a young age we know it is difficult to you to arrange such amount of money and you even do not have bank accounts to make those payments. Using the advantage of this many hackers try to use this opportunity to make fake generators to fool you people and all. So in this blog you will come to know more about what is genuine and real on the internet and what is not.

The CLASH ROYALE HACK Websites : Truth Revealed

After making a search all over the net and testing most of the sites that claim to provide hack tools and all we have finally come up with a result that we are going to share with you. There were different kinds of websites that we are going to share by which you can get fooled.

  1. There were websites which asked your personal details like the CLASH ROYALE email id/username and password and then asked how much gems that we required. In fact most of the websites had the portals looking like this only.

clash royale hack

  1. When we would click on the generate button we would find a console window which appeared something like hacking stuff. It seemed to look like it was hacking the servers of CLASH ROYALE. However later we came to know that the window was running even when the internet was off. So it was an easy conclusion that it is a 100 % fake website. So you should never enter such websites as they are completely fake and wasting your time to earn money themselves.

Fake Generator For Clash Royale

  1. Next we were determined to find out who was behind this window of the hack tool. Whether it was a human being or a bot. So when we tried to login from different sources the results was different. When we open from a pc we found out that we had to complete a survey while when it was from the phone the result was again different as we found out that we had to watch a 30 second video. This meant that there was an algorithm behind these performing different actions on different devices. This is just a smart way of doing affiliate marketing . Even you can Google about affiliate marketing and start doing it from today. But in primary concern this tool is completely fake.

Fake - Clash Royale Hack

  1. When we finally came up with the result there were basically four different kinds of people.
  1. Some websites were made by hackers just to install a Trojan or malware on your device. Once you login a backdoor will be created on your device.
  1. Screenshots of legitimate hack tools were utterly fake, as they do not work. A person with a good knowledge of photo editing can easily make such images.
  1. The videos that show how to use the hack tool can be easily made in today’s date by using software.
  1. Some created fake comment boxes that were again an utter non sense just to make you feel that the blog is real.
  1. Some used a different trick of playing with your brain like installing a feature of human verification to make sure you are not a robot. Still it is another attempt to make you fall in the trap of believing that the website is real.
  1. Some made fake users and displayed the number of users using the tool every day.

So it is the conclusion that everything is done to make you fall in the trap. And at last they are making a handsome amount of money from this.

How To Get Gems And Coins On Clash Royale?

Even if you have jumped directly from the top part to this section, no need to worry as we are still going to provide you the most legitimate ways to earn free coins and gems.

After working hard we found the first way are based simply on royalty, credits.

This works on the tit for tat principle. You watch a video, complete a survey or do a small task like promotion and in return you are redeemed certain amount of virtual currency in the game. For every task that you will do, you will get a certain amount of money.

And when you reach a certain number you can get a google play store card. Using this card you can purchase currency, gems and cards and many other things in the game.

This is a 100% working way you just need to have an idea of such sites that provide you these services. You can check out the google play app below.

[appbox googleplay]

  1. Results of BigCash

Bigcash App Download

This app has been used by our team for some period of time and the surprise is that we really got the play card by the means of email. There are a few points which need to be kept in mind while using it:

  • The featured offers need to be completed while you download the app. They are very limited in number and we have earned 300 coins. This amount for coins that we got are in a minute. That’s shocking but true.
  • We have done the complete trial offer that is provided by the app. It demanded credit card info and we gave it but we have not met any problems. The credit card hasn’t been subjected to any problem.
  • Referring and earning is also a way out. We referred this to 5of our friend and made 500 coins. The refer and ear method is a great medium to earn coins and you also need to keep in mind that only 20% is given to you when your friends fulfil any survey or use and trial offer.
  • Sometimes you might not a criteria for the survey and they pay you well as well.

Let us tell you that we made 3200 number of coins in a time span of 9 days and then we received a gift card worth $15. This had to be sent in the time gap of 36 and 48 hours. But we received then before the time that was given. We appreciate it.

Other Tips And Tricks To Get Free Gems : No Hacks

There are great measure of obtaining a good trick and procuring good deck of cards but apart from that here are we giving you some tips to be a better player.

  • Maintain good balance between the resources which are the expensive ones and the cheap ones. Never go along with all expensive lot of units or all cheap units. That’s important!
  • The aggressive style of playing involves choosing between the fast moving ones and the slow ones. If your style is defensive, choose unites which can handle damage.
  • With an ideal deck of cards, here is a major possibility to upgrade all your units wherever it is necessary. Using money to get an upgrade is an option.
  • Use Gems to unlock the chests and earn more of them by winning more.
  • Before the start of the match, wait till the point of time where your elixir is filled up.
  • If during a match you successfully kill the enemy in the front of you, swiftly turn to the defensive mode to protect from risk. You have to save yourself from enemy’s attack.
  • Employ troops when the other party is attacking your tower and your tower shows no signs of sustaining.
  • Make good use of taunts to make sure that your enemies are mislead.

We have made sure to give you the best information without making any delusional point. We have mentioned the points wherever money is involved. This article contains all the necessary information which we thought was important to tell. Since’ nothing in the world comes for free, we have also mentioned some of those things which involve money but guarantee success.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our article. Follow all that was written and we assure you to be the champ of clash royale.

Note: never come in the facade of the Clash Royale Hack and generators as they are meant to be fool users and waste their time to earn some money. BEWARE!