How To Install Latest Version Kodi On Your Amazon TV Fire Stick
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How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire TV Stick – Complete Guide


The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a small, inexpensive but super powerful box that lets you experience the joys of streaming media at a whole new level.

It is able to handle Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon and other services in 1080p. Anyone who likes to be entertained at home definitely need these two things (Amazon Firestick And Kodi)! It’s really a must for anything that is wireless streaming.

The Fire Stick with an Android system, can do even better by installing Kodi on it. Kodi is a media platform, open-source, absolutely unique and unequaled. Kodi makes it possible to broadcast all your favorite shows on your TV, more easily and faster. With Kodi, there are no limits!

Security & Geoblocking

Before going further in the installation of Kodi with amazon firestick, I think its essential to remind you that it is very important to use a VPN on your Fire Stick.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy to install VPN software on a Fire Stick as on another Android device. You can install it in the same way as described below for Kodi, but accessing the VPN once it is installed will not be easy and you will not be able to set it up automatically.

The best solution when using the Fire Stick is to use a VPN router (in the form of a box). The best we’ve tried in recent years is the Shellfire Box. You can buy it directly from Amazon , and with the Prime membership you can even get it the next day. No need to be patient before you can access your favorite shows!

Once received and connected, your Shellfire Box router will allow you to get around the geoblocking – Its so easy and you can use it without any hassle. Moreover, it will not only work with your Fire Stick, but also with all your other devices, ensuring you a secure and encrypted navigation.

  1. How To Install Kodi on your Amazon TV Fire Stick (Method 1)

It’s quite simple, just follow these few steps:

  1. Access Your Device Settings

Kodi Settings On Amazon Fire Stick

First, it allows your Fire Stick to install third-party applications. Open the ” Settings ” menu from the home screen.

  1. Click On Developer Option

Developer options

Go to ” Device “, and open the options by pressing the down arrow on the remote control. Select ” Developer Options “.

  1. Enable Apps From Unknown Sources

enable apps from unknown resources

Scroll to ‘Apps from Unknown Sources off’ and select. Choose OK on the warning screen and then return to the home page.

  1. Find The Downloader App

Free Kodi Downloader App

Use the search to find Downloader app. Install it on your system by clicking on download or get . If it does not start automatically once downloaded, click Open.

  • Open Downloader, enter “” and press Go.
  • Under the heading Kodiev17.3 , you will see multiple versions of Kodi you can download. Select the ARM 32-Bit link under the Release heading.
  • After the file has successfully downloaded, you need to click Install from the pop-up box.
  • Next, you’ll see a black Kodi screen. Select All then click Install again at the bottom of the screen.
  • Application installed
  • Return to the homescreen and you’ll find Kodi under the heading “Yours Apps & Games”.

If You Still Have Issues Installing Kodi On Your TV Fire Stick You can try these easy options listed below.

  1. ADB Debugging (Another Method)

For this Method To Work You Will Have to download the APK File On your System (Laptops or PCs) and using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) To Install Kodi File To your Amazon TV Fire Stick. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Put your Fire Stick into your TV. Go to Settings > System > Developer Options.
  • Enable both Apps From Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging.
  • Now go to Settings > System > About > Network and get your Fire Stick’s IP Address.
  • Turn on your laptop and download the Android ARM APK file. You can access this from too.
  • Next, you need to download adbLink. (Links: WindowsMacLinux).
  • Open adbLink and press New.
  • Give your Fire Stick a name, enter the IP Address, click Save
  • Now press Connect and the IP Address of your Fire Stick will be listed in Connected Devices
  • Highlight your device and click Install APK. Locate the APK file you downloaded earlier, and select it.
  • Press Yes when asked if you would like to install.
  • ADB running will appear in the bottom right of the window. You will get a notification when installation is complete. Press OK.
  • Kodi is now installed on your Amazon Fire Stick.
  1. Apps2Fire (Install Kodi On Amazon Fire Stick)

Here is another method by which you will be able to install kodi on your Amazon TV Fire Stick using Apps2Fire on your android devices. This Apps2Fire Can be downloaded for free on google play store click here

How to install Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Stick using Apps2Fire:

  • Download and install Apps2Fire on your Android devices.
  • Put a Fire Stick in your TV and go to Settings | Device | Developer Options.
  • Switch On both Apps From Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging.
  • Now go to Settings > Device > About > Network and note down your Fire TV Stick’s IP address.
  • Download and install Kodi on your Android phone.
  • Open Apps2Fire, tap setup and enter the IP address of your Fire TV and tap Save.
  • Open Menu and tap Upload Apps.
  • Select Kodi and it will be installed on your Fire TV Stick.