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Free Roblox Robux Generator 2018 No Human Verification and Survey {Working Methods}


How to get free robux? And Roblox Hack No Generator – (Genuine methods 100% working) – No Human Verification

The primary currency of the famous game Robux is simply amazing. Although it is just a virtual currency but guys it is an utter amazement that this currency has received such a special attention that it is worth more than normal currency that is the real cash. Robux is a currency of wide importance in the game. It enables the player to upgrade certain tools and customise them; you can buy new characters and powerful tools and many more just with the help of this currency Robux.

However guys let me make this clear it is not a piece of cake to be very honest. Earning Robux is the real task in this challenging game because as you upgrade your level in the game the difficulty starts increasing. And once there is an utter need of this currency than one has to forcefully use the fake generators like Free Roblox Robux generator or Robux hack.

Unknowing of the fact that such tools are just fake and a way of earning money using social media optimisation! The only genuine ways of getting this free currency is playing the game to the optimum level by playing at hard levels and earning more. Otherwise just put your bank details and you can get this virtual cash in exchange of your real hard earned money. So today to prevent you from this second foolish step we will give you some genuine ways.

About Roblox:

This is a very popular game developed by Roblox Corporation and is solely played online only. It is a game for everyone of every age group. And by adding credentials and stones you can make the game more fascinating.  When you involve yourselves in the recreation part of the game you can actually interact with different people participating from different parts of the world guys.

You can also play this game with your family also. It gives you the feature of unique player identification along with an amazing gaming background going on. So guys even if you want some of the player not to be able to recognise you, you can actually do some customisations on your privacy as well. Hence every desired feature is provided in the game.

In easy language you are provided the access of the code for your counterpart that you can modify guys.

Ways to get free Robux – No Human Verification

Like it was mentioned above nothing is available for free in this world. And if it is for free then in general you are being fooled in some sense. But today we will tell you some of the legitimate ways guys by which you can actually earn a descent amount of Robux for you.

So the very first way is purchasing the Builder’s club guys:

roblox free robux, builders club

roblox free robux, builders club

Purchase Builder’s Club

When you become a premier member of builders club, you get a descent amount of currency every day. But the amount is completely dependent on the Builders club guys. The benefits are as follows, if you are going to purchase the builder’s club premium membership, for the first time you will earn 100 free Robux.

Another important question that arises in mind is guys that why are you paying for this Builder’s club membership. This is a question that arises in often because the title says free Robux. So the point of purchasing the membership is that this is an investment. Suppose you have purchased certain collectibles in the game.

Now if you are willing to sell this collectibles then you can set your own price. But remember that your collectible should have a high value.

High value because you have to be in the top of this trading and if your collectibles have a certain worth then only people will consider paying the amount you are asking. In fact this is a very fun event. You can buy other stuff from this extra currency that you have earned. But your prime target should be to increase the value of your collectible.

So in the easiest language it can be concluded that you will purchase the subscription completely free and end up having some extra currency Robox.

Selling the creations that are made by you

Another splendid way of earning free Robox. But this needs some creativity and hard work. Once you have created a beautiful creation that is according to the demand and the trending creations than it is for sure that you will be loaded with Robox.

You can apply as a builder and you will be hired to work under companies where they trade in creations. The Group Recruiting Plaza is one of the best place to start with trading in creations. There is stiff competition in the Group Recruiting Plaza link here : and your creation must be could enough to attract users. But make sure to play big in the game you should sell your creations at low prices to attract most of the users.

Using sites like Point Prizes

Point prizes is one of the most genuine sites for earning game currencies whatever game it is. Point prizes is mentioned in our every blog to earn codes and currencies. This site is completely legitimate and most of the people in the world are using it. This completely works on the principle of free lancing.

By a freelancer one means that you can do a task of your choice from the given list and get paid for the task. The tasks can be as simple as content writing completing surveys, video editing or anything. In return you can get Robux currency that will be directly redeemed in your account. In fact if you invite more of your friends to join point prizes, you will get a 10% commission through your referral code.

