Top 5 Action RPG Games For PC in 2018
Top 5 Action RPG Games For PC in 2018

Top 5 Action Role Playing Games {ARPG} For PC


Which ARPG to go for? The Top 5 Action Role Playing Games [ARPG] For PC

There are innumerable role-playing games in the field of video games. It becomes immensely difficult to choose the best one to play. Our team has made all possible to select the top five of the whole lot. Every game has something amazing to provide. We have made this difficult decision after going through all the action role-playing games that are the best available in the market. These all are so interesting and exciting that you will never be bored. There are some action role-playing that can be played on the console system and some you can play the best on the PC.We suggest you to play with PC for the maximum benefit.

  1. Diablo 2

Diablo 2 - Best Action Rpg
Diablo 2 – Best Action Rpg

About Diablo 2

Diablo two is the version which is better than Diablo. Diablo is known as the “Diablo clone” too. Diablo too was released on 29th of June 2000. It was created by blizzard north And was published by blizzard entertainment. Diablo is the inventor of the action role-playing games. Three games have been released on the name of Diablo itself. We believe that the second one is the best. Here are the given reasons for this statement:

  • Amazing game play.

There are a lot of classes that are all very different but when work together, work greatly. You have got the flexibility on how you play each of the class. As you progress from every difficulty that comes in the way, you need to select The best of their abilities in order to keep sustaining. The best of their abilities in order to keep sustaining.

  • A lot of items.

Never in a game you will come across so many items dropping the most random of stats in your life. This is something which has totally different thin. what you are wearing “end up becoming a major upgrade. You will have to keep coming back in order to check Which all items required an upgrade

  • The secret cow level.

Just in case if you are in a mind to load, and have a great time. This place is just for you. You will have the hardest fights by having a fight with the cows in level. This specific level has been removed from Diablo three, therefore this level becomes very special to Diablo 2 itself.

  • The story could be better.

Like any other ARPG Game, the story level is just that you have to go with the flow and continue playing. It will just be remembered for the story not for the gameplay itself.

  • The expansion made the game even better

Some of the expansions do not really add a lot to the game, but the expansion to this game. There are two new classes, another act as well as a bunch of more items. Make sure that you buy the original ones so that you can enjoy the expansion.

  • Randomized Areas.

In most of the parts of the game, you won’t play in the same area twice. You will come across some similar looking areas, game has a lot of grade classes. most of the parts of the game, you won’t play in the same area twice.

  • The graphics aren’t too bad.

The graphics of Diablo 3 are indeed very awesome and when we compare them to the graphics of Diablo 2, you will feel the change. This version will seem to be a little aged. They will not detract from the game, sometimes you may feel that diablo three is darker than its previous version.

The game is one of the classics and will always remain to be like that. If you have never played any ARPG . We suggest you to start from this. You will have to look out for some videos of tutorials of this. You can learn to play from there.

If you are doubtful about which Diablo to play, then you can access all the videos of the different versions in order to select your favorite one.

Majority of fire teammates have suggested to keep this on the first on the list. Majority of our Team is addicted to this game even now. This game is a blessing to the ARPG world.

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  1. Dungeon Seige

Dungeon Seige 3
Dungeon Seige 3

This game was released on 5 April, 2002. This was developed by the gas powered game and was later published by the Microsoft game studios. This game has a massive rating of 85% rating based on the statistics of the game ranking.

This game is slightly different from the other action role-playing games. Some of the gamers do not really believe it to be ARPG.

There is a lot of hacking and slashing and you have to deal with item drops and a lot of skills. Also there are some major differences to this game:

  • The player will have two have a bunch of characters to control.

This is one of the major parts of the game. Throughout your journey, the player will come across other who will join and also verified and his party. This is the trailer of the game.

  • The game is more of story format.

While playing the game you will come across the fact that the game and its plot is not at all bad. The plot of the game helps the gamer to push the game for word and keep the thrill and adventure While playing the game you will come across the fact that the game and its plot is not at all bad.

  • The graphics of this game are average.

When is game was released people were awed by the graphics of this game. They looked incredible. The graphics are amazing, not failed as of the the graphics of the other games. But now the condition has changed they are just okay and you will not be awed by them.

