Free NBA 2k18 Locker Codes 2018

How To Get Free NBA 2k19 Locker Codes {Legal Methods}


Welcome to all the fans of NBA. We congratulate you for continuing With The Legacy of the NBA. After NBA 2K16 (2016) and NBA 2K17 (2017), we are here with the 2018 version of NBA locker codes.

This blog post is all about giving your hundred percent genuine ways of getting free NBA locker codes. Right below we have given you a working list of Free NBA locker codes.

About NBA 2018

This game was released in 2017. It was primarily introduced for Microsoft Windows, Xbox one, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Along with this an android version of the game and an IOS version were released on the same day. This game is an extremely famous basketball simulation game.

Game world developed by ‘visual concepts’. The 2018 version is the 17th version of the NBA series. Overall, there are three different versions of this game.

  1. Anthony Davis of the New Orleans pelicans.
  2. Stephen curry of the Golden state Warriors
  3. James Harden of Houston Rockets

There was a special edition of the game as well which was known to be Michael Jordan on the cover. The French version of this game features Tony Parker. The German one features Dennis Schroeder.

This basketball game is called to be the master of all NBA versions. This game is a marker of continuation of legacy. Following the same pattern of the previous NBA, this version has managed to create another good difference to make it unique. this game has made it possible to make the gamer play each of the player differently.

There have been some impressive improvements in this game in terms of mechanical issues. You get fast breaks and better rebounding. The defense techniques have been given a new pattern this time which is far better than the previous ones. We can easily say that 2018 version of NBA is just another step forward right in the court.

This is an improved version of the game play. The player gets rewarded for smart and controlled acts and actions. There is a new fusion of career mode elements which adds to the flavor of the game. Now micro transactions have a crucial role to play in the game. Overall there are much better changes in this game this time.

Reviews of the game

The game has turn out to be an exemplary basketball game. The sites and many gaming critics have given this game and amazing rating. The players of this game have to play it with real or some created players. They can choose to play this game on various game modes. These modes include my career, my team, standard games. These words make the game more interesting.

The players have the freedom to choose and customize the team on their own choice. They have the liberty to customize everything that is in the game. They can customize different aspects such as the camera angles, dialogues of the players and also many different objects.

5 million copies was shipped all over the country on the very first week of release of this game. Now we can all imagine the level of popularity that this game received. This game has also been nominated for the best sports in the game awards 2017. This game has won several awards in gaming award functions.

Methods To Get Free VC On NBA 2K19

In the beginning, you are supposed to start NBA 2018 in my career option. Now you are to set the difficulty to the level of Hall of Fame with a quarters of 15 minutes. Simulate this to the end in order to get approximately 400 to 800 VC every time. Now depending upon the stats and how well your player negotiated. This process has to get over within 2 minutes of time.

You have the liberty to repeat this process as many as times you want. One also has the option to start a second career. Only if you do not Aspire to have any simulated game in your main career. You will be given an VC for simulating a game.

You will turn out to know that a Glitch was performed in an unpatched version of the game. Now you can have a patched version of this game. Now you can delete or not download the patches for this game. Make sure that you disable your internet connection in order to use the VC Glitch.

About NBA 2018 locker codes

What is the purpose of these locker codes?

The locker codes help you procure the virtual currency of this game. Virtual currency plays a very crucial role in a game. Everything happens on the basis of the currency. The customization only takes place when you have enough currency with you. These locker codes are a way of getting free currency. These codes help you unlock some of the games items. You also get a decent number of special things in the NBA games.

Is The Locker Codes Of 2K19 Works With 2k16 and 2K17 Game?

If you think that the locker codes of NBA 2016 and 2017 are applicable in the codes of 2018. Then you are making a huge mistake. The codes of 2018 will not work in the other NBA versions.

Locker codes list for NBA 2018

To avail the codes, you will have to go to the main menu. Select options, reach the features option. Now you will find the locker Code selection option. All you have to do now is to enter one of these codes that have been mentioned below.

  • NBA 2k19 Locker Codes For Ps3, PS4

Result                                                     Codes
  • Nba 2k19 Locker Codes for Xbox One

Result                                         Codes

How To Enter NBA 2K19 Locker Codes?

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Access the options
  3. Choose the features
  4. Go to the locker codes
  5. Enter the code which you want to use

How to get locker codes 2018 NBA

You will find it too many methods of finding locker codes on the internet. Some of the methods will be genuine and most of them will be fake. The list of codes are the most feasible and authentic way of getting NBA 2018 locker codes. These codes are applicable on the windows, the console and also your smartphone.

The generator for locker codes NBA 2018 {SCAM}

The option for generator for getting free NBA locker codes seems to be a very quick method. It seems to be a very short way of getting the locker codes. One can easily get trapped in this scam. Everyone thinks that spending five seconds in checking whether the generator is genuine or not is not a big deal.

This is to warn you that these 5 seconds can actually turn out to be very dangerous for you. The generators are massive scam harming people’s privacy and attacking them online.

On the Internet you can find multiple websites that give you generator for free. The result of this generator is nothing but zero. You do not get any locker codes after this. You just end up wasting your time and efforts. This is a very common trick that hackers use these days. They trick you and manage to earn money from tricking you.

If the person behind the screen is not hacker, still that person will not benefit you. Some generator make you fill some surveys or watch some advertisement that helps them fetch few dollars. Your efforts are fruitless again. No privacy gets harmed. No cyber attack takes place but nothing has been achieved as well.

Few final words

We hope that this blog helps you becoming a better player of NBA 2018. Keep all these things in mind that are mentioned in the blog while playing. NBA is a great game and nobody can resist from enjoying themselves while playing it. We hope that we have effectively solved your purpose.