Top 17 Apps To Watch And Download Free Movies On Android

Top 17 Apps To Watch And Download Free Movies On Android


Best movie apps for watching free movies and downloading on Android for free

Who isn’t a fan of movies these days? Watching movies and TV series is one of the favorite pass times these days. Wouldn’t be amazing if you get a chance to watch and enjoy your favorite movies and TV series at home only? Well we have a lot of options which can help you to watch all your favorite shows and movies.

All of us know that watching a movie in a theater cost more than watching a movie at home. All you need to have is laptop and a working Wi-Fi connection.

In case of Android, if one wants to watch a movie that person shall have to go to some website that serve their purpose.You will have to go to some store to find your favorite movies in order to download and stream your favorite ones.  if one has to download a movie,  he will have to have some good amount of storage in the device.

To tackle the problem of the large size of the movies, one will have to convert the format the device or the file.  when the size of the file is reduced the consequences that the quality of the picture also reduces.  this makes the viewer get less enjoyment and less advantages of getting and easy access. This process is also very time consuming and requires a lot of data.Since your device has a limited space you cannot go beyond the limit of your device’s storage.

The fun of watching multiple movies at that time will be reduced because your device cannot support saving multiple movies.

The solution of all this major problem is very simple. stream your movie online because that will prevent you from downloading and wasting time on several activities. you will not be required to save any file in your system and making your Android device go slow. Instead of searching several websites you can simply have the names of some websites that will surely solve your purpose.

Sometimes  some websites pretend to give a movie but they actually provide you with a  virus that can hamper your security. The fake websites are not really equipped for Android devices also. They will not give you what you intend but instead they will steal away your privacy. sometimes it’s not even legal to get some movies online and menu of the times the newest movies are not even launched yet.

Here is a list of some amazing apps that can help you get to download free movies on your Android and have some amazing time. The list contains one of the best movie streaming websites that can change your entertainment life. they will provide you with everything that you want on a minimal fee.  you have some very renowned movie streaming services just like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Google Play services etc.

  1. Crackle- movies and TV

If you don’t think that spending money to watch movies is a good thing to do then this website is your place. you are not required to pay anything on this app. this is one of the famous movie streaming apps. you will not find a place better than this in context of the content. name any Hollywood movie or any TV series and it cannot happen that you are not being able to find that on the crackle app. The new content keeps on adding every time and the app is always updated. You will find thousands of TV serials with entire episodes on this app. You can get this app from the Play Store and have an amazing time. any movie new or old you can find it here.

  1. Showbox for Android

this app is famous for its user friendly interface. most of the movie streaming apps are very easy to handle but this is the easiest of all. The setting of the library of this app is very approachable and you can navigate everything very easily and quickly. like any other movie streaming app you can have access to abundant movies and TV series without any hassle of downloading.

If you are a fan of HD quality friend then you can find it here on showbox app. But make sure that your device supports HD print. You also need to make sure that you have good amount of data in your Wi-Fi because a least amount of data will not let you access the HD picture quality.

You can choose the print of the movies on yourself. just in case if you are going somewhere where you want to watch a movie but will not have an Internet connection then you can also download the movies in your Android device without paying a single penny of money. you can simply download the movie and leave it in your device. Watch it on an offline mode. This app is great for downloading some amazing content and storing the data for using later.

  1. Megabox HD

This app is quite similar to the previous showbox app. the best part about this app is the size of the app.  the size of the app is very low and therefore it will not hamper The functioning of your device. This apps size is simply 1.8 MB. You can stream movies on this app into picture qualities that will be 360 p and 720 p. Just  like in showbox,  you can download anything for free here and watch it later on the offline mode. watching offline is better in case of travelling because the network keep bothering all the time.

  1. Cinema Box

this is one of the Unique movie application with some unique features like Chromecast support, offline mode and subtitling support. This app is not available on the  Google Play Store therefore you will be required to download it from the other method. you will be required to use an emulator in this.  you have to get this app in the APK format.

  1. Newest movie HD

you don’t need to pay a single penny to get the subscription to watch movies in this application. you can download movies for free on this app without any hassle. this is a very basic app where you can get movies and TV series in varied qualities. the options are so immense that you will be confused to choose which one to watch. but thanks to all the filters that the app provides. you can filter the most watched movies to make your choices more filtered.

  1. Flipps – Movies, Music & News

Flipps hd is an android movie app that lets you watch movies on your phone. This app makes you get enter the realm of movies and TV series of your choice. You get the luxury of getting the movies in your system just in case; you require to watch a movie when in a no-network zone. You can count on this app.

