Windows 10 Update-upgrade stuck or frozen issues fixed
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Windows Update Stuck Or Frozen? Here’s What To Do


Method to fix Windows update stopped while updating

Windows is one common operating system that prevails all over the world. It is meant to work quietly just inside the system. The working of this is usually very subtle and one does not need to make any efforts to make it work. But sometimes it might act tough and refuse to carry on. It will fail to install a single update. In such case, you can try the window update troubleshooter.

If that doesn’t work, you can make an attempt of crashing Windows update’s cache why simply putting it into the safe mode. You will have to remove the records in C: WindowsSoftwareDistribution.

Third option must be tried only after the above two methods fail. You will have to manually use the WSUS offline updating tool.

The windows update which is stuck at 99 errors can only occur in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. It is mostly prevalent in Windows 7. Sometimes applying some changes can easily solve your problem. Sometimes conditions can be that you might have to run after searching for updates online. Here we are giving you the best ways out for solving the problem. We have given you a couple of methods to begin the solution.

This problem can occur due to having bad internet connection. So, one prevention method could be that you have to make sure that you have a proper internet connection before making an update. A poor connection can destroy the update. Some of the times the problem cause is not only for net connection but also some Microsoft server issues.

If any time you are stuck with a problem that your update is stuck at 0% on Windows 10, Windows 8. 1, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Then this article is here to fix Windows update.

How to fix Windows Update Stuck Or Frozen While Downloading Updates

If your system starts showing that there are updates available and you allow your device to start downloading it. You might notice that your system has suddenly stopped downloading the updates and the entire process has been snapped. You will see that your progress is it must have been stopped at a particular point and there will be no moving on from that point. If you are stuck on a particular number even if you allowed that to progress for a long time then you need to take another step.

Windows often runs very smoothly but the updates are not always very small. One cannot expect such kind of problem occurring in a system like Windows but this is the reality. There are so many other forces roaming around on the Internet that a problem occurring is not a very striking thing. This is a problem that intrigued us to find a solution and give it to our users to make them have a user-friendly experience while updating their Windows.

Before starting of the updating, make sure that the internet connection that you have is sufficiently fast. Also the storage in your system must be enough to inculcate the storage that comes from the update. This is not a problem that only occurs with some people; most of the windows users come across this problem but also catered with a solution of it.

Windows update stuck or frozen while updating, how to fix it

This is one Universal problem that occurs to so many people around the world. The reasons may vary from different people. Before writing about this problem on this blog, we did a little research. And we found out that this problem was so much prevalent that a lot of people had searched about it.

Also, there are numerous blogs and other articles that provide help for such problem. The only problem that we found out for that the solution to this problem is not appropriately given on any specific site. Therefore, our team decided upon making a blog that will provide the right information and giving the most appropriate solution to the problem of updates in Windows.

Fixing the windows update Frozen/Stuck

There is an automatic update service for windows update which is called WUAUSERV. It is the line of SVCHOST.exe which makes the use of the computer as well as the memory. Just in case the company is ended the memory also the processor utilization comes back to its usual working. The windows update prevents the checking of the updates.

Whenever you find out that the windows update method is been left to get a long time but the progress remains the same. This is a sign that Windows update it still looking for updates on your system. The storage use can also remain unchanged. When you must be analyzing you will find out that no current data has been published yet.

One of the reasons that could be for the frozen Windows update is the conflict between software and the outdated drivers.

When you are updating your Windows 10 OS, many users have come across the windows update stuck at the 99 issue. You will be glad to know that Microsoft has already released Windows 10 anniversary update whose primary goal is to fix the known bugs.

In order to install the new update, you will have to go to the latest update from the Windows update options in your system. You will find this option in the settings. Sometimes these updates can stop at a specific figure and do not move beyond that. This is a way of getting and fixing stopped Windows update.

this problem occurs in other windows as well where they are stopped at the downloading message. It will take approximately an hour for one update to complete.

Some insights to prevent problems that occur

While repairing to configuring your Windows make sure that you do not turn off your computer.

If your system configuration has stopped at a specific percentage do not make a mistake by turning off your system.

Never make the mistake of suddenly unplugging your system. Keep your system on until the installation update comes up.

In some cases you can start the windows in the safe mode and remove all the cache that hinders the windows update.

Steps to clear the windows update cache

Windows 10 update issues resolved

  1. Start the windows in the safe mode
  2. Open the command prompt
  3. Turn off the windows update
  4. Write down the following commands one by one and press enter button.


Net stop bits

  1. Then Click the file explorer button given in the taskbar.
  2. Navigate into the C drive. Look for WindowsSoftwareDistribution in file Explorer.
  3. Last but not the least select all the files and the subfolders and delete them.
  4. Open CMD as admin again and write down the following command one by one.

Net start WUAUSERV

Net start bits

Windows update issue has been sorted. You are done with the cache removal process.

How To Run the windows update troubleshooter

The troubleshooter is one great way of preparing the tool for fixing updates. You can easily fix these major issues by simply taking the help of the windows update troubleshooter.

All you have to do is that you will have to select ‘Fix Problems’ with Windows update.

Steps to use the windows update troubleshooter

  1. Open the windows update
  2. Click advanced
  3. Select apply repair automatically
  4. Select a method of run as administrator
  5. last step is to click next in order to run the scan

A little tip: In order to have smooth functioning and working of the software. We suggest that one should use the latest system. Using Windows 10 can help you get rid of a lot of problems. Using outdated software’s cannot help in the long run. Use the windows which is latest that particular time period and you will feel the difference yourself.