Mangastream – Best Manga Stream Alternatives And Similar Sites 2018


Manga Stream is a website that let you read all your favorite mangas online for free. You don’t need to register to read the Manga from the website. You can easily find some famous Manga on the website to read. Also while reading one, you can jump to the next episode and page easily. Just like Manga Stream, there are many other websites available from where you can read the Manga for free. We are sharing here the top 10 websites that are similar to MangaStream.

Here Are The Best Alternatives To Mangastream 2018

  1. Manga Fox

manga fox-min

With a collection of over 8000 Manga, this website is one of the most popular to read Manga online. All the Manga available on this website is of high-quality. You can check the Manga List to find what Mangas are available there. Also if you know the name of any Manga, just search it. Also, you can use the first character of the Manga Title to find as there is an option to sort Mangas Alphabetically. Every Manga listed has a review from the other users. These reviews can help you find what Manga is popular and what’s not.

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  1. MangaFreak

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This website also similar to Stream Manga as you can read mangas here for free. No need to register on this website to read the Manga. Just open the website and find some famous Mangas like Naruto, One Piece, Boruto, and Bleach Manga to read. There is also an option to find the Manga by genre. Manga Freak website is updated almost daily so you can read all the latest episodes of your favorite Manga on this website. You can also download Manga chapters from this website. No need to create an account to download any Manga from the website. Just open the Manga and click on the option download.

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  1. Manga Panda

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This website has a huge collection of Manga that includes Naruto Manga Stream, One Piece Manga Stream, Fairy Tale, Hunter X Hunter, and much more popular Mangas. All the Latest Manga updates, you can find on the home page daily. If you find it difficult to search any panda, you can use the advanced search feature of the website. You can skip any chapter or you can jump to any page while reading Manga. Everything available on the website is free and you don’t need to register to read Manga on the website.

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  1. VIZ Manga

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If you want to read the Manga on your mobile, then VIZ Manga can be the best choice for you. This is an app that let you read all your favorite Manga on the mobile. This app is available on both platforms i.e. Android and IOS. Just download it from the respective play store and read the new Manga for free. With this app, you can also download the Manga if you want to read offline. The table of content let you jump to any chapter.

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  1. MangaTown


This website is also a great alternative to the Manga Online Stream. You can find and read the Manga for free on this website. They have a huge collection of Mangas with different Genres like Adventure, Action, Comedy, Mystery, and Romance. You can find all the latest chapters of on-going mangas and full chapters of the Mangas that have been completed. Every Manga has ratings that can help you to know which one is most popular. Just click on any Manga and read it chapter by chapter easily.

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  1. KissManga


Another website similar to Manga Stream that offers all popular and ongoing mangas for free is KissManga. You can read all the manga available on the website without registering. All you need is, just find the Manga if you already know the name or choose the one from the most popular Manga and start reading. Moreover, you can watch anime on KissManga. In case you find any Manga is missing, just send them to request to add. Requested Manga will be added within a few days. You can check the Manga List to find all the Mangas that are available on this website.

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  1. Naruto Base

naruto base-min

This is a very popular website to read Manga and to watch anime online for free. You can read online as well as download the Manga to read later. No registration is required on this website. If you have any question or you want to discuss anything related to Manga, you can join the Naruto base Community.

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  1. Manga Rock

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Manga Rock is an app that is similar to the website Manga Stream. Here you can read Manga online and offline. Thousands of Mangas are available on Manga Rock. You can download this app from Google and Apple Store. You can search your favorite Manga using the search option. All the Manga available on this app is of very high-quality.

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  1. Manga Browser

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This is also an app that you can download from the play store. This app offers Mangas from different genres like action, adventure, Comedy, and romance. You can access all Mangas for free. Just install the app and find the Manga you want to read.  You can also download Manga with this app. It is an easy to use app that let you find any Manga easily.

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  1. Read Naruto Manga Online

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If you are a fan of Naruto Manga, then this website is for you. Here you can find everything related to Naruto like wallpapers and anime. You can also download Manga from this website. All new chapter of the Manga are updated frequently. Moreover, you can jump to any chapter. This is a free website and to read the Manga you don’t need to register.

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These are the websites that are similar to the Manga Stream. All these websites offer Manga in different genres. You can visit any to read your favorite Manga. Some websites and apps listed above let you download the Manga if you want to read offline. So, use any website or app from this list and read the mangas.