  1. Viewster – Movies, TV & Anime

Call Viewster the best of all streaming app. It is hugely popular and lets you stream movies anywhere and anytime. You do not require to create an account for this app. The library is simple to go through. This app is best compatible with the chrome cast. It only doesn’t have movies and tv series only, you get access to enumerable documentaries made by a lot renowned movies making firms.

  1. Hubi – Streaming and Download

Again! An amazing android app for streaming movies online. You get to download movies without charges. The app provides you with certain links that make the process too easy to tackle. It can easily resonate with all your movie requirements.

  1. YouTube

YouTube can be of massive need when it comes to streaming videos online. It provides with plethora of variety of content. Be it a food recipe, fashion idea or any mathematical concept, all can be found on youtube. Name a topic and you won’t be able to miss it. It is of major significance. It is an instant source of entertainment and knowledge. Being an Information provider is its major use. Since it is an app by google, it’s the most used by users. It comes as a default app in android phones.  You don’t need to download the app.

  1. Tubi TV – Free Movies & TV

One of the most rated apps is TubiTv. It got the rating of 4.1 on android. You will be getting this app on the play store itself. The only condition is you have to have ICS version to procure the movies and get access to it sometime later. Whenever your mood strikes up, you can watch the movie. It has a lot of titles of the movie, you can easily see you best movie and that to for free.

  1. Popcornflix-Great Movies Free

Popcornflix is one of some amazing movie watching apps. you will be amazed to know that there is a plethora of movies to watch on this app. the database keeps on introducing new range of movies time to time and the app is always updated. You can download these movies for free of cost in your Android system. There is no limitation to watching the movies.

You can watch as many as you want without paying any money. that is a great number of variety and multiple genres  to choose from. the navigation system of this app is amazing and very simple to use. You can find every information related to any movie on this app, you can find out the releasing date and many other details about the app.

  1. Yidio: tv show and  movie guide

This is one of the best movie apps for Android. You can call this app to be very amazing as its search engine is the best of all. The online content that is provided is mind blowing. And the navigation is very good and you can easily watch movies on this app. You can watch a lot of free movies in this app as well.

The search engine is very Advanced and there is a set of amazing filters that can help you to watch the movies that you desire to watch. With this app you can request to watch the movie that you like, if that movie is not available for that particular time you will be informed when that movie is updated on the app.

  1. Kodi

This app is run and founded by a nonprofit organization. This app is a little bit different from the other movie watching Android apps. The app has been amazing skilled and reputed from all over the world. innumerable translators and Developers have made sure that this works amazingly. There is a set of add-ons that allows this app to provide the viewers with a multiple range of TV shows news movies and Etc. You can also consider this app to be the best video player app.

  1. Big Star Movies

A free movie app available for Android, and it’s extremely easy to download. Watching movies on it and downloading it is extremely very simple. Most of all, it’s for free. It contains a huge number of categories which you can watch. You can find Hollywood movies in this app, also some famous documentaries. You will find them for free here.

  1. Popcorn time

Fun always suits with watching movies. When you watch some amazing movies and enjoy the entertainment. This is a free app that is used by a lot of people and allows all the movie fans to stream their favorite movies. Viewers get the opportunity to upgrade their membership to the premium membership. You will not encounter any buffering issues or any other problem that may Hinder your entertainment process. You get abundant of choices to choose from and what’s your favorite movie.

  1. Bobby movie box

this is an interesting movie app that does not allow any advertisement stop your Movie experience. Some of the movie fans can find this specific feature slightly boring but we find it very convenient. This is available on the Android. It has a great collections of movies and the collection gets updated from time to time basis. you can enjoy your favorite movies in HD quality. the app is very simple to understand and to use. The library is very easy to access and the user interface is very convenient to use.

  1. Mobdro

Last but not the least this is one of the most renowned Android app for watching movies. Uses love this app because it is very quick and very easily accessible. It is best to suited for the Android users. There always stays a smile on the face of the users of this app because they can stream and download their favorite movies without even paying a single penny.

A lot of movies are present in the SD quality also. this has got a lot of credibility because of its creator. This app was constructed in conjunction between the makers of Sky HD and HD Cinema app. You will get a variety of collection of free movies.

HD movie Is only compatible with the Chromecast. You will get abundant categories to choose from and you can enjoy unlimited time of entertainment on this app.


The giving about list inset by the theme of ours. this list is given by the best of our knowledge. We hope that we have satisfied your want appropriately. These are free apps for users to get movies streamed online or to be downloaded. Just in case you have better options of apps, we respect that and we would like to know about it for our awareness. Please do write to us about it.

Use any of the app whichever interests you. Thank you.