  • Items full of variety

All you got to do in this game is to drop items with frequency. You will not see are very huge variety of them but there is a decent variety. You will end of utilizing most of the items as your party, all you got to do in this game is to drop items with frequency. You will not see are very huge variety of them but there is a decent variety.

  • The system of the skills is very different

This game demands you to make use of yours for the more and more. That will help you gain levels in the game. The more you cast the spell in this game you will be gaining more and more levels. This helps you to create new characters the way you want them to be.

If it is ARPG or not, we still adore this game.

We have left the decision to you. You can decide if you consider this as an action role-playing game or not. All that we know is that this is fun game which has a lot of unique elements.

The game is indeed historical stuff. You will be travelling in the world is dangerous areas. This is going to be true adventure. You will be undergoing Icy cave and experience is going to be very thrilling and cold. Travelling plays a very crucial role

  1. NOX


This game was released on 31 January, 2000. Developed by West word studios, it was published by electronic arts. The ratings are very good. This game was released before Diablo 2. Since this is an old game we will expect it to lose its popularity soon but for the time being it has held its Fame very nicely. Here are some basic is which you would like to know about the game:

  1. The storyline isn’t one of the best. If you play this game, do not played with an intention to have an amazing story line. The storyline is just for the sake of the story. The game is intended to be played and enjoyed.
  1. There is a hero who has been planned to save his own life as well as the world. As we mentioned the story is not very attractive but the gameplay amazing.
  1. There exist only three classes. The warrior is supposed to use the weapon to deal with all the damages and also has to make the most out of his caliber. The wizard in the game has a bunch of very effective spells to defeat the anyways. There is a conjurer in the game who someone is the creators to aid themselves in their defence. The weather is supposed to be the strongest and the best for you. So we inform you beforehand that some of the best conjure Aren’t very helpful.
  1. Best line of sight system on the list ARPG. This game has the best Line of sight. The creators of this specific line has been named as the “truesight” . You will be astonished to see this system Which completely blacks out the areas. The character feels to see. He cannot see his own vision. Just in case if he passes by someone he can see through it. Or if the door is slightly open only a little amount of vision can be accessed. This one element adds to the glory of the game and makes it more fun and enjoyable.
  1. There is very less where righty of items. This is one of the major drawbacks of this game. The items are very less. If you love some items, comparing stats or anything like that. You will be disappointed by this game in tire there is very less where righty of items. This is one of the major drawbacks of this game.
  1. There is no multiplayer mode available. It used to be very fun to play with other players all around the world online. But this system is not continued anymore. The only method to indulge in a multiplayer contest you will have two make sure that you have a land a coll there is no multiplayer mode available. It used to be very fun to play with other players all around the world online.
  1. Very linear gameplay. There are nothing as such the randomly generated maps in the game. No matter what the game more days, you will always see the similar kind of maps. You will come across the fact that the maps are massive and you will be finding yourself missing out on something. No matter how many times you have gone through the similar level. The game has beautiful visuals therefore you will not mind seeing the same maps again and again.

No matter how this game is linear or does not have much amount of items for dropping by, we still recommend this game.This is a very fun and different game to play. It still has a lot of fan following. Our team has really enjoyed playing the PVP combat.The line of sight is one of its USP. No ARPG has ever had such kind of feature in it.

  1. Torchlight II

Torchlight II
Torchlight II

This game was released on 20 September, 2012. Runic games develop this game and perfect world published it. The ratings are very high, they are 88% from the game rankings. This game is a sequel to the game off the torchlight. This game is a major competitor of the Diablo Series.

Torchlight two is considered to be a very good and an entertaining game. In some ways it is even called better than the Diablo series. But we consider it to be the closest to the Diablo. Here are some of the features of this game:

The plot isn’t very interesting. Like any other action role-playing game the goal in this game is to kill Devil or the monster and get the loot. Do not go for this game if you are a fan of good storyline is because the story is not very intriguing.

