Monster Legends Hack - No Generators No Human Verification
Monster Legends Hack - No Generators No Human Verification

How To Get Free Gems On Monster Legends – Monster Legends Hack{Working Methods}


How to get free Gems On Monster Legends? And Monster Legends Hack No Generator – (Genuine methods 100% working) – No Human Verification

Hello everyone, we are back with something even more exciting and helpful for all of us. We all must be aware of the very popular game, Monster Legends. This article will not only provide you a brief of what this game is all about but also tell you certain hacks. So keep reading and share this among-st your circle.

A multiplayer role playing game, Monster Legends is where you get the opportunity to create an army of monsters from eggs that have not hatched yet. You can train them into invincible fights and prepare your very own monsters for the battlefield right from the beginning. With so many varieties of monsters available who have their own unique skill sets and also have the ability to breed. This allows you to create new hybrid species and thus with this facility every player can actually create and command their own exclusive force. 

About Monster Legends Game

This particular game can be played in your web browser, most preferable Chrome, through Facebook. You can also use apps both on Android and iOS platform to play this particular game. Monster Legends is a game that lets you use your specially trained army of formidable monsters against computer controlled enemies and so many other players connected to you via the game, across the globe. As you gradually progress as the Monster Master in the game, you will gain access to a specially customised Monster Paradise. This is the place where your army of beasts will have the opportunity to reside in specially made habitats. It is here where you will feed your beasts, train them and also breed them to create more members in your army. The battles and quests that you embark upon with these monsters lets you gain both experience and precious loot.

This particular game is available in all the popular languages and is free to play. As you encourage the growth in strength, the ability to take part in the multiplayer action also increases. The game constantly provides new updates on monsters, items, programs etc, thus it’s a long term for anyone who wants to be a part of this adventure.

How to Get Started – Monster Legends

As we have already mentioned above in this article, Monster Legends can be played on Facebook or through an app on both Android and iOS platform. Whichever method you choose to use, the process is extremely simple and it won’t take you very long to get started.  When you launch the game, the bearded Monster Master, Pandalf, give you a step by step instruction on how to create your own personal habitat. Here are the steps –

Step 1: Building a Habitat:

The Monster Master give you a tour through the process of buying and how to set up a Fire Habitat on your Island. This habitat is the only one that is available to players who are in Level one.

Step 2: Creating a Monster:

After you have acquired a habitat, you are now to create your first monster. You will have to purchase a Firesaur egg and then wait for it to hatch. When the egg hatches, you will have to place the new monster in the fire habitat.

Step 3: Feeding Your Monster:

This first monster is not of much use in the battle. The Monster Master then guides you on how to feed your monster so that it gains experience points and gets to be stronger to be of use in the battlefield.

Step 4: Building a Farm:

You will have to build a farm so that you are able to grow your own Monster food because the Monster food is not free.

After this, the constant help that you have continued to receive from Pandalf so far stops. You are now on your own and it’s upto you on how to expand your island and create monsters. If you seem to be lost or incapable of understanding what to do next, a click on the Goals button will inform you on what to do next or which monster to create.

It is not mandatory for you to integrate the game with your Facebook account if you are using the app to play the game. Of course it is an added benefit if you use the app because it allows you to share  a status and other updates. This can help you grant additional, gold, treasure, experience points and sometimes even new monsters.

You can check out the Mod APK Link here for Monster Legends : Monster Legends 6.3.1 For Android

Tips and tricks to defend the monsters:

So guys I know you have already fallen in love with the game. This allows you to build a monster island of your own choice and hence you will love to make your own changes on your island. You can make combinations of different monsters to create a new monster. There is no particular story for a particular island but there is only the battles between different monsters. You can also add your friends to fight from yours side in the battle. This will enable you to make more rewards in the game and it can be distributed within friends.  But still you must try to avoid any kind of cliché in the game that can cause you to lose a large amount of currency and gems. So do follow the tips and tricks that are mentioned below.

These are going to be the best tips and tricks that you can find on the internet about Monster Legend.

The best strategies to win the battle:

Fight against the tough boss monsters and the earning of gems, Gold and XP increases suddenly.

  1. Before knowing about the strengths and weaknesses of the other monsters do not start the game. I am saying this because knowing your monster enemy completely is the first part of understanding how to win the game. You must know about the strength elements and the weak elements of the enemy. For example the strength of a monster with water element is greater than that of one with fire.
  2. Once you come to know about the strength and strategy of the opponents you can build a team of your own choice that is more powerful than monster enemies. You can choose a monster with element that has more strength than that of the enemy.
  3. Know all the features of the monster that you have chosen and use the features that can do the maximum damage to the opponent. You can go to the habitat and then on the monster icon. Here you can unlock more amazing features of the monster.
  4. Use the multiple skills of the monster that allows to damage more monsters in a single time. Example is the Pandaken’s firewall skill and it is the most powerful skill as can damage all the enemies in a single click. You can check whether a monster’s skill can do single enemy or multiple enemy damage. Just hover the cursor over the skill.
  5. During battles you need more energy and hence you must use the special battle skills by choosing the items option and the recharge option. If you have sufficient amount of gold then you can access these features by buying them.

