the best skyrim special edition mods

Skyrim – Special Edition Mods For PC


Video games fanatics never forget Skyrim, and if you too are a fan of Skyrim video games series, you might be in search or new mods especially for its special edition. As we know the special edition is a better version of Skyrim and has improved visual effects and other changes which every gamer desire, there are some new mods developed afterward by the modders.

Just as soon as the special edition with the new and exciting visuals was out, they started working on it and here they are, with the best Skyrim special edition mods. Some of these mods could be downloaded while in- game and are also present on Bethesda’s website as well.

The fact that Bethesda had not made any such fixes to the Skyrim’s special edition has resulted in the mods being a compendium of numerous fixes when it comes to bugs, objects, items, quests, tests and so on.

Here Are The Best Skyrim Special Edition Mods

  1. Opening scene overhaul:

This mod is developed by elderscrolliangamer, and it basically restored the sequence of dialogues in the opening sequence of the game which was chosen to be cut by Bethesda. The extreme benefit of this mod is that now you are able to hear all the additional conversation and see full sequences which were cut out before. They will probably aid you in inhabiting and preparing more about the world; you’re about to enter.

Download Here

  1. Open cities:

It is one of the primary Skyrim se mods developed by Arthmoor. It depicts and indicated that the cities you have or you are about to enter are not instances but are a part of the larger world. Due to the best mods and visualizations and no breaking experiences, these cities will seem to be much of like real ones rather than just loaded- in maps. You may stroll right in or ride in on horseback.

Download Here

  1. Phenderix Magic World:

This is also one of the best parts of the best Skyrim special edition mods providing many impressive and new magic mods along with new locations, for instance, the school of witchcraft and wizardry and a new magical town of Manantis as well. It’s like providing a whole new magical dimension which includes new spells from magic schools and new magic weapons, and a quest which gets you started.

Download Here

  1. Alternate start- live another life:

This mod is by Arthmoor and is an alternative start. It is a role-playing mode giving you choices on how you want to start the new playthrough. This will totally be your choice. It will be an alternative start; a start to another life. You can be whoever you want to; a hunter, a soldier, an outlaw or even a vampire.  It is more of like experiencing Skyrim with a new perspective; an alternative one.

Download Here

  1. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul:

This Skyrim mod is by Cloudedtruth and adds lines of voiced dialogues in a large number an on a large scale. The basic and main motto of this mod is to aid you in developing a better relationship and understanding with any of your friends and followers. For instance, the ones you are in relation with will address you in a more personal sort of manner rather than in a normal way like a follower.  Also, there might be some new insults by enemies or the people you may anger.

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  1. Diverse Dragon’s Collections:

This mod is developed by a number of different modders, and it specifically adds to the number of Dragons. It adds almost 28 new and unique dragons are having diverse and new models and textures. They might be capable of numerous new abilities to attack, and they all have a rank which makes sure that the user has a challenge every time they enter Skyrim’s special editions.

Download Here

  1. Achievements Mod Enabler:

This is sort of a different Skyrim se mod, and it needs to be installed separately and manually. You cannot use the SSE nexus mod manager as this mod to be installed manually, and you need to read the instructions more carefully. Basically, this mod from xSHADOWMANx helps you to earn achievements even between using the mods.

Download Here

  1. Static Mesh Improvements:

Well, if we talk about Skyrim’s special edition, visuals do matter a lot, and the game’s original low-poly meshes become a part of it which now have been edited and developed including diverse locations. There also has been the use of new furniture, clutter, architectural stuff and some landscaping as well which in turn makes the mods and visualizations look more realistic and not normal.

Download Here

  1. Total character makeover:

This mod is from Scaria and as per its name it provides a new look and texture to all the characters in the game which one way or the other make the game look better, sophisticated and even more realistic. It includes specifications like facelifts, improved face textures and so on, and they do not exaggerate the outlook of the characters, but in fact, they make them look a bit more profound.

Download Link

  1. True 3D sounds for headphone:

This special mode is amazing for the gamers who tend to spend hours on the game and are looking for anything or everything which makes the game seem to be more real. Well, 3D sounds do make a lot of difference when you even get to know the direction from which the sound is coming. It uses an HRTF technology which helps in stimulating binaural hearing even while using normal stereo earphones.

Download Here

  1. Frost fire and campfire:

These primary mods are from Chesko, and they also add up to the reality of the game. This would make you manage high temperatures in cold climates, and it majorly adds to the dangerous and immersive side of the game. The specifications of this mod include camping elements and warm dresses and a crafting skill system as well. it is totally a major add-on.

Download frost fire here

Download Campfire Here

Well, apart from these ones, there are a few more mods like cutting room floor, the forgotten city, and Ars Metallica.

We could surely say that this mod shave increased the level of profoundness and intensity of the Skyrim’s special edition.