So this is another amazing platform to earn free Robux. Even builder ship membership codes are very easily available on point prizes. There are other sites also that can be found from which is a search engine for gaming related stuff and technical stuff.

Free Roblox Robux Generator 2018 No Human Verification: (SCAM)

Roblox Hack - No Human Verification scams

Roblox Hack – No Human Verification scams

When people search for free Robux codes these are the top results by search engine. But guys in this part of the blog I will clear with you that how this is completely fake and a way of fooling people. Sometimes out of desperation people are forced to use such fake generators because they still prefer to hope that this may provide those free codes and all.

The competition in the game is so much that every person must have a great amount of Robux to be in the top list. But these fake generators are just another way of earning money by using search engine optimisation. So guys it is better to know the mechanism rather than being caught in the trap.

Reasons why Robux cannot be hacked:

  1. It is not possible to hack Robux: This is for sure that such a big game that has millions of player competing everyday must have a very strong data base security. These fake generator websites try to fool the gamers by pretending that they have hacked the servers and hence the database of Roblox game. But trust me it is impossible as they use such a tight security. And even if one somehow hacks this database the Robox codes are protected by a 16 bit encryption. So it is next to impossible to decrypt the codes. And another important part is that these codes have no significance before they are entered. They are only executed once they are implemented. So you cannot create your own code also by understanding the pattern of the codes. If somehow the data base gets hacked the legitimate purchasers of the code will start complaining and not this only the site will be shut down to manage the security but this has never happened in the history.
  2. Such websites are completely illegal and just a way of earning money and increasing the bounce rate of the website. Being on the better part, Google has started taking actions against such generators and all. So even if you wish to form such a site for earning money, you will be completely banned in the end.
  3. These generators start their action when you click generate button. The graphics are made to look so real that someone is really hacking into the database of Robux. And in the next option they show a partially visible code. You have to do a certain task like sharing the link with 20 friends to unlock the code or complete a survey. But these are another ways of earning money one is by completing survey and other is by increasing traffic on the website. But in the end you are just a loser fooled.
  4. There are many fraud malicious hackers that fool the public by making these tools. Once you run the tool viruses, worms and Trojans will be installed in your device and the hacker will get the complete access of your computer.

How to keep your Roblox account safe?

After discussing about safety issues with various developers, we have finally resolved it into this part of the blog

  1. Never share sensitive information like your cookies and passwords: Even if some of your friends know you so well in real life you must keep your account information safe and secure. By safe and secure I mean that not sharing your cookies or passwords with anyone, even if there is some issue the customer care service has nothing to do with your password. Even Ip address must not be shared with anyone who is not in any official use with you. Even sometimes the generators and all ask you for your personal details in the surveys but trust me they are a scam. In fact in general also if a site does not has https security than you should not provide any personal data there as the data is not encrypted.
  2. Go to account setting and then the security option in the Roblox game. Make sure all the security measures provided by the owners of this game is up to date. So go to the official site and check the faq option to clear all queries regarding security.
  3. If you are playing in a cafe or a friend’s home, never ever forget to log out. Even make sure that you have not enables password saving. Sometimes key loggers are planted to see you key strokes and get the password. Make sure guys that you do not login in any unknown’s person’s computer.
  4. Make your password a secure one with a good level of security: So guys if you keep a password easy to guess like your name phone number that can be easily cracked by a brute force attack also. Because it is very easy to decrypt passwords in such cases. But always remember that in any website your password must be a combination of numerical, alphabets, symbols, etc. So it becomes difficult to guess them
  5. Another important point is you should learn to identify phishing websites: Phishing is a way of creating a fake page of the original website and making the person login to such page and the passwords gets stored on your server. So try not to fall in this trap. Check the domain of the page. There is always something different from the original name. Even in most of the cases you will get the HTTP link that is not secure.
  6. Not logging on to any pop up: You should keep in mind guys that you should login to the main page only. As sometimes you may get a pop up that is another way of phishing.

Final words:

We have told you the best ways of earning free Robux which are completely genuine. But also make sure that your Robux account is safe by checking the points above. So do share this with others and share your opinions in the comment box