FOOD Helps in defeating strong enemies

The high level monsters are much difficult to defeat because they are tough and much more resistant to any sort of attack. So to defeat them you should have power much more than the power of the opponents. Hence feeding them the proper food is more essential.

You should build different types of farms and grow the most nutritious food for the monsters.

There are three types of food available to grow:

  1. The very first is Blue lizard tale and the growing time is 30 second yielding 10 food points.
  2. The sweep pepper takes higher time of 5 minutes but yields 50 food points.
  3. The sea food is more popular taking 30 minutes and giving 150 food points along with 1000XP.

Also do upgrade your farms guys because it affects the yield a lot. And once you build three farms go to the Habitat section then the monster section and the monster icon. You can click on the feed button as many times to increase the power.

Getting gems for free without using any hack or tool:

You are smart enough to know that the tools about free coins and gems generator are all fake and completely a hoax. So the gems and gold play a huge role in winning the battles of monster legend. They help in constructing buildings, breeding as well as farming of the three types of food mentioned. On a whole they upgrade your level in the game. The people who go for the option of hacks and generators at the end find them caught up in the web of hackers as well as malwares. We clear it in the beginning that never go for monster legend hack or anything else like this. They are just a way of fooling people and making people online.
However still there are some of the most legit ways to earn these gems.

Easiest and the best way is to earn XP and clearing levels because with each level cleared you earn a gem. The amount of XP in the meter shows how much you need more to level yourself up in the game.

  1. Completing goals is one of the easiest task: You can go for the goal by checking what are the rewards to the player when the goal is completed. You earn a significant amount of XP in goals.
  2. Clearing rocks and trees can give you a very descent amount of XP. About 1500 XP for big rocks and up to 500XP for small rock. But when you engage your workers in clearing these the task of construction stops.
  3. In the adventure map find the monsters that can give you the maximum amount of XP and gems. Fighting the boss monster can literally provide you with 5 gems.
  4. By making more friends and adding them you win additional rewards.

Breeding of your monsters to get more powerful creatures:

Not only food is necessary for the power of the creatures. Making the appropriate conditions for the breeding of monsters can help you fetch more like them. Hence in the fetched monsters you do not pay anything in fact they help you in the battlefield. So you need to keep in mind the following features for the proper breeding of monsters.

  1. Building all the basic habitats for the monsters: When you clear the 10 the level the elements Fire, Water, etc. are unlocked and you can create the conditions for breeding in a habitat. A maximum of two creatures can live in a particular habitat. 
  2. You can also buy eggs and hatch them in the environment you have created. You must have two monsters for breeding purpose. So go to the breeding mountain then in the breed option select any two creatures.
  3. You can breed different types of creatures that have properties and skills of multiple powerful monsters. Making the right combinations is the key.

All the hack tools and generators for Monster Legends are Fake 

The hacks simply are a façade that befool the users to fetch some bucks from them. They make people fill some suvreys that let them earn some money as it is not possible for one person to fill so many surveys. When many people do it, it saves times and labour and therefore, people make fools of others by trapping and tempting them by pretending to serve the user’s purpose and disappointing them later when the work is done. All those websites generally have a basic structure to make people get into their traps. So as the Monster Legends hacks, There are a lot of sites fooling people for providing free gems and other resources for free of cost, you must aware of those such sites. below are screenshot of such sites.

Fake Monster Legends Hack
Fake Monster Legends Hack

The pattern of this pointless exercise is as follows:

  •  You need to give your username for Monster Legends
  •  Then you will have to enter the numbers for Gems, Gold and Food and other provisions
  • Click on – generate
  • Complete a Survey or use a survey remover tool to skip this part and your items will be unlocked
  • After completing this procedure you can increase your field and make your monsters stronger
  • After you have used the hack successfully all your items will be added to your account. Post this procedure, you will be able to use the Monster Legends cheat from both your PC and your mobile devices for this hack supports every operating system. 

Final Words:

Monster Legends is an amazing battle game and you must have the right skills to win in the stiff competition of the battle field. The key points mentioned above must always be kept in mind like building farms and breeding as they are the top most tips to win the game. And also keep in mind all the hacks about gems and XP are fake so use the legit ways only as your account can also be banned for fake ways. Thank You for reading