  1. The loots are as amazing as the ones in Diablo. There a random loots on the basis of some random stats and some random combinations are just as much as they are found in the Diablo ones. You will be rigourously given the upgrades and also the recording system of this game is amazing. You will have the greatest Opportunity to turn every average item into an incredible item. There are any enumerable ways to get items in this game.
  1. There is a lot of variety in how are you can play the classes. One of our team members went for the ember mage and he was made to use the wands.These ones create all sorts of amazing effects. This member used Shield to push his way through all situations. There are many ways in which you can play all of these classes. You will have to use your own creativity and apply your unique style into it.
  1. There are randomised dungeons in this game. The dungeons are one of the most spookiest we have ever seen in the game. They are extremely randomised. Every time you play this game you will never find out that you are playing on the same map again and again.
  1. Pets as companion. Many of the games have tried to give a companion  But only makers of torchlight have managed to do it correctly. The attacks of your parents can take back to town in order to sell. You can also aid your pet With spells during the fight.
  1. This game can be easy sometimes. While playing the game you will come across the fact that this game is slightly very easy to play. This is the reason why you have got abundant variety in which you can play this game. When it comes about the heart difficulties, the challenge can be really difficult. You won’t die that is for sure.
  1. The graphics are very appealing. The games really do not take the graphics too seriously. But torchlight has made sure that it has some beautiful and attractive, almost cartoony graphics. This is what it makes Diablo different from this game this game.

If you had some doubt about choosing between torchlight two and Diablo3. There is no questions about choosing torchlight to because torchlight is more fun to play. Diablo 3 is darker, While torchlight has some cartoony graphics. Torchlight two is cheaper than Diablo3. You will not regret investing a lot of hours in this game. It is much more relaxed form of a game and it has layered structure. The characters are really enjoyable. If you have a character that has the ability to cast spells with a magic Wand. If you are a fan of certain things happening around you, less game is meant for you.

  1. The incredible adventures of van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing
The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing

Released in the year 2013 it was developed as well as published by Nocore games. This is one of the latest and most happening game in this generation. The below list give some highlights of this game which will surely manage to compel you to play this game:

  1. First of all, it is not based on the movie on van Helsing. This was the very first point because there has been a great deal of rumours about this game as this game is based on the movie on van Helsing.
  1. This is one of the best ever game in the world of action role-playing games. This game is funny as well. You can notice the conversation between van Helsing and a ghost partner from the beginning to end, it will be hilarious. The story is intensely interesting and you will never fail to make an excuse to play this game. The world will look incredible and the music always fit the background. This is one of the major unique elements of this game you will not find a similar qualities in other action role-playing games.
  1. The system of the skills is very unique but it is slightly limited. There is a good range of skills to choose from and very many ways to affect those cases. You will be given only two choices to select sketches as your primary skill, you can use this function is to another sets of skills. Your companion Will have the similar set of choice. This is what it makes the game very unique. Also it will be very easy to unto the spend skill points.
  1. Many ways to play this game. There will be only one class that will be van Helsing the character himself. We are happy to tell you that there are multiple ways in which you can play this game. It can be range from companion thanks to you giving your companion resistance bon many ways to play this game.
  1. Average item drops. Item drops are one of the very necessary things in the action role-playing games. But in this game the item drop average is very low, the upgrades come very slowly. You will be finding yourself combining items and spending time on it. It will be better if you do not waste your time to get an update.
  1. Where is limited replayability in this game. The maps are already made and they won’t change at all. Once you are able to clear a specific location you won’t be able to go back. You won’t be able to fight monsters or the loot and get the experience. There will be multiple difficulties coming in your way. The developers are working hard to create more changes in the games to make it more interesting. The makers of the game seem to be very enthusiastic as just after days of this game. The high-level dungeons were added.
  1. The challenges are flawless. You will find yourself dying sometimes but not too much. You can always come back. You will always learn to live and adjust our tactics. Don’t depend on your gear itself. This game will be an overall challenge for you. And after you accomplish a challenge you will find yourself more proud to be the winner.
  1. The multiplayer isn’t very appealing. Very less number of people enjoy playing online with the multifarious game. If you want to play a game online we suggest that you can get your friends along with yourself. This way you can have fun at the game with or without having an online connection.

One of the major striking part of this game is that it is very cheap and therefore it becomes very affordable to be bought by others. The developers are working on more extensions to be made. You won’t be interested to play this game as long as you would like to play Diablo torchlight but we assure you that throughout the challenge you will be having a thrilling time.

There is another sequel to the game which you can have a look at. It is also very good.It has got some major extensions also. You will find more variety with the some more classes to play.

We hope that you have amazing time playing these ARPGs.